PREEMIE OF THE MONTH:A u g u s t ’s Preemie of the Month is Nate Scott, grow and he’d be okay. After the peaceful wonderful surprise. He was eating and grow- a micro p reemie with the heart of a lion. Here three weeks the “roller coaster” that we had ing. We could hold him when we want, bathe is his story as told by mom, Jennifer. him, I could nurse him. We could start to Our son, Wesley Nathaniel Scott, a.k.a. “Nate called in and this was our first experience problem was his lungs because he still need- the Great”, was born on April 8, 2005 at 25 really worrying that we might lose him. He weeks 6 days gestation weighing only 1 lb. 13 was intubated and our crash course on venti- coming home on oxygen though we were still oz. He was delivered by c-section after 5 lators began. Nate was on jet vents, oscillat- hopeful. We took our CPR and other classes weeks bedrest. Very early in the pregnancy I ing vents, and regular vents; sometimes need- and information so we could bring him home.
had bleeding and was told it was due to rup- ing almost 100% oxygen to help his little On July 18, 2005 only 2 days after Nate’s tured blood vessels on the outside of the pla- and a monitor weighing just over 5 pounds.
preterm labor that up until this point had been He was on sodium, iron, and a aldactazide. controlled by medication, Procardia. I hadlow amniotic fluid starting at about week 20, N a t e ’s biggest problem has always been his which is why I was put on bedrest. The deci- lungs. His ROPeventually resolved itself and sion to deliver Nate was made in the hospital his bilateral hernias would need repair. We when my contractions broke through and it was determined that there was very little amniotic fluid surrounding Nate. None of my scared and excited bringing him home and I doctors are exactly sure what caused these am thankful for the wonderful family support problems. My husband, Adam, and I were at that we have. We survived false alarms in the peace with the decision once it was made. We middle of the night when Nate decided he’d told our family and we all prayed because we had enough of the electrodes attached to him knew Nate’s life was in God’s hands now. and low heart rate alarms when he thoughteating was more important than breathing.
We survived the Synagis shots and the fights would face and were told very clearly how with insurance to get them to cover the shots.
small a chance Nate had to survive and all the We made it through our first respiratory infec- tions and several ear infections. The pulse ox world with a small cry and beautiful dark hair.
machine was our best friend at times. Our family was excited to make it through out first idea what we were going to face over the next lungs. This terrifying process went on for winter with no hospitalizations for Nate.
another three weeks. We watched him growand get a little chunky for the first time while Nate was ushered immediately to the Shady he had this awful tube down his throat. It was strong enough to leave the oxygen behind.
Grove NICU where he spent his first three hard to watch him everyday but we did pray- This was huge! We kept all of our equipment ing his lungs would heal and he’d breathe on for a month and then let it go. Another fear, I through simply a nasal cannula. I thought at the time how much the betamethasone shots made it for a few days before being back on breathing but we made it. On March 28th we must have helped. He reached full feeds and the vent for another five days. Finally he was braved a return to the hospital so that Nate was gaining weight. Adam and I were able to weaned off of the vent down to CPA P a n d could have his hernias repaired and were ter- rified he’d have trouble coming out of anes- active in his care. I think we both believed Nate would be different. He wasn’t going to On our anniversary, June 15, 2005, Nate gave have all of these preemie problems. It was us the present of coming out of his isolette the same day. On April 8 we celebrated his just going to take a little while for him to and into an open air crib. This was such a 1st birthday with lots of family and friends.
The decision to get pregnant after having an infant born prema- 4. How do I find a perinatalogist?
turely is a difficult one. For many couples the fear of havinganother preemie is enough to deter them from having more chil- The ideal way is to ask your current OB for recommendations and dren, but there are also those that still want to grow their families.
also talk to other mothers who have had high-risk pregnancies. Of With the right medical care many women go on to have full term course, what health insurance you have can restrict what doctor babies after having a preemie. Here are some commonly asked you can see. It is often helpful to first get a list of perinatalogists questions about getting pregnant again after having a preemie.
that work with your insurance and then ask around about thosedoctors. If you are unable to find a perinatalogist who works with 1. I want to get pregnant again after giving birth premature-
your health insurance, contact a case manager at your insurance ly, what steps can I take to prevent another premature birth?
company. They should be able to help you get an out of networkauthorization to see a perinatalogist.
The first step is to go to a perinatalogist for preconception coun-seling. A perinatalogist is a doctor that specializes in high risk 5. If I have given birth prematurely before can I still have my
pregnancy. It is important to bring all medical records from your OB deliver my next baby?
previous pregnancies to the appointment. This will give the doc-tor an opportunity to review your medical information and deter- While many OBs are willing to take on high-risk pregnancies, it mine if further testing is needed to find out the cause of you pre- is important to discuss your plans with your OB before you get vious preterm delivery. Based on all the medical information, the pregnant. Many OBs will co-manage high-risk patients with a perinatalogist may be able to give you recommendations on how perinatalogist. If your OB has experience with high-risk preg- to manage your next pregnancy to decrease the risk of having nancies and is comfortable handling your case, you may want to Below is a list of resources for women considering getting preg- 2. What if the doctors are not able to determine why I gave
nant after having a premature infant.
birth prematurely, will I be able to prevent it from happening

The March of Dimes has a wealth of information about In many cases the doctors can not determine the exact cause of premature birth, including causes of and risk factors for preterm preterm birth. However, an experienced doctor can give an edu- delivery and signs of preterm labor.
cated guess based on the circumstances surrounding the birth.
This is why seeing a perinatalogist is so important for many Sidelines National Support Network- women looking to get pregnant again after giving birth prema- Sidelines is a support group from woman experiencing turely. It is important to remember that even if there is clear cause high-risk pregnancy with a particular emphasis on bed rest.
for preterm delivery no doctor can guarantee it will not happen Sidelines provides direct support over the phone or by emails 3. Will I have to go on bedrest? This is an online support group for women currently That depends entirely on the cause of your previous preterm deliv- pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant after having a pre- ery, but if you were on bedrest with previous pregnancies there is emie. It is a great place to get information and advice from other a good chance that you will be on bedrest again. women who have experienced premature birth.
We wanted to show off the miracle child that This wasn’t so scary after all we’d faced.
your head for a second. He’s not a picky eater we had hidden all winter for fear of viruses and most of all RSV. It was wonderful to see French fries, actually anything potato. He Nate play and interact with other children his was cruising around like nothing happened.
loves his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. He age and to see him put his hands in his first Nate is now 16 months; 13 months corrected also loves to play in the pool. It’s been an birthday cake. On July 28th we faced anoth- age and is a thriving child. At his 15-month amazing year with lots of ups and downs but er small hurdle when Nate had tubes put in his when I look at him it all fades. I am so thank- ears. He’s had persistent ear infections and was 31 3/8 inches long. He has six beautiful ful to all of the doctors and nurses that helped constant fluid in his ears. A hearing test teeth and a contagious laugh. He’s not walk- showed that he’s not hearing as well as he ing yet but he pulls up and “cruises” around c o u l d n ’t be there as well as the amazing sup- should so the decision was made for tubes.
everything and can climb the stairs if you turn port of all of our family and friends.
Local News:
Helpful Resourc e s :
August Outing: Annual Members Meeting
WHEN: August 22 2006, 11:30 am - 4:00 pm w w w. c o . p r i n c e - w i l l i a m . v a . u s / c s b / p r o- Directors of Preemies Today. This year we will have the meeting at the home of Elaine RSVP: Kathy Vestermark, Patient & Family S e r v i c e s : Noto, but it won’t be all business! We will C o o r d i n a t o r / U S U H S , (703) 324-7500 vote while relaxing poolside in Elaine’s [email protected] or 703-264-067.
w w w. c o . f a i r f a x . v a . u s / s e r v i c e s / d f s / backyard. There will be a swim instructororganzing pool games for the kids and giving S u p p o rt Gro u p s :
Social Security A d m i n i s t r a t i o n : tips to parents about pool safety. And, of Our “Friend to Talk to” support line is up and w w w. s s a . o rgrunning. Please feel free to give us a call and Party Details
one of our preemie parent volunteers can off e r SIDS Mid-Atlantic Place: Home of Elaine Noto
you some much needed support. The support (703) 933-9100 line telephone number is 703-552-0163 , or toll w w w. s i d s m a . o rg Date and Time: 8/20/06 at 4pm
RSVP: Elaine at [email protected]
**please indicate if you will be able to bring
I N O VA Healthsource is continuing to offer a (703) 425-BABY(Metro DC) a side dish and what that dish will be.
NICU Support group for NICU families at w w w. m a r c h o f d i m e s . c o mI N O VA Fairfax. The meetings are held on the Please be aware that there will not be a life - unit and vary month to month. The group is led Sidelines National Supportguard on duty and that parents are responsi - by Lynn Kuba, RN and is a great opportunity to 1 - 8 8 8 - 4 4 7 - 4 7 5 4ble for staying with their children in and talk about your experience in the NICU. For w w w. s i d e l i n e s . o rg more information contact INOVA H e a l t h s o u r c eat 703-204-3366.
Join the Preemies Today Board
Do you want to help other families affected by prematurity? Do you want to help shape Join us for our monthly online chats. This is a Alexandria- (703) 838-5060 the direction of Preemies Today? Do you just great outlet for new parents who still can’t get Prince William- (703) 7 9 2 - 7 8 7 9 need an excuse to get out of the house one out for our support groups. For more informa- Arlington County- (703) 228-1630 night a month? Then run for a postition on the Preemeis Today Board of Directors. It is a great opportunity to get involved with other families and help the preemie community in Local support groups are going strong! On Prince Georg e ’s County-(301) 265-8415 the Metro DC region. If you are interested in every 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 pm we hold our running for a board position, please contact local support group meetings. For more infor- W I C d e b o r a h _ l e a f @ y a h o o . c o m .
Help Educate the Next Generation of
Parents of premature infants are invited to Come and join our yahoogroup and meet some Fairfax- (703) 246-7100 speak at an Ethics course for medical stu- exchange information on preemie parenting. F o r a list of online re s o u rces please go
ence. If you are interested, please RSVP as h t t p : / / g r o u p s . y a h o o . c o m / g r o u p / P r e e m i e s To d a y / w w w. P re e m i e s To d a y. c o m
Misson of Preemies Today:
Preemies Today is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to reach out and provide support to
families of infants born prematurely beginning at birth and throughout childhood.
Vision: We will reduce the stress of caring for a child born prematurely by creating a network of families
who offer help, comfort, and understanding to one another.
Values: We strive to promote compassion, inclusiveness, understanding and patience.

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