Curriculum vitae

Catherine A. Peterson
Department of Nutrition& Exercise Physiology CURRENT POSITION
2009- present Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences, Department Nutritional Sciences, University
Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin-
Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Division of Nutritional
Nutrition and Medical Dietetics, University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center,
College of Associated Health Professions.
2004 – 2009 Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences, Department Nutritional Sciences, University
2003 – 2004 Principal Nutrition Scientist, Mead Johnson Nutritionals, Evansville, IN.
1999 – 2003 Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences and Director of Coordinated Program in
Dietetics, Department Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia.
1996 – 1998 Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences, School of Health Promotion and Human
Development, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 1993 – 1996 NIH Postdoctoral Trainee, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin-
1988 – 1993 Graduate Research Assistant Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-
1989 – 1990 Nutrition
Consultant, Nutrition Consultants, Atlanta, IL.
1987 – 1988 Clinical Dietitian, Silver Cross Hospital, Joliet, IL.
1986 – 1987 Nutritionist, Will County Health Department, Joliet, IL.

Major Teaching Responsibilities
Fifty-five percent (55%) teaching appointment; expectations include both undergraduate and graduate
courses in Nutritional Sciences and/or Dietetics. Primary instructor for seven distinct courses at various
times since arriving at MU: (1) Nutrition Assessment, (2) Nutrition throughout the Lifespan, (3) Human
Nutrition I,
(4) Human Nutrition II, (5) Issues in Dietetics Practice, (6) Capstone- Research in Nutrition
, and (7) Nutrition Research Communications. Co-instructor (25%) for the graduate course,
Nutrition and Human Health
. Additional responsibilities: participate in the education and training of medical
students, including providing lectures on selected nutrition topics (e.g. introductory nutrition, prenatal
nutrition) and contributing to the problem-based learning (PBL) modules.
Research mentor for selected students (10 in the last 10 years) on summer research projects including
students funded by the F21C Summer Internship Grant Program and the Life Sciences Undergraduate
Research Opportunities Program (LSROP). Results from all projects were presented in a scientific poster
session; results of two are also reported in manuscripts submitted or to be submitted for publication in peer-
reviewed journals.

Undergraduate Advising
Advisor for hundreds of undergraduate majors in Dietetics from F1999-F2002 and W2004 through F2009. I
am currently the academic advisor for ~40 undergraduates. Many students apart from my advisees, seek
my guidance on careers in nutrition and dietetics. I have written countless letters of recommendation for my
undergraduate students including Dietetics, Nutritional Sciences, and Nutrition and Fitness majors. I am
very pleased that most of my former students have either gone on to professional careers, typically as
clinical dietitians, or on to graduate or professional studies in a wide array of areas including Public Health,
Exercise Physiology/Sciences, Business Administration, Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics, Medical School,
Chiropractic Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician’s Assistant. In addition to my
primary academic advisor role, as the Director of Undergraduate Studies for our department, I also serve as
a contact person for students inquiring about any of our undergraduate major or minor degree programs.
Main Focus: Nutrition and Skeletal Health/ Vitamin D Bone & Beyond; Outcomes Research Training.
Work has been supported by Departmental start-up funds, internal, and external grants a including: J.R.
Albert Charitable Foundation ($81,435; Use of High-dose Vitamin D to Improve Glucose metabolism and
Reduce Inflammation in Obese Adolescents on a Standard Weight Loss Program
); MU Research Council
grant ($7500; Vitamin D Status, Inflammatory Markers, and Bone Mineralization of Pre- and Post-
Menopausal Women who regularly use a Commercial Tanning Bed); UM Research Board grant ($39,941;
Effects of Soy Phytoestrogens on Bone Mineralization); and the HES Margaret Mangel Faculty Catalyst
Award ($5000; The effectiveness of an Outcomes Research Training Curriculum in Promoting the
Performance of Outcomes Research by Dietetics Professionals).

Ring, S.M. *, E.A. Dannecker, and C.A. Peterson†. Vitamin D status is not associated with outcomes of
experimentally-induced muscle weakness and pain in young, healthy volunteers. Submitted to APNM.

Peterson, C.A.†
Harr, B.C.,** Ring, S.M.,* Imhoff, R.D., and Hinton, P.S. Effects of hormonal contraceptive use on
vitamin D status and serum bone markers in active young women. Work in progress.
Peterson, C.A.† Geter, K.A.,** Heffernan, M.E.*, and Ring, S.M*. Effects of regular tanning bed use and increased
Vitamin D Status on serum bone markers in healthy women. Clinical Medicine: Women’s Health 2:1–7, 2009.
Peterson, C.A.† Schnell, J.*, Kubas, K. L., and Rottinghaus, G.E. Effects of soy isoflavone consumption on bone
structure and milk mineral concentration in a rat model of lactation-associated bone loss. Eur J Nutr. Dec 17, 2008.
[Epub ahead of print]
Peterson, C.A.† & Heffernan, M.E.* Serum TNF-alpha concentrations are negatively correlated with serum 25(OH)D
concentrations in healthy women. Journal of Inflammation 5(1):10, 2008.
Peterson, C.A.†, Kimmons, J.E.*, & Cole, J.S. Short-term effectiveness of an outcomes research training curriculum
within a Coordinated Program. JADA, 108: 120-124, 2008.
Peterson, C.A.†, Kubas, K.L. *, Hartman, S.J., Rottinghaus, G.E., Taylor, J.A., & Welshons, W.V. Lack of skeletal
effect of soy isoflavones in intact growing, female rats may be explained by reduced serum estrogenicity. Ann Nutr
52:48-57, 2008.

Hays, J.E*. & Peterson, C.A.† Use of an outcomes research collaborative training curriculum to enhance entry-level
dietitians’ and established professionals’ understanding of research. JADA, 103:77-84, 2003.
Gardner, J.K*., Rall, L.C. & Peterson, C.A.† Lack of multidisciplinary collaboration is another barrier to outcomes
research. JADA 102:65-70, 2002.

Peterson, C. A
., Gillingham, M., Mohapatra, N. K., Adamo, M. L., Carey, H. V.,Lund, P. K & Ney, D. M. Enterotropic
effect of insulin-like growth factor-I but not growth hormone and localized expression of insulin-like growth factor-I,
insulin-like growth factor binding protein- 3 and -5 mRNAs in jejunum of parenterally-fed rats. J Parenter Enteral Nutr
JPEN 24:288-95, 2000.
Hinton, P.S., Peterson, C.A., McCarthy, D.O. and Ney, D.M. Medium-chain compared with long-chain triacylglycerol
emulsions enhance macrophage response and increase mucosal mass in parenterally-fed rats. Am J Clin Nutr
76:1265-72, 1998.
Hinton, P.S., Peterson, C.A., Dahly, E.M. and Ney, D.M. IGF-I alters lymphocyte survival and regeneration in
thymus and spleen after dexamethasone treatment. Am J Physiol. 274: R912-920, 1998.
Yang, H., Ney, D.M., Peterson, C.A., Lo, H.-C & Adamo, M.L. Stimulation of intestinal growth is associated with
increased IGFBP-5mRNA in the jejunal mucosa of IGF-I-treated parenterally-fed rats. Proceedings of the Society for
Experimental Biology and Medicine
, 216:438-445, 1997.
Peterson, C.A., Carey, H.V., Hinton, P.S., Lo, H.C. and Ney, D.M. GH elevates serum IGF-I levels but does not alter
mucosal atrophy in parenterally-fed rats. Am J Physiol 272:G1100-1108, 1997.
Peterson, C.A., Hinton, P.S., Ney, D.M. and Carey, H.V. Insulin-like growth factor-I attenuates changes in jejunal
structure and transport function in parenterally-fed rats. Gastroenterology 111:1507-1514, 1996. 2004 ISI Journal
Citation Reports impact factor of 13.092.
Hinton, P.S.†, Peterson, C.A., Lo, H.C., Yang, H., McCarthy, D. and Ney, D.M. Insulin-like growth factor-I enhances
immune function in dexamethasone-treated or surgically-stressed rats maintained with total parenteral nutrition. JPEN
J Parenter Enteral Nutr
19:444-452, 1995.

Peterson, C. A., Baker, D. H. & Erdman, J. W., Jr. Dietary-induced nephrocalcinosis in female rats: A response to
L’Abbe et al. Journal of Nutrition, 126:2941-2942, 1996.

Peterson, C. A
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and is primarily induced before the completion of adolescence. Journal of Nutrition, 126:259-265, 1996.
Lo, H.C., Hinton, P.S., Peterson, C.A. and Ney, D.M. Simultaneous treatment with IGF-I and GH additively increases
anabolism during total parenteral nutrition in rats. Am J Physiol 269 (Endocrinol Metab 32):E368-E376, 1995.
Peterson, C.A., Eurell, J. C., Kelley, K. W. & Erdman, J. W., Jr. Bone composition and histological analysis of young
and aged rats fed diets of varied calcium bioavailability. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 14:278-285,
Peterson, C.A., Eurell, J. C. & Erdman, J. W., Jr. Alterations in calcium intake on peak bone mass in female rats.
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 10:81-95, 1995.
Peterson, C.A., Eurell, J. C. & Erdman, J. W., Jr. Bone composition of young growing rats fed diets of varied calcium
bioavailability: Spinach, nonfat dry milk, or calcium carbonate added to casein. Journal of Nutrition 122:137-144, 1992.
Publications: Invited Review
Peterson, C. Optimizing infant bone health by modeling human milk: Calcium and so much more. Pediatric
Perspectives Newsletter
. 3(8), 2004.
Publications: Chapters
Markward, N., Peterson, C.A., and Markward. M.J. Biological and Genetic Influences on Obesity. In: Obesity in
Youth: Causes, Consequences and Cures
. American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, 2009.
Hillman, L.S., Hinton, P.S., Peterson, C.A., Thomas, T.R., Sun, G.Y., Hillman, R. and Raedeke, M.D. Nutrition.
Cardiovascular Diseases in Women, H.N. Winn & K.C. Dellsperger, eds., Taylor & Francis Books Ltd., Oxford,
Publications: Abstracts Presented at National/International Meetings

C. A. Peterson, S.M. Ring, E.A. Dannecker. Does vitamin D status predict outcomes of experimentally-induced
muscle pain and weakness in healthy young volunteers? Experimental Biology 2009, April 18-22, New Orleans, LA.

C. A. Peterson,
S. Ring, J. Loethen, R. S. Rector, T. Thomas, P.S. Hinton. Vitamin D status is unaltered by mild
weight reduction in obese premenopausal women. Experimental Biology 2008, April 5-9, San Diego, CA.
C. A. Peterson, N. Bagegni. Diet, Not Genotype, Affects Bone Size in Ovariectomized Estrogen Receptor Alpha
Knockout Mice. 27th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, September 23-27,
2005, Nashville, Abs #SU416.
Peterson, C.A
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October 1-5, 2004, Seattle, Abs #M446.

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Profession, ADA Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Atlanta, GA, October 16-20, 1999.
Hinton P.S., Peterson C.A. and Ney, D.M. Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) does not alter the decrease in pre-
lymphoid bone marrow (BM) cells observed during total parenteral nutrition (TPN) in rats. FASEB J 13:199.2, 1999.

Ney, D. M., Peterson, C., Gillingham, M., Carey, H. V., Mohapatra, N. K. & Lund, P. K. IGF-I stimulates intestinal
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Peterson, C.A., Hinton, P.S. and Ney, D.M. Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) emulsions improve immune response
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Hinton, P.S., Peterson, C.A., Lo, H.C., McCarthy, D. and Ney, D.M. Insulin-like growth factor-I coinfused with total
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Lo, H.C, Hinton, P.S., Peterson, C.A. and Ney, D.M. Anabolic response to concurrently administered recombinant
human insulin-like growth factor-I and/or growth hormone during total parenteral nutrition in surgically-stressed rats.
FASEB J 9:5002, 1995.
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Abstract #P3-210, p. 521, 1995.

Yang, H, Ney, D.M., Peterson, C.A., Lo, H.-C & Adamo, M.L. Hepatic and jejunal responses to IGF-I and GH in rats
maintained with total parenteral nutrition are associated with differential responses of IGF-I and IGFBP-5 gene
expression. Endocrine Society Meeting, Washington, DC. Ab#P1-242, p. 173, 1995.
Peterson, C. A., Ney, D. M. & Carey, H. V. IGF-I attenuates TPN-induced changes in jejunal structure and transport
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during the early phases of the life cycle of the female rat. FASEB Journal 8: A693, 1994.

Peterson, C.A.,
Eurell, J. C., Kelley, K.W. & Erdman, J. W., Jr. Histologic and histomorphometric analysis of vertebrae
from aged rats fed diets of varied calcium bioavailability. FASEB Journal 6: A1984, 1992.

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fed diets with varying calcium bioavailability. FASEB Journal 4: A1045, 1990.

Anthony JC, Sims KA, Hossen M, Peterson CA, Diersen-Schade, D. Nutritional supplement containing long-chain
polyunsaturated fatty acids. Application No.11/303,374, filed with the US Patent Office, December 16, 2005.
Selected Institutional service: Department of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
Chair, NEP Undergraduate Education and Curriculum Committee
Dietetics Recruitment and Selection Committee
Faculty Advisor, Nutrition and Wellness Association (Student organization)
NEP Graduate Committee
Selected Institutional service: College of Human Environmental Sciences
2008 – 2009 HES Curriculum Committee
2006 − 2008 HES Margaret Mengel Lectureship Committee
Selected Institutional Service: University of Missouri
Campus Writing Program Task Force on Funding Formula 2010 - 2013 Committee on Undergraduate Education 2008 - 2011 Campus Parking and Transportation Committee 2008 Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee Scholarship Committee Selected Professional Organization’s Service
2006- present Miscellaneous journals (Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine; Acta Biochimica Polonica; Libertas Academica; Cell Health & Cytoskeleton; Biofactors; Nutrition; Cytokine; Nutrients) 2005- present Journal of Nutrition (~2 manuscript per year)
2004- present University of Missouri Research Board (1 proposal per year)
2004- present Journal of the American Dietetic Association (~2 manuscripts per year)
2000 - present American Dietetic Association Annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition,
Abstract Reviewer (30 abstracts per year) 2001 – 2003 Graduate Nutrition Education Committee, American Society of Nutritional Sciences
Nominated for College of Human Environmental Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award Nominated for 2008 MU Office of Research Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor award College of Human Environmental Sciences Nutritional Sciences Schade Scholar Award New Faculty Teaching Scholar, University of Missouri Nominated for the University of Missouri Chapter Xi Excellence in Graduate Research Mentoring Award

2004 – present
The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research American Society for Clinical Nutrition (merged with ASN) American Society for Nutrition (formerly ASNS and AIN) University of Illinois Alumni Association


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