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It’s Flu Season: Prescription?
contact WPS Customer Service. WPS’ pharmacy analyst willwork with the pharmacy to confirm that coverage criteria aremet. If one meets eligibility, WPS will arrange a refund by the One needs no reminder that it is flu season. One also
need not be reminded that flu shots - for seasonal flu and moreparticularly for H1N1 - are in short supply. Given this, some areturning to medications to treat the flu. Tamiflu and Relenza areamong those medications. MTI Successful in Securing TRO
With the rise of H1N1 flu virus and the lack of a readily available vaccine to treat all who wish to receive the vaccine in Recently, an MTI member was physically and verbally
2009, WPS has developed policies to follow the criteria and
attacked by a student. Unfortunately, the MTI member was
recommendations set forth by the Center for Disease Control
injured and needed to seek medical treatment. He has now and Prevention (CDC). The CDC asked that Tamiflu and
returned to work. Fortunately, the member immediately Relenza be limited in its usage so that: (1) resistance or contacted MTI, and the Union filed a petition in Circuit Court ineffectiveness is avoided for these medications; and (2) supplies seeking a restraining order against the student. of the medications are available for those that have both the flu As is MTI’s practice in such situations, MTI began working and high risk medical concerns. Even if a person has the flu, the with legal counsel Jordan Loeb, Cullen Weston Pines and
CDC is not recommending usage of theses medications unless Bach. The next day Attorney Loeb was able to secure a the person has additional risk factors such as: temporary order keeping the student from further harassing the member. A few days after the temporary order was issued, MTI was in Judge Hanrahan’s courtroom seeking a permanent order
against the student. Judge Hanrahan heard the evidence and
•People with a low immune system (such as diabetes, issued an order that the student “cease or avoid harassment of HIV, organ transplant), or chronic medical conditions the member. Avoid the residence and/or any premises temporarily occupied by the member” and “avoid contact thatharasses or intimidates the member” with contact to include When to take Tamiflu or Relenza? Tamiflu and Relenza
contact at the member’s work.” Because of the order, the are agents that help treat the flu but they only help to reduce the student is now being educated off campus and will not be severity of the flu. They should be taken within the first 48 hours returning to the member’s work location.
of symptoms. These medications may not prevent the normal Anyone who has a similar experience should immediately seasonal flu or the H1N1 flu. The best prevention is to get a seasonal flu vaccine as well as the H1N1 vaccine, as it becomesavailable.
For those with WPS health insurance, Tamiflu and
School Calendars Slightly Amended
Relenza are covered if the person meets at least one of thefollowing criteria: MTI teacher bargaining unit members, when voting to ratify the 2009-11 Collective Bargaining Agreement, agreed to modify the school calendars from those set forth in the ratification document. The revisions are as follows: •Healthcare workers •People with a low immune system (such as diabetes, HIV, organ transplant), or chronic medical conditions (such as asthma, chronic lung disease)
•Have flu symptoms or have been exposed to / had direct contact with persons with active flu.
How to obtain Tamiflu or Relenza once coverage
criteria is met? Call WPS Customer Services (608-221-7058).
Customer service will contact the WPS pharmacy analyst to verify that the individual meets eligibility. If one meets eligibility, the pharmacy analyst will proceed to approve the prescription and the appropriate co-payment will be assessed.
If one is prescribed Tamiflu or Relenza and meets the above criteria, but it is after WPS’ normal business hours or a
, one must pay the total cost of the prescription, and then
MTI Solidarity!
Madison Teachers Inc.
SEE-MTI Know Your Rights:
The Americans With Disabilities Act
Service Bonus Rewards Long-term,
Title one of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act
Experienced Workers
of 1990 (ADA) prohibits employers from discriminating against
qualified employees with disabilities in job application

During the 1998-2000 SEE-MTI Contract Negotiations, procedures, hiring, terminating, compensating, on the job
MTI and District negotiators agreed to a Joint Committee to
training, and other terms and conditions of employment. It also
explore the possibility of providing a supplemental retirement
requires the employer to provide “reasonable accommodationsbenefit for members of MTI’s clerical and technical bargaining
to enable employees with disabilities to participate as fully as unit (SEE-MTI). The work of the joint committee resulted in a
possible in employment activities and other activities that take report in which the parties agreed that the matter should again be place within their schools or any other place where people discussed in negotiations. During the 2000-02 SEE-MTI Contract negotiations, the Union proposed a supplemental An employee with a disability is defined as a person who retirement benefit for SEE-MTI members which was similar to has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one that provided MTI-represented teachers via TERP (Teacher or more major life activities; has a record of such an impairment; Emeritus Retirement Program). The District, however, expressed or is regarded as having such an impairment. An employee concern about the negative impact on the MMSD of turnover qualified under the ADA is defined as one who, with or without among clerical/technical employees (i.e. the loss of reasonable accommodations, can perform the essential functions knowledgeable and experienced employees) and was reluctant of the job. Reasonable accommodations include (but are not to agree to supplemental retirement benefits which may limited to) making existing facilities readily accessible to and accelerate the rate of retirement and limited the offering of such usable by employees with disabilities; job restructuring, a program to those retiring in the 2002-03 school year only. modifying work schedules, or reassignment to a vacant position; Given the District’s concerns, the parties changed their
and acquiring and modifying equipment or devices, training goal from providing additional resources to those who retire
to providing additional resources to those who remain
The employer is required to make reasonable working by providing an incentive NOT to retire. This led to
accommodations if it would not impose an undue hardship on the the creation of the “Service Bonus” set forth in Section III-B of operation of the employer’s business. An employer is not the SEE-MTI Collective Bargaining Agreement. Like longevity required to lower quality standards in order to provide an pay provisions (also contained in Section III-B), the Service accommodation. An employer is not obligated to provide Bonus provision rewards long-term employees with a lump-sum personal use items, such as glasses, as part of an accommodation.
payment (as opposed to longevity pay which increases hourly MTI assists many members with ADA issues. If you have pay). Under the Service Bonus benefit, once an employee questions regarding the ADA, please contact Eve Degen achieves 300 months of service (25 years for a 12-month employee, 30 years for a 10-month employee), they receive a
$1000 bonus on a separate check following their anniversary
date. An additional $1000 bonus is provided upon 324
months of service; $1250 for 348 months of service and $1500
for 372 months of service
(31 years for a 12-month employee,
Calendar of Events/Deadlines
37.2 years for a 10-month employee). The service bonus notonly provides additional money at the time of receipt, but also P Thursday/Friday, November 26/27 Thanksgiving
boosts future retirement benefits by increasing one of the P Tuesday, December 1, 4:15 p.m., Harmony Grill
variables used to calculate WRS retirement benefits, the three highest years of annual earnings. P Tuesday, December 8, 4:15 p.m., MTI
P Monday, December 14, 4:30 p.m., MTI
Cardinal Stritch Offering
P December 19 - January 3 Winter Break
Cardinal Stritch University has recently instituted two master’s degree programs which may be of interest to MTImembers. They are Master of Science in EducationalLeadership and Master of Arts in Reading & Language Arts.
Our Union Makes Us Strong!
All such credits and degrees are applicable for advancement on MTI’s salary schedule (see Contract Section III-A and III-G).
Anyone interested should contact Katherine Wilkinson (1-

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