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Rabbi Akiva 1, PO Box 2707 91026 Jerusalem, Israel [email protected]; Conference & Tour Of Israel - April 17 to April 29, 2013
14 Day Holy Land Experience:

Day 1 - Tuesday, April 16: The Journey Begins

Board your flight and head to Israel.

Day 2 - Wednesday, April 17: Arrival

Arrive in Israel, be greeted and assisted by a Jerusalem Eternal Tours
representative. Board your A/C vehicle and be transferred to Beer
Overnight: Beer Sheva, Beit Yatsiv
After dinner, a Welcoming & Introduction to the program, followed by a
praise & worship session

Day 3 - Thursday, April 18: The Conference Begins

This morning, the reception will be open for local participants. We will
open our Conference and will begin with a worship session. This
conference is a symbolic fulfillment of the promise of the waters
that will spring up in the desert; we pray that this will trigger the Living
Waters as well.
Overnight: Beer Sheva, Beit Yatsiv
Day 4 - Friday, April 19: Conference

Overnight: Beer Sheva, Beit Yatsiv

Day 5 - Saturday, April 20: Conference

Overnight: Beer Sheva, Beit Yatsiv

Day 6 - Sunday, April 21: Conference

Today, is the final day of the conference
Overnight: Beer Sheva, Beit Yatsiv

Day 7 - Monday, April 22: Negev

Ir Ovot - where underground waters did burst forth, flowing into the
Arava. Beneath the whole of the Negev lies a sea 300 km long and 30
km wide, with a life expectancy of 1,000 years. Isaiah 35 awaits to be
fulfilled. We will visit the site, even sit in the warm underground healing
waters. We will also visit a 2000 year old tree, the only tree known to be
that old. We will view the excavation site of the ancient city of Tamar and
a Roman military base, and at last sound the shofars and decree and
declare Isaiah 35 and 51:3 fulfilled, raising up a “Gate” south of the Dead
Moshav Shapir - to see a settlement in the Arava and learn how they
live. If time permits, we will proceed to visit Solomon’s copper mines. We
arrive in Eilat and visit the underwater observatory, and enjoy an
evening boat ride on the Red Sea.
Overnight: Eilat, 3 star hotel
Day 8 - Tuesday, April 23: Jordan and Petra
Early this morning, we cross the border to Jordan and enjoy a tour of
Overnight: Eilat, 3 star hotel
Day 9 - Wednesday, April 24: Come, Let Us Go Up To Jerusalem

Begin this morning driving north via the the Dead Sea, the lowest place
on earth. On the way we will visit Solomon's copper mines if time did not
permit to do so on the way to Eilat. From there we will proceed to the
Dead Sea and enjoy floating in its salt and mineral rich waters - a
phenomenon existing only in Israel. We will now ascend to Jerusalem.
We stand atop the Mt of Olives, this is where Yeshua departed from His
disciples and where He will return (Acts 1:1-12, Zec.14:1-5). We head
down the Kidron Valley and visit the Garden Of Gethsemane, this is
where Jesus spent His last hours and said to His disciples, "the spirit is
willing but the flesh is weak".
Overnight: Jerusalem, Jerusalem Grand Court or similar
Day 10 - Thursday, April 25: The Gates Of Jerusalem

We begin our day at the Wailing Wall, watch a Bar Mitsvah, then we
visit the Upper room, where the first Jewish believers received the Holy
Spirit. We proceed to the Hinnom Valley. 12 men with shofars are to be
in the area of the Hinnom Valley to sound the shofars. A call for the
repentance of the scattered tribes and to denounce the enemy from
using this gate ever again. Proceed to the 24/7 worship and prayer room
katty corner to the Knights of St. Johns building south of the walls in
Jerusalem. Continue to Solomon's mine at the north gate area near the
Rockefeller Museum. Declaring from beneath the North Wall area with
Our next stop today, will take us to where our Master offered His life for
our sins – Golgotha (the Garden Tomb). The remainder of the day will
be dedicated to visit inside the walls of the Old City. We will enter via
the Damascus Gate and walk through the very colorful and fragrances
Arab market.
Overnight: Jerusalem, Jerusalem Grand Court or similar
Day 11 - Friday, April 26: Jerusalem, Jewish Heart

We begin this morning at Bethlehem, where the word became flesh and
our king was born. Visit Manger square and the Church of Nativity. We
continue now to Yad Vashem, a memorial to the Holocaust. We continue
to the Israel museum, to the Shrine of the book and the model of
Jerusalem during the second Temple period. We continue to see the
Menorah located outside of the Knesset. We finish this day at Mahane
Yehuda for a complete Israeli experience.
Overnight: Jerusalem, Jerusalem Grand Court or similar
Day 12 - Saturday, April 27: Jordan Valley

Today we are leaving the city of the Great King, on our way to the lowest
spot on planet Earth – The Dead Sea. Our first visit will be at Masada -
the very last Jewish stronghold during the revolt against Rome (we
ascend/descend by cable car). Next, we are going to visit the beautiful
nature reserve of Ein Gedi (1 Sam. 24). Passing by Qumran (Dead Sea
Scrolls Area) we will stop by a hill-side settlement, Vered Jericho,
located directly above the valley of Achor to sound the shofars and
declare God’s promise to raise up there a “Door of Hope” (Hosea 2:15),
a “Gate” north of the Dead Sea. Passing by Jericho we will then drive
through the Jordan Valley to the actual baptism site of our Savior. In this
region the crossing over into the Promised Land occurred.
Time permitting; we might visit Beit Shean and/or Gideon Spring.
Overnight: Galilee, Kinar Hotel or similar

Day 13 - Sunday, April 28: Explore The Galilee

Today we continue to follow in Yeshua’s footsteps. We will listen to His
precious voice at the very places He loved so much and did so much of
His teachings and miracles. Our first visit will be at the traditional Mt. of
(Matt. 5-7), then walk down one of the many ‘dirt roads’
Jesus and His disciples took so long ago (Luke 9:57) to the area of
Tabgha. Next we will visit Jesus’ “head quarters” - Capernaum, where
we will once again be reminded of His wonderful penetrating teachings
(John 6). After lunch, we will visit Bethsaida and the Jordan River,
where those of us who wish can be baptized in the very same river
Yeshua was baptized in. Before we will end this beautiful day on a
wooden boat worshipping Yeshua as we cross the Sea of Galilee, we
will hold a prayer meeting at the shores of the Sea to confirm the works
of Messiah and the double portion we will have just received at the
conference. We will conclude the day with a St. Peters Fish dinner.
Overnight: Galilee, Kinar Hotel or similar
Day 14 - Monday, April 29: Mediterranean Shores

Visit Nazareth, the town where Jesus spent his childhood. See the
Church of Annunciation and the Church of St. Joseph. Stop at Megiddo
(“Har Megiddo” /Armageddon – Rev. 16; overlooking the Jezreel Valley
where this terrible war will take place), praying and declaring that the
Holy One of Israel will fight for His people and defeat and confound His
enemies. We will drive on Mt. Carmel (1 King. 18), then to Caesarea,
where the Gentiles first received the Holy Spirit because of Peter's
obedience. This evening, we enjoy a farewell dinner at the the ancient
Sea Port of Jaffa, we will continue to the airport for the return flight back
home. Later today, we arrive back home, very satisfied and filled with
wonderful memories from our journey through God’s Promised Land!
***Subject to change***
Beit Yatziv = 5 nights; Tour = 7 nights; Total = 12 nights


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