4-H Club floats: Best 4-H float, South Cottonwood; second, Goessel Goal Getters. Other floats: Best use of fair theme, Kids Connection; second, Parkside Homes.
Decorated entries: First, Kenny Johnson; second, Serenity Gardens; third, Museum Advisory Board, Hillsboro.
The top three finishers in each age category are eligible to compete at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson. Organized by VanDeCreek Pullers.
Age 4: Jaeten Loewen, Jerit Inlow, Colt Smith.
Age 5: Damien Thouvenell, Laurin Vogt, Gracie Gill.
Age 6: Luke Watkins, Josie Fitzmaurice, Kara-Lin Krispense.
Age 7: Trevor Schafers, Trudy Hein, Seth Mader.
Age 8: Zachary Denholm, Colton Brock, Jasee Hamm.
Age 9: Charlie Peters, Callie Plenert, Jonah Arasmith.
Age 10: Lane Pettijohn, Landon Roberts, Kara Riffel.
Age 11: Morgan Gaines, Jacob Denholm, Jack Parks.
Age 12: Addie Fitzmaurice, Kordel Kris pense, Cassie Meyer.
Those finishers who completed a full pull were: Damien Thouvenell, Laurin Vogt, Trevor Schafers and Zachary Denholm.
Adult division: cinnamon rolls
First: Heleen Funk, Hillsboro ($75 King Arthur gift card).
Second: Bruce Heyen, Hillsboro ($50 King Arthur gift card.
Third: Linda Peters, Lehigh (King Arthur muffin pan).
Other participants: Shirley Bowers, Mary Beth Gaines, Dwight Johnson and Denise Barney First: Cassie Meyer ($50 King Arthur gift card).
Second: Grant Evans ($50 King Arthur gift card).
Third: Cailey Barney (King Arthur cookbook).
Other participants: Nick Meyer, Laura Savage, Elizabeth Meyer, MaryElena Heyen.
Heat 1 winners: Bill Foley, Russel Klenda, Steven Hart.
Heat 2 winners: Kent Boesker, Todd Redger, Darcy Unrau.
Consolation heat winners: Brandon Holm, Mitchell Neuwirth, Thayne Meier.
Finals: 1. Russel Klenda, 2. Steven Hart, 3. Bill Foley, 4. Todd Redger, 5. Brandon Holm.
Figure 8 winners: 1. Sara Raugust, 2. Mike Brandt, 3. Dean Suderman.
Junior figure 8 winners: 1. Zach Anderson, 2. Dustin Plenert, 3. Jace Hett.
Compact car heat: 1. David Smith, 2. Amanda Foley, 3. Bill Foley, 4. Brian Thiessen.
Mad Dog Award: Todd Redger.
Best of Paint Trophy: Dustin Plenert.
First: Jacob Cope, son of Clint and Sarah Cope, Florence.
Second: Ethan Oborny, son of Dan and Kim Oborny, Durham.
Third: Bryce Roberts, son of Rickey and Sonya Roberts, Hillsboro.
Fourth: Lauren Geis, daughter of Wayne and Deb Geis, Durham.
All winners received cash awards sponsored by Straub International of Marion.
Large garden display
Best garden display: Linda Peters.
Grand champion adult: Janzen Family Farms.
Reserve champion adult: Bruce Heyen.
Blue ribbon: Sally Andrews, Shirley Bowers, Shirley Kasper.
Red ribbon: Sally Andrews; Shirley Bowers (4), Bruce Heyen (3), Dean Suder man.
Best cookie jar: Linda Peters. Runner-up: Sally Andrews.
Best of yeast breads: Linda Peters.
Best decorated 8-inch cookie: Cailey Barney.
Grand champion adult: Linda Peters.
Reserve champion adult: Denise Barney.
Blue ribbon: Sally Andrews, Denise Barney, Shirley Bowers (2), Gwen Matz, Rosella Suderman (4).
Red ribbon: Shirley Bowers (2), Angela Klaassen, Rosella Suderman.
Grand champion junior: Taytum Miller.
Grand champion youth: Jerah Schmidt.
Reserve champion youth: Jerah Schmidt.
Blue ribbon: Chevy Gagnon, MaryElena Heyen, Edel Miller, Ella Tracy.
Red ribbon: Cailey Barney, Chevy Gag non, MaryElena Heyen, Taryan Miller, Alana Suderman, Ella Tracy.
Best quilt: Shirley Kasper.
Best wall hanging quilt: Charlene Driggers.
Best handiwork, knitted: Susie Kliewer.
Best handiwork, crocheted: Michele O’Hare.
Grand champion adult: Shirley Kasper.
Reserve champion adult: Norma Klemm.
Blue ribbon: Sally Andrews, Alvena Bartel (2), Elfrieda Fast, Alice Jost, Shirley Kasper, Norma Klemm (4), Susie Kliewer (2), Michele O’Hare, Ruth Ann Penner (3), Flo Rahn (3), Tana Riffel (3).
Red ribbon: Shirley Bowers (5); Bonita Hamm (2), Anne Janzen, Neva Kreutziger, Elsie Phillips, Tana Riffel,White ribbon: Bonita Hamm, Marilyn Jost.
Grand champion youth: Nora Hein.
Fat quarter quilt challenge
Grand champion: Alvena Bartel.
Reserve champion: Anne Janzen.
Third place: Charlene Driggers.
Fourth place: Neva Kreutziger.
Fifth place: Traci Soldan.
Other participants: Marilyn Bartel, Sherri Buller, Diane Claassen, Carol Dick, Jan Frantz, Marilyn Jost, Marcia Williams.
Best portrait: Erin Wiebe.
Best local scene: Allegra Weeks.
Grand champion adult: Judy Christensen.
Reserve champion adult: Judy Chris tensenBlue ribbon: Kimberley Bartel 2, Judy Christensen 2, Norma Klemm.
Red ribbon: Kimberley Bartel 2; Abigail Calam 2, JoAnn Heinrichs, Taylor Nikkel, Flo Rahn, Samantha Stika 2, Candy Tucker.
White ribbon: JoAnn Heinrichs, Samantha Stika.
Grand champion junior: Erin Wiebe.
Reserve champion junior: Allegra Weeks.
Blue ribbon: Brandon Porter 2, Kalie Siebert, Allegra Weeks 2, Erin Wiebe.
Red ribbon: Kalie Siebert; Allegra Weeks.
White ribbon: Ashleigh Hett,Grand champion youth: McKenzie Porter.
Reserve champion youth: McKenzie Porter.
Red ribbon: Chevy Gagnon.
White ribbon: Chevy Gagnon, Preston Klenda.
Best photography (non-professional): Dawn Suderman.
Grand champion (professional): Phyllis Richert. Reserve champion: Phyllis Richert.
Blue ribbon: EmmaLee Hett 2.
Red ribbon: EmmaLee Hett 3; Phyllis Richert.
Adult division
Grand champion: Dawn Suderman. Reserve champion: Michele O’Hare.
Blue ribbon: Pat Dalke, Michele O’Hare, Dawn Suderman, Ashley Weems 3.
Red ribbon: Mary Crabb 4, Emery Dalke, Jessi Dalke 2, Gwen Matz, Michele O’Hare 3, Kelli Olson 2, Susan Saunders 2, Tereasa Siebert, Dawn Suderman 2, Annette Weems, Ashley Weems.
White ribbon: Mary Crabb, Pat Dalke, Angela Klaassen 3, Susan Saunders, Tereasa Siebert, Dawn Suderman, Annette Weems, Darren Weems 2.
Junior division
Grand champion: Lauren McLinden. Reserve champion: Kalie Siebert.
Blue ribbon: Lauren McLinden 2, SaRae Roberts 4, Quentin Stuchlik, Erin Wiebe.
Red ribbon: Elizabeth Meyer, Lauren McLinden, SaRae Roberts, Quentin Stuchlik 2, Erin Wiebe.
White ribbon: Quentin Stuchlik 2.
Youth division
Grand champion: Ellie Just. Reserve champion: Jessica Saunders.
Blue ribbon: Ellie Just 2, Jessica Saunders, Samantha Saunders 2.
Red ribbon: Jessica Saunders, Samantha Saunders.
Miniature bouquet: Linda Peters.
Marion County roadside bouquet: Rosella Suderman.
Grand champion adult: Linda Peters.
Reserve champion adult: Michele O’Hare.
Blue ribbon: Sally Andrews, Linda Esau 4, Ruth Ann Penner, Rosella Suderman 4.
Red ribbon: Linda Esau.
Grand champion youth: Laura Savage.
Reserve champion youth: Anna Jones.
Blue ribbon: Anna Jones, Evan Jones 3. Red ribbon: Anna Jones 2, Evan Jones, Angela Klaassen.
Best adult craft: Sally Andrews.
Best youth craft: Henry Hein.
Grand champion adult: Judy Christensen.
Reserve champion adult: Dwight John son.
Blue ribbon: Sally Andrews 2, Maria Barraza, Shirley Bartel, Judy Christensen 2, Mary Crabb, Dwight Johnson 2.
Red ribbon: Dwight Johnson 2.
Grand champion youth: Henry Hein.
Reserve champion youth: Grace Hein.
Blue ribbon: Henry Hein, Landen Hein, Nate Hein, Nora Hein, Laura Savage, Javin Schmidt 2, Jerah Schmidt, Alana Suderman, Derek Suderman, Hannah Thurston.
Red ribbon: Henry Hein, Sam Martinez, Laura Savage.
Best senior entries: Laura Bishop; Linda Jantz.
Blue ribbon: Lucilla Funk, Ron Thompson, Helen Lois, Alice Koop.
Red ribbon: Dale Suderman, Francis Kreutziger, Elma Warkentin, Linda Jantz, Alice Koop.
Most impressive ag mechanics entry: Sean Buchanan.
Other entries: Lauren McLinden.
Best poultry: Landen Hein.
Grand champion: Landen Hein.
Reserve champion: Landen Hein.
Blue ribbon: Noah Bartel.
Senior division. First: Nick Meyer, Marion High School. Second: Clint Kroupa, Marion High School.
Intermediate Division. First: Kayla Kroupa, Marion High School. Second: Elizabeth Meyer, Marion High School.
Junior Division. First: Landon Roberts, Hillsboro. Second: Charlie Peters, Hillsboro.


COMPOSITION : Equivalent to Rabeprazole(As enteric coated pellets)Domperidone(As sustained release pellets) DESCRIPTION : Rabeprazole belongs to a class of antisecretory compounds (substituted benzimidazole proton-pump inhibitors) that do not exhibit anticholinergic orhistamine H2 -receptor antagonist properties, but suppress gastric acid secretion by inhibiting the gastric H+/K + ATPase

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