Annual report 2009

April 2008 to March 2009
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Netball Singapore had a good year for the year from April 2008 to March 2009.
The preparations for the World Netball Championship 2011 are progressing well, and the
full report follows.
Our National Opens team saw 7 players taking a break or retiring after the 2007 Worlds,
and 2008 has been a year to re-build the team.
The Fisher & Paykel Nations Cup was successfully run and featured 5 national teams.
Papua New Guinea was crowned champions for the first time, with Botswana as runner-
up. Singapore finished 5th.
The National U21s competed in the Asian Youth Championships in Hong Kong, finishing
3rd. The U21s are currently preparing for the World Youth Championships in the Cook
Islands in August 2009.
NS organised a combined tour for the National U14s, 17&U and 19&U teams to Kuala
Lumpur to play against the Malaysian age group squads. Our U14s team won all their
matches, while the 17&U and 19&U lost to Malaysia.
A Game Development Manager, Dianne McTigue, was recruited during the year with the
aim to put more focus on the technical development of netball.
NS reorganised the Umpiring Accreditation Programme to move it in line with the
Australian system. Considerable focus was put into this area during the year and many
new umpires trained. The target is to get at least one of our umpires to the IUA level and to
officiate at the 2011 Worlds.
NS also is reorganising its Coaching Education Programmes to bring it in line with the
Australian system. We are also working with SSC to incorporate the NCAP syllabus in our
courses, so that participants qualify for both at one time.
The Active programme for students in Secondary and JCs continued to make good
progress. Active Carnivals were started this year for schools that participated in our Active
programmes. This is to encourage more schools to play netball for the enjoyment of the
game in a non-competitive environment.
KidzNet continues to progress well. The SPH Foundation KidzNet carnival in September
saw a record 62 teams from 45 schools taking part. A total of 92 teams took part in
KidzNet carnivals in the year. NS has authorised 2 Service Providers to run the KidzNet
programme in schools, and this is proving to be successful. So far 29 schools are using
their services.
On the Tournaments side, our events saw good increases in the number of teams taking
part. Overall we had a 26% increase in participation rates over last year, not including the
Beach Netball event. (With Beach Netball we saw a 49% increase).
Net4All continues apace. 3 new clubs were formed out of the Net4All participants. There
were 4 classes running per week during the year.
NS membership stood at 59 on 31st March 2009 (2008 – 64). The 3 year membership
started 3 years ago fell due this year. Numbers have gone up since then as more clubs
had to renew their membership to sign up for the Energizer National League.
The Contiki Beach Netball Festival in March 2009 was a great success. It attracted 59
teams for the 4-on-4 beach rules netball event. The event targeted the age group between
18 and 35 and attracted many new teams and faces. The event received good publicity in
the press and on TV. Sling HD filmed the event over the whole day.
Marketing continued to attract several new sponsors during the year, including Contiki
Travel, M1, Citibank and Hi-P. Fisher & Paykel came in as title sponsor for the Nations
Cup. Energizer, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, UOB, SMRT, Axel Thomson and Molten
continued to be strong supporters. Unfortunately due to the economic crisis, Fisher &
Paykel had to pull out of all sponsorship for 2009. We hope to see them back when things
NS signed a 3 year deal with ESPN to run a 1 hour highlights programme of the Nations
Cup starting with the 2008 event. This programme was shown 3 times across 17 countries
in Asia. Sky TV of NZ also covered the Nations Cup, and their half an hour programme
was shown 6 times in September 2008 alone in NZ.
Lee Foundation continued with their tremendous support of NS. They sponsored the Study
Awards for the 10th year running, and assisted with study grants for our national players.
We are very thankful for their unwavering support through the years.
Netball Singapore would like to record its sincere appreciation to the Singapore Sports
Council for their tremendous support throughout the year.



Singapore was awarded the rights to host the WNC 2011 at the IFNA Congress in
Auckland in November 2007.
In July 2008, the IFNA Board held their meeting in Singapore, and NS signed the Host Agreement for the Worlds with IFNA on 5th July 2008. The Worlds are planned to run from 1st to 10th July 2011. The venue will be the Singapore Indoor Stadium. We anticipate that between 3,000 and 4,000 overseas supporters will come to Singapore for the event. SSC appointed a consultant, Wharf House (Switzerland) GmbH, in April 2008 to help NS set up its plans, organization structures, commercial packages, venue requirements, and budgets. The event management templates were completed towards the end of 2008. NS also had the support of Netball New Zealand, the hosts of the last Worlds, to assist us to setup the organization structure and planning priorities. This included looking at the venue setup, technical requirements, job templates, TV requirements, ticketing, seating plans and other areas. During the year, NS set up a separate Local Organising Company (LOC) to run the Worlds: ‘WNC Singapore 2011 Pte Ltd’. This was required by IFNA. The Board members appointed to the LOC are: Jessica Tan (Chair), Tan Wee Khim (CEO), Tang Weng Fei, Seah Choo Meng and Cyrus Medora. A Management Committee, consisting of representatives from NS, SSC and the Event Managers, was setup to manage the day-to-day matters of the LOC. NS and SSC worked jointly on a detailed budget and agreed a funding plan for the Worlds. The agreed funding for the Worlds will be made over 3 years from 2009 to 2011. With the planning phase completed, NS, together with SSC, sent out Requests for Proposals (RFP) to 7 established Event Management Companies. After 2 months, and several rounds of evaluation, ESPN Event Management Group was appointed. Their role is to run most aspects of the WNC, while NS will manage the Technical side. ESPN’s contractual period started in March 2009 and will run until August 2011. They will assist NS to run the Nations Cup in 2009, and especially in 2010 when we hope to run the finals in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. ESPN were also appointed the Host Broadcaster for the Worlds. ESPN’s satellite footprint covers 27 countries in Asia. We anticipate up to 4 live matches per day to be shown on ESPN, including all of Singapore’s matches. In January 2009, the Management Committee sent out RFPs to 10 design companies in Singapore. After 2 rounds of evaluation, Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd was appointed to design, brand and manage our branding and advertising campaign for the Worlds. Then in March 2009, the Management Committee sent out RFPs to 8 Public Relations Companies to manage the publicity leading to and including the Worlds. 2 companies have been shortlisted and final evaluations are currently taking place. Many items remain to be done in the year ahead, including: 1) The designs and logo for WNC 2011 will be completed shortly. 2) The PR Company will be appointed. 3) The Commercial and Sponsorship packages will be worked on during 2009, and 4) Templates for the various functions for the Worlds will have to be set up. 5) Tour operators will be appointed to bring in groups especially from New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Asia (especially Malaysia and Sri Lanka who are currently favoured to qualify). 6) A Ticketing Plan will be developed. 7) A Volunteer Programme will be drawn up. 8) The Technical aspects have to be finalized. NS hopes that many of its members will come forward as volunteers to assist us in running the Worlds. TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT
PLAYER DEVELOPMENT National Level Programmes At the elite level, Netball Singapore maintains 6 National Squads: • Netball Singapore National 19 & Under (Post Schools)
The 19 & Under (schools) squad is run in collaboration with CCAB, while the 17 & Under
and Under 14s with CCAB and the Singapore Sports School, under our Collaboration
Agreement. The Netball Singapore 19 & Under squad fills the void for players no longer
eligible for the Combined CCAB/NS squads nor ready to be a part of the National 21 &
Under program. Appendix A lists all National Team members.
The Fisher & Paykel Nations Cup featured teams from Botswana, Papua New Guinea.
Samoa, Sri Lanka and Singapore and ran from 3rd to 8th September. Papua New Guinea
won all its round games and met Botswana in finals. Papua New Guinea won the Nations
Cup for the first time. Singapore finished 5th.
The National 21 & Under Team competed in the 6th Asian Youth Netball Championships in
Hong Kong (finishing 3rd) and the Energizer National League.
The National 19 & Under Team went on a tour of Perth from 29 Nov – 3 Dec 08. They
competed in the Energizer National League in Division 2, and in the Pesta Sukan.
The National 17 & Under team competed and won Division 3 of the Energizer National
League, and played in the Pesta Sukan.
The National 14 & Under team competed in the National League in Division 4, and in the
Pesta Sukan.
A combined Netball Singapore 19 Under Team, the 17 & Under and Under 14’s played in
a tri-series against their respective Malaysian counterparts in Kuala Lumpur.
Details of the competitions/training tours and results are given in Appendix B.

COACH DEVELOPMENT The Coaching Education Programme is Netball Singapore’s main focus in coaching development. The Programme comprised of coaching workshops, seminars, technical and coaching courses as well as mentoring for our National Squads Coaches. Two Orientation to Coaching courses were organised in May and August 2008. A total of 33 coaches completed the course. Two Level 1 Technical Courses were conducted in June and September of 2008. Twenty-eight coaches completed the course. Two people have fully completed their Level 1 accreditation. Netball Singapore is now completing a review of its coaching structure. The review will enable Netball Singapore to compliment Singapore Sports Council‘s and Netball Australia’s new coaching pathways/structures. The initial stages of the new pathway have commenced with 20 completing the Development Coaching Course and 16 completing the Foundation coaching course. Coaches Club is a new initiative, set up as an informal development and sharing opportunity for all levels coaches. Topics are selected by coaches and vary from on court strategies to personal development. Jill McIntosh continued in her role as Technical Consultant for Netball Singapore in the areas of coach education and coach mentoring. She conducted sessions on the following topics during her visit for Fisher & Paykel Nations Cup: Preparing a Team for Tournament – Part A Preparing a Team for Tournament – Part B Practical Session on Decision Making (combined with Jacqui Jashari and Umpires) General trends / ANZ Champs plus what coaches want Four coaches from Singapore attend the Western Australia Coaching Conference in October. UMPIRE DEVELOPMENT Netball Singapore undertook a review and restructure of their Umpiring accreditation during 2008-09. The intent was to re-align it with Netball Australia’s changes but also to streamline the process and pathways for umpires. Prior to the re-structure an Orientation to Umpiring course was organised for June 2008, with 13 participants and one Level 1 Umpiring Courses held in May 2008 with 15 participants of which 11 were qualified as Cadet Umpires. Since the restructure the following courses have been held: 80 people have gone through the Level 1 Umpiring Course with 75 passing their Theory Test and 53 completing their practical. A rules workshop was held for 31 Teachers. After which 19 went onto complete and pass their Umpire Theory exam and 3 have completed their practical qualifying them as Level 1 umpires. Added to these are the 41 students from Active School Mentors Programme and 97 Level 1 umpires have been accredited since November 2008. Netball Singapore has also held the following workshops/accreditation updates for umpires: Rules In Action for C badges and below Upskilling of umpire course presenters. A total of 21 umpires were awarded their Netball Singapore C Badge during 2008-09. A list of these umpires is given in Appendix C. Jacqui Jashari was appointed to Umpire Allocations and Umpire Coach for the Fisher & Paykel Nations Cup. While here she ran clinics/workshops on: Rules in Action 1 & 2 Rules in Action 3 & 4 Practical Session (in conjunction with Jill McIntosh and the coaches) Netball Singapore Umpires were identified and given exposure at various international events. Details of these are given in Appendix C During March 2009 Jacqui Jashari returned for a follow up visit and ran Rules in Action 1 & 2 & 3 Practical umpiring sessions Coaching of Elite umpires Coaching of umpire coaches Level 2 Umpiring Course for 14 invited umpires and umpire coaches. BENCH OFFICIALS With World Championships 2011 looming Netball Singapore has introduced a new accreditation scheme for Bench Officials. This will enable us to have sufficient persons to complete these duties during WC2011. So far 15 people have completed the course and 2 Bench Referees have been accredited. Details of these are given in Appendix C GAME DEVELOPMENT Netball Singapore continued in its role as the Secretariat of the Asian Netball Federation. We continue to invite all ANF countries for our coaching and umpiring workshops. During Fisher & Paykel Nations Cup, Netball Singapore extended an invitation to all ANFA countries and Nations Cup participating countries for coaches and umpires to attend workshops conducted by Jill McIntosh and Jacqui Jashari. A total of 44 people took part in these sessions: Botswana 3, Maldives 4, Hong Kong 2, Thailand 3, Malaysia 1, Sri Lanka 22, India 1, Singapore 2, South Africa 6.
During March 2009 Jacqui Jashari ran an Advanced Umpires Course for AFNA countries.
This was attended by 6 people; Hong Kong – 4, Malaysia 2.
Brunei contacted Netball Singapore for 7 coaches/umpires to attend accreditation courses.
Netball Singapore ran a Foundation and Development Coaching course plus the Level 1
Umpire course for this group.
The Nations Cup serves an important game development role by giving several countries,
who do not qualify for the Commonwealth Games or the Worlds, a chance to play
international netball. We have gained international recognition for this. With the new
ranking system in place, this event will become more important. This new ranking system
will be used as the criteria for selections for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The top 11
ranked teams plus the host nation will qualify for the CG, instead of the regional qualifiers
system that has been the norm.

Active School Mentors Programme
The Active School Mentors Programme changed its format In November 2008 so it aligns
with the new umpiring and coaching accreditation.
For the umpiring module, participants are awarded Level 1 umpiring accreditation upon the
completion of the course.
Schools that participated in Active School Mentors Programme April 2008 – March 2009:
Name of School
Total Number of Participants: 129 (OTU & New Level 1) Number of Level 1 Awards: 41 • 16 students from November 2008 course, • 5 students from Broadrick Secondary on 7 March 2009, • 20 students from Singapore Sports School on 18 March 2009.
Active Carnivals

This is a new initiative for 2009. The objective of this event is to increase the participation
of netball in schools by giving students game experience and to encourage teams to play
for the enjoyment of the game at a non-competitive level. The targeted age group will be
11 to 15 years old. At each carnival, an age group will be set so that teams are playing
those of the same age category.
The carnivals will be held at Kallang Netball Centre and schools pay $25 to cover the
administrative fees pertaining to the carnival. All games are played on a Saturday morning.
Schools are encouraged to send unlimited number of teams but preferably not an entire
team of school team players.
For the March Carnival, 17 teams participated in the Active Carnival.
The objectives for 2008 / 09 were to ensure that the programme is entrenched in schools
and quality coaching is given to children. We pushed for a continuation of the programme
in many schools that have put KidzNet as their netball development programme. KidzNet
is endorsed under SEP thus schools can utilise the funding.
Sports Education Programme (SEP) for 2009

Netball Singapore applied to be in Option B on the SEP 2009 Programmes – to be fully
involved in the overseeing of all providers / programmes on SEP 2009.
This required us to:
• Evaluate the programmes submitted for NETBALL
• Evaluate the qualifications of all instructors • Oversee all providers and programmes • Monitor the quality and delivery of the endorsed programmes We have to also fulfill the following criteria: • To establish an evaluation panel comprising at least 3 members • To complete the evaluation process Netball Singapore’s panel evaluated 27 programmes submitted for SEP 2009. Service Providers

Eream Sports was the sole service provider for 2008. However for 2009 there are 2
endorsed providers, Eream Sports and Netops.
A total of 29 schools are in the KidzNet Programme provided by our 2 service providers. A
total of 980 children are involved in these programs. See Appendix D.

KidzNet Carnival

Netball Singapore organised three KidzNet Carnivals for schools in May, August and
November 2008. A total of 92 teams (920 children) participated in these carnivals.
Singapore Press Holdings sponsored the August carnival.
KidzNet Holiday Programmes and Saturday Programmes

Regular KidzNet programmes for children are conducted on Saturdays over 10 weeks.
This is to encourage younger children, as well as children from schools without netball
programmes, to learn the game. The Holiday program was conducted during June and
November/December schools holidays for three, 3-hour sessions. We had a total of 100
from our Saturday and Holiday Programmes.



Sat 8 Mar at Toa Payoh Sports Hall (TPSH) Sat 29 Mar to 4 May (TPSH) except 5 & 6

Awarded to
The Umpires were Wang Jing Qing, Hairanudin Hamzah , Eric Lee Chee Shee, Nigel Lim, Tan Khiok Sing , Yu Bee Ling , Joyce Koh Yanfang, Kelly Ng, Mary Lee, Pamela Neo , Ang Yan Ling , Louisa Tan, Jasmine Yeo and Erna Achbar (Malaysia). Roland Goh, Julie Goh and Vivien De Silva were members of the umpire panel. Ms Tan Lirong and Ms Chen Bixia the appointed Bench Referees supervised and coordinated the bench officials for this event.
The 3rd edition of the Nations Cup attracted a title sponsor in Fisher & Paykel.
Five National teams competed for the title and the final positions were: 1. Papua New
Guinea; 2 Botswana, 3. Samoa, 4. Sri Lanka and 5. Singapore.

It was the first time that the African region was represented, and it was the first time for
Samoa to take part in the event. They added much excitement to the tournament.
The excitement of new teams playing here attracted a good crowd of about 10,000 over
the week-long event, with about 2, 200 for the finals.
Publicity this year consisted of 4 bendy buses over a 3 month period. Two of the bus
routes included Orchard Road, and one each on the Western and Eastern routes. Each
bus made 25 trips per day. We had large posters at all 50 MRT stations, with a large light
box at Raffles Place. We had 8 advertorials with Today newspaper, and many posters,
postcards and publicity via our website, direct mailers and newsletter.
ESPN did a 1 hour highlight show which was televised 3 times over their 17 country
satellite footprint.

The Energizer National League 2008 is the premier inter-club event in the netball event
calendar. The league played from 26 May to 12 July 2008 and attracted 56 Open teams,
divided into 7 Divisions. New categories added are Corporate Women and Mixed,
Poly/ITE, U17 and U14 schools. However, Corporate Women and Poly/ITE were cancelled
due to low response. There were 5 Corporate Mixed, 6 U17 and 5 U14 school teams. The
detailed results are at Appendix D.

The 1st Beach Netball Festival was held in March 2009 on Sentosa’s Palawan Beach. The
event had a very successful debut, with 59 teams competing in 3 categories. We received
much publicity in the press and on TV (ESPN, Sling HD, and CNA), and many blogs talked
about the event.
In line with Contiki Holidays for 18 to 35 year olds, the categories were restricted to these
age groups, with the exception being that JC, University and Poly students below 18 could
take part.
As it was the first time a major beach netball tournament was organised, many new things
had to be developed. The rules had to be adapted from street netball rules, but with
changes to make it more fun on the beach. Players were allowed to dive for the ball and
pass from the sand, there was a 3-pointer rule for goals scored outside the goal zone (a
rectangle box instead of a semi-circle), and the team not scoring getting the centre pass,
to make the game more even.

During the year, the other tournaments organized and their participation are as follows:
No of Teams
Increase over 2007
389 (261)
(% increase excluding
Beach Netball 26%)

( ) Figures for previous year
Details of these tournaments are in Appendix E.

The Net4All programme which started in March 2006 continues to be popular with the
young working adults. Participants paid a monthly fee of $25 to play/train for 2 hours
The programme attracted an average of about 60 participants monthly. This was very
encouraging. For the year, a total of 702 participants were involved.

As at 31 March 2009, the membership was as follows:

Total Clubs

Individual Members:
Honorary Members
Total Individual Members


During the year, Netball Singapore focused its fundraising efforts on the Fisher & Paykel
Nations Cup and other key events like the Contiki Beach Netball, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Corporate League and Energizer National League.
Netball Singapore aimed to ensure that all costs and products required for our events and
programmes were covered by sponsored funds and SSC support. From our 24 corporate
sponsors, we raised a total of $242,186 in cash and an approximate value of $220,596
sponsorship in-kind, totaling a value of $462,782 for the year.
Sponsors that we acknowledged for the year were:
• Fisher & Paykel, who increased their sponsorship quantum by taking up the title sponsorship of the Nations Cup with $50,000 cash. They also sponsored the National Team $15,000 in funds to purchase the team attire; • New sponsor, Contiki, who supported the Beach Netball event with $28,500.00; • Energizer who supported the Nations Cup with $25,000 cash. They also sponsored products for various events like the KidzNet and Energizer National League; • Citibank, who came in to support Netball Singapore for the first time, gave $20,000 cash a year-long programme which includes the Contiki Beach Netball Festival and Pesta Sukan Carnival; • Lee Foundation, who has always been very supportive of Netball, giving cash donation of $25,000 for the annual Study Awards as well as a study grant; • UOB Group who has been very supportive and kindly sponsored a cash • SMRT who sponsored the Nations Cup with $10,000 in cash and gave a good discount for the advertising with SMRT Media; • PricewaterhouseCoopers who came in to sponsor the Corporate League and • Singapore Press Holdings Foundation who sponsored the KidzNet Carnival • Molten who donated $3,000 cash as well as a total of 160 Netballs in 2008/9 for Netball Singapore’s events and programmes; and • As well as other donors and in-kind sponsors who had been supporting our events by providing prizes and giveaways.
A total of approximately $645,088.49 was raised through Netball Singapore own income
sources. This sum consisted of cash sponsorship, sponsorship in-kind, income from local
tournaments and events, fees from courses and membership.
In summary, a ratio calculation to the SSC grant ($1,377,518.90 FY2008), Netball
Singapore raised $645,088.49 (inclusive of in-kind sponsorship) at 0.47 cents to $1 of the
SSC grant.
Please refer to Appendix F for support and details of Sponsorships for FY2008.
Netball Singapore continued to advertise on the SMRT media platforms during the Nations
Cup. Advertisements were placed in all 50 MRT stations and a bigger advertisement (12
sheet concourse lightbox) was placed at Raffles Place MRT. Netball Singapore also took
up 4 bendy buses for the event. These buses go around Singapore, including the city and
Orchard road area, 25 times each a day. SMRT offered a good discount for the advertising
and also sponsored cash for the Nations Cup. The publicity campaign, particularly the
MRT station ads, has been very effective.
Netball Singapore also engaged Fulford PR, a sports PR company for the 3 months before
and up to the end of the Fisher & Paykel Nations Cup. They ensured an extensive
coverage in the Singapore press and media, including lifestyle magazines, and reach out
to the international expatriate community and their publications and websites.
Netball Singapore took up a ZO card campaign prior to the Contiki Beach Netball Festival
to attract participation and spectatorship. 10,000 cards were distributed around the youth
hangouts and cafes in Singapore.
Contiki got their PR agency, Band PR, to assist in garnering media coverage for the
Contiki Beach Netball Festival. The event attracted a lot of media attention.
MediaCorp Press Advertising, TODAY Newspaper publication were contracted to publish over 20 articles with the updated results and news of Netball events during the year. This ensured press coverage on a regular basis as well as the opportunity to expose the sponsor logos as a benefit for them. Many other publications like The Straits Times also published updates throughout the year, taking additional attention on the Nations Cup and Beach Netball Festival. There was also coverage in lifestyle magazines such as Shape and LIME and online publications such as the Women Sports Report, Red Sports and Global Sports Network. During the Nations Cup, Fulford PR helped to reach out to the expatriate community and publications too. The overseas media like the Sri Lanka papers and Botswana papers also covered the Nations Cup. IFNA, the international netball federation also posted regular results on the website. There was a lot of media attention on the Contiki Beach Netball Festival. Band PR helped to reach out to various magazines and online portals. The Straits Times, TODAY and My Paper provided good coverage too. There was also coverage for the World Netball Championships (WNC) 2011 when Singapore hosted the signing ceremony at the Singapore Flyer. TV COVERAGE Netball Singapore signed a 3-year agreement with ESPN Star Sports (ESS) to broadcast a highlights programme of the F&P Nations Cup from 2008 to 2010. In 2008, ESPN televised the hour long programme 3 times to over 27 countries in their country footprint in Asia. There were also promotional spots to raise the awareness of the F&P Nations Cup a week before the event and “tune-in” spots to encourage viewers to watch the F&P Nations Cup programme on TV. 1-min vignettes were also created to showcase Netball and player profiles. These will be aired at least 30 – 80 times a year to bring up the awareness of Netball and to educate viewers on the sport, as well as to popularise our players. Sky TV NZ also broadcasted a half an hour highlights programme of the F&P Nations Cup 2008. Sky TV NZ was the host broadcaster of the World Netball Championships 2007 and the ANZ Championships. The first showing was on 17 September, directly after the Silver Ferns Test Series broadcast which attracted a very large Netball audience. The New Zealand Netball audience is our largest target audience for the WNC 2011. There were various media coverage on Channel News Asia, Supersports and MediaCorp Channel 5. Channel New Asia covered the Nations Cup, Netball Super League and the Contiki Beach Netball Festival. Supersports featured many Netball events, including the Netball Super League, Energizer National League, Nations Cup and Beach Netball Festival. Netball was also featured in the ESPN Nokia Football Crazy TV programme with Pearline Chan, co-Captain of the National Team going on the show. There was also news of the Energizer National league, Nations Cup, Contiki Beach Netball Festival, carried on Score Tonight. OTHER PUBLICITY Radio interviews were also conducted on several occurrences during the year, especially for the Nations Cup and Beach Netball Festival on News Radio 93.8. The other radio stations were also very active in publicising Netball events, with DJs on Class 95 using the Beach Netball Festival as a discussion topic. A total of $4.2m of PR value was achieved during the Nations Cup. Overall, it was a successful and eventful year for publicity. STUDY AWARDS

Since 1996, Lee Foundation had been extremely generous in its sponsorship of Netball
Singapore’s Study Award Programme, donating $20,000 in 2008 to sponsor the
Netball Singapore would like to thank the Lee Foundation for their generosity in sponsoring
the 13th Annual Study Awards and making it a successful one. The Study Awards
honoured our national players who have excelled in Netball and studies (or work), thanking
them for contributions to the sport and country.
In 2008, five bursary awards worth $1,000 each were also given to deserving students
from the Sports and Wellness Management Programme in Nanyang Polytechnic.

Netball Singapore welcomed Dianne McTigue as Game Development Manager. She
joined NS in October. Her role is to develop the technical side of netball including
coaching, umpiring, bench officiating and assist in other technical and development areas.
We also welcomed Wynne Phoon as marketing Executive in November. The increase in
the number of sponsors and the increased workload with the Worlds made this new
position necessary.
Netball Singapore continues to be the secretariat of the Asian Netball Federation, and the
main resource centre for Asia (excluding Australia).

Each Executive Committee Member and Staff of Netball Singapore made individual signed
Declarations that there were no conflicts of interest in the financial year ended 31st March

The top 5 employee annual salaries (including employer CPF) for 2008 were in the
following bands:
Appendix A
Opens Perth Training Trip 2008

Fisher & Paykel Nations Netball Cup Team 2008
Zhang Ting Jun replaced Lin Qing Yi due to injury 4 days prior to start of F&P Nations Cup
21 & Under Sydney Tour 2008
*** Yam Chin Yin Jodine replaced Yeo Pei Qin due to injury
21 & Under Asian Youth Championships Team 2008
Hong Kong

19 & Under Netball Training Development Talent Tour 2008 – Perth

National 19 & Under Squad 2008 – (Post Schools)

National 19 & Under Squad 2008 – (Schools)

National 17 & Under Squad 2008

National Under 14 Squad 2008

Appendix B
Elite Squads Competitions & Training Tours

Team Competition Results
Appendix C


C Badge recipients

Tan Peilin
Serena Tan Wan Yi
Carmen Chen Mei Hui
Lim Sze Hui Sylvia
Nanthini D/O Visvalingam
Chang Si Ying
Lee Mary
Christopher Koh Tat Meng
Soh Qianyi Vanessa
Tan Peck Har
Wong Li Juan Abigail
Sim Qiao Ying Grace
Ethel Sng Yi Ling
Chan Shue Wei Amelia
Chew Wee Daniel
Tabitha Shi-Yen Samuel
Alvina Ow Swee Ting
Tan Hui Yan
Zhang Rong Zhen
Cheryl Choo Hui Yun
Suqina Binte Abdul Wahab
Netball Singapore Umpires at international events:
Eric Lee and Yu Beeling umpires at International Secondary Schools Challenge. Eric Lee, Yu Beeling, Tan Khiok Sing and Wang Jing Qing umpired at 6th Asian Youth Vivian de Silva and Julie Koh were chosen for the Umpire Appointments Panel for 6th Eric Lee, Yu Beeling and Wang Jing Qing at Fisher & Paykel Nations Cup Jasmine Yeo, Nigel Lim and Joyce Koh accompanied the Netball Singapore National 14, 17 and 19’s Teams to Malaysia for the tri-series matches.
Bench Officials
Bench Referees
Tan Lirong
Chen Bixia
Appendix D

Schools participating in the KidzNet Programme through the 2 Service Providers
(From Mar-Dec 2008):
1. Raffles Girls' Primary School 2. Pasir Ris Primary School 3. Naval Base Primary School 4. Temasek Primary School 5. Methodist Girls' School 6. Anchor Green Primary School 7. Tao Nan School 8. Marymount Convent Primary School 9. CHIJ – Kellock 10. CHIJ – Our Lady of Nativity 11. CHIJ – Our Lady of Good Counsel 12. Compassvale Primary School 13. St Margaret’s Primary School 14. Loyang Primary School 15. Parkview Primary School 16. First Toa Payoh Primary School 17. Tanjong Katong Primary School 18. Parkview Primary School 19. Yumin Primary School 20. Greenridge Primary School 21. Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School 22. CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace 23. Hougang Primary School 24. Bendemeer Primary School 25. Zhengde Primary School 26. Fengshan Primary School 27. Woodlands Primary School 28. Clementi Primary School 29. Dazhong Primary School We have the following schools in the KidzNet Programme (Jan - Mar 2009). 1. St Hilda’s Primary School 2. Raffles Girls’ Primary School 3. Methodist Girls’ School 4. Tao Nan School 5. Coral Primary School 6. Rosyth School 7. Haig Girls’ School Appendix E

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Division 7
Corporate (Mixed's)
Appendix E
1 Pesta Sukan received response from 99 school teams, 33 Club
Standings Women
2 The PWC Corporate League 2008 started from 6 October and the finals were
Corporate Mixed Club Women
The Year End Carnival and Junior League were converted into the
Energizer Year End League. This league was organized from on
11November to 11 December 2008 and was participated by 21 club women,
4 Club Mixed and 11 19U teams. The results are shown below:
Club Open
Club Open
Club Open
Club Open
Women Div 1
Women Div 2
Women Div 3
Women Div

Club Open
Club 19U Div 1
Club 19 U Div 2
Appendix E-2
4 62 teams participated in the Schools’ Challenge League 2008. Standing
B Div
Tier 1

C Div
Tier 1

B Div
Tier 2

5 In January 2009 the Daisy Tan Carnival attracted 67 teams consisting of 25 Club Women, 5 Club Mixed, 7 Tertiary and 30 Secondary School teams. Standings
Women Open
Mixed Open
Appendix F
Cash sponsorship received in
Type of Sponsorship
FY 2008/2009
Event sponsor for Beach Netball Event sponsor for Corporate Event sponsor for KidzNet Carnival Official attire sponsor for National Challenge League Workshops for coaching and $132,186.25
In-kind sponsorship received
Type of Sponsorship
in FY 2008/2009
Trophies - 30% sponsored Merlions and Crab key rings, name card, postcards, brochures and paper bags for players Hampers, pouches, pencil cases, clocks and magnets as prizes and $74, 584.00
Contiki vouchers as prizes and giveaways, design and PR agency cost Creation and maintenance of official website $114,572.50
Summary of
FY 2008/2009


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