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Friday, March 7

1:00-2:30 Session 1

1. Empire, Policy, and Conscience

Chair: Doug Haynes (University of California, Irvine)
Jon Connolly (Stanford University): “Antislavery, Free Trade, and Indentured
Labor Migration in the Era of Emancipation: An Analysis of British Public
William Kennedy (University of Sydney): “Empire of Conscience: Benevolent Rhetoric and Australian Responses to late 19th Century Indian Famines, 1876-1902” T.J. Tallie (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)Unsettling
Sovereignty: The Imperial Circulations of Cetshwayo kaMpande, 1879-1884”
Sean Halverson (San Joaquin Delta College): “Secrecy and Deception: Covert British Army Operations to Rescue Prisoners of War in the American Revolution” 2. Spenser and Sixteenth Century Religion

Chair: Muriel McClendon (UCLA)
Jean R. Brink, (The Huntington Library): “Spenser’s Religion Revisited” Cyndia Clegg (Pepperdine University): “Spenser and Elizabethan ‘Anglicanism’” Norman Jones (Utah State University): "William Cecil Lord Burghley's 3. Theology, Heredity, and Inheritance in Early Modern Britain
Chair: Mary Robertson (The Huntington Library)
Seth Anderson (Claremont Graduate University): “Heredity, Kingship, and
the Politics of the Soul: Thomas Scott’s Argument against Absolute Monarchy” Kathryn Wolford (Claremont Graduate University): “Intellectual Inheritance: Providence, The Soul, and Smallpox Inoculations in Eighteenth Century England” Jacqueline Swaidan (Claremont Graduate University): “ ‘For the father’s offense’: The Act Of Supremacy’s Leverage Over Fathers”
2:45-4:30 Session 2

Sibling Relationships in Early Modern England, 1500-
1780: An Interdisciplinary Roundtable

Chair: Vanessa Wilkie (The Huntington Library) Rosemary O'Day (The Open University) Anna Caney (Florida State University) Dorothea Kehler (San Diego State University) Catherine Medici (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Visual and Verbal Expressions of Motherhood in Great
Britain and the British Empire: Interdisciplinary Studies in
Art History and Literature

Chair: Lyrica Taylor (Azusa Pacific University) Katie Manning (Azusa Pacific University): “’Part of herself, yet to herself unknown’: New Motherhood in Women’s Poetry of the Romantic Era” Adrien Lowery (Azusa Pacific University): “Absent ‘Possibles’: Cloning, Caring, Completing in Romanek’s ‘Never Let Me Go’” Caleb Spencer (Azusa Pacific University): “The Lioness in Empire Bloomers: Birthing the Maternal in Canadian Metatext” Lyrica Taylor (Azusa Pacific University): “Barbara Hepworth’s Madonna and Child: Themes of Motherhood and Sacrifice in the St. Ives Parish Church Altarpiece” Trade and Ideas in the Long Eighteenth Century
Chair: Jonathan Eacott (University of California, Riverside) Lindsay O'Neill (University of Southern California): “Purity Of Religion” and “Vastness of Trade”: Networking And the Fate of the Delagoan Princes, 1720‐1723” Alexis Truax (University of Texas, Austin): “Waiting for the Mail: Distance, Communication and Power in the Eighteenth Century British Mediterranean World” Mary Lynn Pierce (University of Arizona) : “Coffee made the Turks England’s Cultural Neighbor: The emergence of an Oriental drink in 17th- century English Society” Daniella McCahey (University of California, Irvine): “Alexander Dalrymple, James Cook, and Changing Ideas about the Antarctic Circle”
5:30-7:00 Plenary Speaker: James Simpson (Harvard University): "Taking
Liberties: Why and When “liberties” became “Liberty” in Early Modern England"
Introduction: Lori Anne Ferrell (Claremont Graduate University) Dinner at Leisure Saturday, March 8

8:45-10:15 Session 3

Ideological Upheaval during the English Revolution
Chair: Sears McGee (University of California Santa Barbara) David Como (Stanford University): “Colonizing the Caribbean in the English Revolution” Sam Robinson (UC Berkeley): “The Quaker European Mission and Radical Theologies of the Holy Spirit” Jordan Downs (UC Riverside): “Political Providentialism in England from the Irish Rebellion of 1641 to the Outbreak of the English Revolution” The Dominance and Decline of Imperial Imagination in
Twentieth Century Britain

Chair: Michelle Tusan (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Andrew Muldoon (Metropolitan State University of Denver): “Citizen-Soldiers in a Colonial State: British and American Troops in South Asia, 1940-1945” David Reagles (Drew University): “The Secular Mystic: Virginia Woolf and Christian Literature” Alister Chapman and Rachel Hatcher (Westmont College): “Immigration and Religion in Derby, 1945-70” Shakespeare Rethought
Chair: Jeffrey Kahan (University of La Verne) Jeanie Grant Moore (University of San Diego); “The Royal Gold Cup” Marilynn Loveless (La Sierra University): “‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore; If She Were a Nice Girl, Bad Things Wouldn’t Happen to Her’: Revisioning Shakespeare’s Heroines” Charles MacQuarrie (California State University, Bakersfield): “Celticity in the Works of William Shakespeare” Reading Women
Chair: Susan Amussen (University of California, Merced) Fiona Mani (American Public University, West Virginia): “British female travelers and environmentalism in colonial India in the 19th and 20th centuries” Mary Powell (Claremont Graduate University): “Weak and Less Finished”: Johann Caspar Lavater’s Understanding of the Female Physiognomy and its Influence on Nineteenth Century Britain” Terry Spaise (University of California, Riverside): ““A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed: Love and Courtship in Trollope’s Miss Mackenzie10:30-12:00 Session 4

Wicked Deeds and Women’s Words in the Long
Eighteenth Century

Chair: Simon Devereaux, University of Victoria Anna Jenkin (University of Sheffield): “Poison and Petty Tyranny: Discourses of Governance and Resistance in Late Seventeenth Century Female Homicide Cases of London and Paris” Andrea McKenzie (University of Victoria): “Bloody Crimes and ‘Barbarous Usages’: Petty Treason and Exculpatory Narratives at the Old Bailey, 1675-1790” Dana Rabin (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): “ ‘ it will be expected of you all, to hear something from me’: Emotion and Child Murder in England and Scotland in the Long Eighteenth Century” Science and Empire

Chair: Lisa Cody (Claremont McKenna College) Naomi Taback (University of California, Los Angeles): “Making Artificial Man: Thomas Bray on the Conversion of American Indians” Daniel Baillargeon (University of California, Santa Barbara): “The Business of Race: John Crawfurd, Free Trade, and the Rise of Polygenism in Victorian Britain, 1820-1869” Politics and Publics in Early Modern Britain
Chair: Debora Shuger (University of California, Los Angeles) Peter Lake (Vanderbilt University): “Politics and Publics” Jason Peacey (University College London): “Bills Set Up In The Streets: Politics on Posts in Early Modern London”
Chris Kyle (Syracuse University): “Display, Ritual, and Performance:
Proclamations in Early Modern England”
David Maglioccio (Queen Mary College, London): “Panic on the Streets
of London: Pepys, publicity and the public”
Politics and Identity in the Nineteenth Century
Chair: George Behlmer (University of Washington) Amy Woodson-Boulton (Loyola Marymount University): “Ingestion and Identity: Class, Consumption, and Social Reform in Victorian Britain and Ireland” Caoimhin De Barra (University of Delaware): “The Irish Question and the Birth of Welsh Nationalism” Steve Harris (University of California, Davis): “British Pragmatism, British Peace”
12:45-2:00 Plenary Speaker: Philippa Levine (University of Texas, Austin)
Introduced by: Michelle Tusan (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
2:15-3:45 Session 5

An Imperial Equipoise? Public and Private Controversies
in Victorian India

Chair: Paul Fideler (Lesley University) Ed Beasley (San Diego State University): "Napier vs. Outram: Moral Arguments amongst British Indian Officers in the 1840s" Renate Dohmen (University of Louisiana at Lafayette): "British India, World Fair Mania and the Collapse of the Bombay International Exhibition in 1885" Peter Hoffenberg (University of Hawai’i at Manoa): "John Lockwood Kipling's 'Beast and Man in India:' The Vivisection of a Late-Victorian Twenty-first Century British Studies Pedagogy: Using
Early Modern Digital Resources in the Classroom

Chair and Response: Diane Jakacki (Bucknell University) Kim McLean-Fiander (University of Victoria): “An Experiment in Digital Pedagogy using the Map of Early Modern London (MoEML)” Peter Herman (San Diego State University): “The Map of Early Modern London and Undergraduate Response: A Proleptic Retrospective” Amy Tigner (University of Texas, Arlington): “Teaching Early Modern Recipes Digitally” Andie Silva (Wayne State University): “Born-Digital Learning: Teaching and Creating Digital Projects for the Study of Early Modern Print Culture” Response: Diane Jakacki (Bucknell University): “Building Bridges between Early Modern Digital Research and Pedagogy.” Trials and Spectacles Over Time
Chair: David Cressy (the Ohio State University)
Katherine Royer (California State University, Stanislaus): “Blood on
the Cross and the Battlefield -- But Not the Scaffold: Silence, the
Semiotics of Spectacular Justice, and the Execution Narrative in Late
Medieval and Early Modern England “
Nick Rogers (York University): “Parricide in the Mid-eighteenth
Century: the Case of Mary Blandy”
Randall McGowen (University of Oregon): “The ‘Unfortunate’ Doctor
Dodd and the Trials of Sentimental Culture”
Science, Nature and Romanticism
Chair: Joseph Childers (University of California, Riverside) Irina Strout (University of Tulsa): “The Landscape of One’s Soul:” The Representation of Nature and its Relationship with Individuals in Lord Byron’s Poetry Cristina Richieri Griffin (University of California, Los Angeles): “Reimagining Omniscience: an Alternate History of the Omniscient Narrator in the Mid-Victorian Novel” 4:00-5:30 Session 6

British Influences: Irish, German, and Norwegian

Chair: Monica Ayuso (California State University, Bakersfield)
Cliona Murphy (California State University, Bakersfield): “Lies, Libel, or
Bribery?: A Protestant English Evangelical Minister and a Catholic Irish
Newspaper Editor, Ireland 1845”
Tiffany Wong (California State University, Bakersfield): “’If memory
fails us’: The Impressions of W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn

Carol Dell'Amico (California State University, Bakersfield): “David
Copperfield and Jean Rhys in Norway: Per Petterson’s Out Stealing
and the post-bildungs Affect”
State and Parliament in Early Modern England: Popery,
Projectors, and Clerical Ejections

Chair: Paul Hammer (University of Colorado, Boulder) Catherine Chou (Stanford University): “Henry Howard and the Popish Parliament”
Isaac Stephens (Saginaw Valley State University): “’An Eternal Shame
to Our Parish’: Clerical Ejections in London During the Interregnum”
Thomas Cogswell (University of California, Riverside): “A Projector
Meets the Parliament-Men: Dr. Eglisham in the Parliament of 1621”
Colonial cross-currents: Religion and Poaching in British

Chair: Jeffrey Auerbach (California State University, Northridge) Jason Bruner (Arizona State University): “Dissenting Discourse in Colonial-Era Uganda” Jeff Schauer (University of California, Berkeley): “The Elephant Problem: Ecology and the Transition to Independence in British East Africa, 1955-1968 The Mission Inn: Art, History, and a Tour
Chair: George Behlmer (University of Washington) Peter Stansky (Stanford University): “William Morris, the Arts & Crafts and the Mission Inn” Emily McEwan (University of California, Riverside): “The Development of the Mission Inn and its British Visitors” Sunday, March 9

9:00-10:30 Session 7
Exception Proves the Rule: Law and Emergency in British North
America, 1750-1820

Chair: Craig Yirush (University of California, Los Angeles) Brendan Gillis (Indiana University, Bloomington): “Indians in the Workhouse: Legal Crises and Improvisation at the Pennsylvania Frontier, 1756-1765” John Collins (Eastern Washington State University): “The Ghost of Thomas of Lancaster: The State of War, Martial Law, and Emancipation” Michael Hughes (University of Illinois): “Defining Company Justice: Criminalization and Race in Commissioner William Coltman’s Report, 1813-1821”
2. Psychology, identity, and politics in Modern Britain
Katherine L. Harper (University of California, Berkeley):Loneliness,
Community, and Emotional Management in British Social Work, 1945-1965”
Elaine Stavro (Trent University) “The Use and Abuse of Affect Theory in Current Conservative Social Policy” Paul Custer (Lenoir-Rhyne University): The Poetics of Empiricism: “E.P. Thompson reconsidered (via Paul Ricœur)” 3. From Print Consumption to Political Action in Early Modern

Chair: Alice Boone (University of California, Los Angeles)
Stephanie Koscak (University of California, Los Angeles): “Plot Made Visible:
Stephen Colledge, Graphic Satire, and the Representation of Conspiracy”

Leanna McLaughlin (University of California, Riverside): “To Tune the Nation:
English Political Verse, 1678-1689”
Lauren Renee Miller (Indiana University, Bloomington): “From ‘Jealous
Emulation’ to ‘Cautious Politics’: England’s Refugee Project and the Dissemination of Print, 1680-1732”
10:45-12:15 Session 8
Economic Approaches to Paradise Lost
Chair: Jennifer Andersen (California State University, San Bernardino) Seth Rushton (Claremont Graduate University), “Fruit in Paradise Lost” Megan Herrold (University of Southern California): “Trust, Gender, and Temporality in Paradise Lost” Seth Lobis (Claremont McKenna College): “Milton’s Satan and the Problem of Gratitude”
Elizabeth Bobo (University of Louisiana at Lafayette): “Augustan
Reception of Milton and Paradise Lost
Early Modern Institutions
Chair: Joseph Block (California Polytechnic University, Pomona) William Keene Thompson (University of California, Santa Barbara): "Iconoclasm and Iconolatry: Responses to Religious Change in Nathan Perry (University of California, Merced): “Goodnesse fixt in
Youth: The Investiture of Charles Stuart, Prince of Wales”
Empire, Nation, and Aviation

Chair: Reba Soffer (California State University, Northridge)
Steven Silver (University of California, Davis): “ ‘Fly British!’:
Gendered Employment, The Nation, and Representation in Post-war
British Civil Aviation, 1945-1965”
Michael Collins (University of California, Davis): “Unlimited Horizons?:
Rethinking the Historical Literature on British Flight”
Prashant Sinha (University of Pune, India): “From Viceroy Curzon to
Freedom at Midnight: The Depiction of Indian Politics and Society in
Shaw, Forster, Thompson and Osborne”

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