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Nurse Consultation
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A for children
Typhoid (Adults and Children)
Typhoid & Hep A Junior Vaccine
Hepatitis B for travel
Normal regime involves 3 vaccinations
£37 per vaccine or
a rapid schedule for travel includes a 4th booster
Prepayment course of 3 for £111.
Hep B children for travel (regime of 3 vacs)
Revaxis (Diptheria/Tetanus & inactivated Polio)
Meningitis ACWY + certificate (need to be pre-
ordered). If you know this vaccination is
required for travel please inform the nurse.
Private prescription for antibiotics, diamox &

£5.00 + cost of medication
Confirmation of medication for travel
£16 + VAT
Fitness to travel form/certificate/letter
£20 + VAT
Fit for Travel Comprehensive ie for scuba
£100 + VAT
diving, extreme sport with full medical
examination with doctor.
Holiday Cancellation insurance form

£15 - £35 depending on length
Yellow Fever
£47 (course of 3 - £141)
Tick Bone Encephalitis
Price on Application
Japanese Encephalitis
Price on Application
The following list gives examples of services which are not included in our NHS work, and are
therefore chargeable to the person(s) requesting the service.
SERVICE (If not listed please ask Reception)
To Whom It May Concern letters
£20 - £45 + VAT depending on length
Private Prescription
£10 + cost of medication
Private Insurance Claim form (eg BUPA/PPP)
£15 - £45 depending on length
Sickness/accident insurance claim form
£15 - £45 depending on length
Access to records under Data Protection Act
Manual or Combined
Employer report & opinion with examination
(45 minutes)
Employer report & opinion (without examination)
£15 - £60 + VAT depending on length
HGV, PCV, Taxi Driver Examination
£100 + VAT
Driver fitness / certificate with examination
£100 + VAT
Driver fitness / certificate without examination
£15 - £45 + VAT depending on length
Extreme sports certificate / letter with examination
(eg racing driver, diving, parachuting, gliding)
£100 + VAT
Extreme sports certificate / letter without examination
(eg racing driver, diving, parachuting, gliding)
£15 - £45 + VAT depending on length
Fostering/Adoption Forms
Price on Application
Ofsted – child minder application form
£45 +VAT
Health Declaration Certificate – College Applications
with a GP appointment
£40 +VAT
without a GP appointment
£20 +VAT
Private medical consultation:
(per 10 mins) - GP
(per 10 mins) - Nurse
Health Care Assistant – blood taking
Paternity testing:
First patient
Each patient after first
Subsequent 2 samples
Mental Capacity Assessment
£50 + VAT
Mental Capacity Assessment including visit
£100 + VAT
Lasting Power of Attorney
£50 + VAT
Child Performers Medical Form
£20 + VAT


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