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China Nuclear power development too fast, SCRO
Tuesday, 11 January 2011 00:00
China should 'keep a clear head' on nuclear power, concentrate more on the scale and pace to
ensure the of long term nuclear power development would be be hampered by safety risks, nuclear
fuel supply shortage, scarcity of human resources, low level of power equipment manufacturing,
said a state boy on January 11.
The advice came from the State Council Research Office (SCRO), which makes independent
policy recommendations to the State Council on strategic matters.
Researchers in State Council Research Office said that China’s nuclear power capacity for 2020
should be capped at 70GW to prevent local governments and corporations from developing
nuclear power too far too fast, ignoring objective objections.
Going too far too fast 'could threaten the long-term healthy development of nuclear power.'
The advice came from the State Council Research Office (SCRO). It appeared officially in
Xinhua's weekly Outlook publication.
Source: news.bjx.com.cn
Westinghouse to Help China Develop Nuclear Reactor
Friday, 07 January 2011 00:00
Westinghouse Electric Co., a unit of Toshiba Corp., will cooperate with State Nuclear Power
Technology Corp to build a new type of reactor to meet rising demand for atomic power in the
world’s fastest-growing major economy.
State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. plans to develop two CAP 1400 reactors that will be based
on Westinghouse’s existing AP 1000 design.
State Nuclear Power is leading the development of the CAP 1400 units and will own the brand,
according to Guo, declining to comment on costs.
Construction of the first CAP 1400 reactor in Rongcheng, Shandong province, may commence in
2013 and the reactor may start up by 2017.
Source: nuclearstreet.com
Nuclear News
Not a bright future for Chinese nuclear equipment manufacturers in overseas

marketing, Ruixin Said
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 01:53
Ruixin published a research report on January 25, 2011 saying that the overseas orders of Chinese
nuclear equipment manufacturers are falling and it is not optimistic about the future of nuclear
power equipment market.
The report said that the overseas orders fell by 30% compared with last year because the original
orders have not been completed and the tariff on equipment of new coal-fired power plants is not
certain, which is not good news for equipment manufacturers.
Ruixin assessed three Chinese equipment manufacturers as underperformed, which are ShanghaiElectric (2727-HK), Harbin Power Equipment Company (1133-HK) and Dongfang Electric(1072-HK).
Source: hkstock.cnfol.com Conference on instrumentation and control system of CAR1400 held
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 01:47
State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Company held a conference on the
instrumentation and control system and equipment of the CAP1000 demonstration project recently.
Representatives and technicians from the CAP1000 Project Office of State Nuclear Power
Technology Corporation, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI),
State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute (SNPDRI), State Nuclear
Power Engineering Corporation and the State Nuclear Demonstration Company attended the
Representative of State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering introduced the overall
configuration of the instrumentation and control system, the progress in technology and research
and the project organization structure of CAP1400 project. SNERDI and SNPDRI introduced the
CAP1400 comprehensive conceptual design including nuclear island, conventional island and
balance of plant system.
The meeting indicated that work on the instrumentation and control system of CAP1400, headed
by State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Company, has officially kicked off.
Liu Tienan appointed as China's new energy chief
Monday, 24 January 2011 10:06
China's State Council, or Cabinet, announced Thursday the appointment of Liu Tienan as head of
the National Energy Administration.
Liu, 57, was appointed to replace former energy administration chief Zhang Guobao, a State
Council statement said. In addition, Zhou Mubing was named vice chairman of the China Banking
Regulatory Commission, replacing Jiang Dingzhi.
Source: Xinhua
CNNC and Exelon agree to cooperate
Monday, 24 January 2011
Subsidiaries of Exelon and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) have signed a
memorandum of cooperation, effectively making Exelon the preferred nuclear service provider for
the Chinese nuclear giant.
The memorandum signed last week between CNNC's Nuclear Power Company (known as CNNP)
and Exelon Nuclear Partners anticipates service support agreements to be signed by 30 June and
potentially marks the beginning of long term cooperation between the two companies.
In coming months CNNP representatives will visit Exelon facilities where they will explore
possible opportunities for cooperation. According to an Exelon statement, CNNP is particularly
interested in entering into information exchanges on business planning and performance
management processes. This could include benchmarking in areas such as outage management,
cost control and operational experience.
Source: http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/ First CPR1000 reactor internals passed test
Monday, 24 January 2011 10:03
China’s first CPR1000 reactor internals, with 100% local content in design and fabrication, passed
delivery test in Shanghai. It is going to be installed as critical equipment in the reactor one of
Hongyanhe nuclear power plant under construction in Liaoning province. It is nine meters high
and it weighs 138 tons. It has around 12000 precision components welded accurately inside the
cylinder. Together they formed a large reactor internals.
The reactor internals were manufactured by Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Works.
It is reported that Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Works will invest 360 million yuan in the first half
of this year in the extension of factory. Then it will have annual production capacity of 8 to 10 sets
of reactor internals.
Source: news.xinmin.cn
Westinghouse rounds up tech, fuel and supply chain
Wednesday, 19 January 2011
Westinghouse has secured its role in China with agreements on nuclear power plant deployment
and fuel fabrication. In the UK it has reaffirmed its engineering alliances.
Two deals were signed off in Washington yesterday during the Chinese state visit to the USA. The
first concerns the ongoing AP1000 construction program and the extension of a 2008 cooperation
agreement with State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) for another two years.
SNPTC is the Chinese firm charged with mastering the AP1000 technology so that China can soon
mass-produce the units completely autonomously. The two companies will continue to work
together in construction, maintenance, technology development and strategic investment.
SNPTC said the deal also included measures "to develop cooperation in the field of overseas
CNNC will control 16GW nuclear capacity at the end of the 12th year plan
Monday, 17 January 2011 00:00
China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) will operate 16GW nuclear power and construct
20GW by the end of the 12 the Year Plan, reported China News on January 17th.
Along with the nuclear capacity aim, CNNC will also reserve nuclear sites to keep up with the
development of nuclear power development, stepping up mastering the third generation nuclear
technology and make lead in the research and development of the fourth generation nuclear
Five objectives will be fulfilled at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, officials from CNNC said.
The five objectives are the corporation income will be over 100 billion yuan, the profit will be
over 10 billion Yuan, and per capita annual income of CNNC staff will be more than 100,000 yuan,
10 breakthroughs are expected to be achieved in technology innovation and ten overseas trade and
industry platforms will be established.
Source: gongyi.ifeng.com
Physical protection system agreement signed for first AP1000 nuclear power
Saturday, 15 January 2011 00:00
January 15, Xi’an Nuclear Instrument Factory and Sanmen Nuclear Power Company signed
physical protection system cooperation agreement for Sanmen nuclear power plant under
construction in Zhejiang province.
A physical protection system (PPS) integrates people, procedures, and equipment for the
protection of assets or facilities against theft sabotage to ensure safe operation of nuclear power
plant. The system is made according to relevant laws and control requirements on nuclear
Xi’an Nuclear Instrument Factory is the biggest and also the earliest developer of physical
protection system design and integration. It has provided the protection system and other related
services for Qinshan phase one and two, Qinshan extension project, Qinshan phase three, Tianwan,
Dayawan, Yangjiang, Chinese fast reactor and etc.
China will approve ten new nuclear power plants in five years
Thursday, 13 January 2011 00:00
China National Radio broadcasted on January 13 that ten new nuclear power plant will be
approved by the State during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, citing Zhang Guobao, head of the
National Energy Administration, who is going to retire.
It is reported that Zhang said during a conference that China’s nuclear capacity will reach 86 GW
by 2020.
Source: www.afinance.cn
Hamon Thermal Europe Wins Cooling Tower Order for China’s Xianning Site
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 00:00
Belgium-based Hamon Thermal Europe has won an order from China Nuclear Power Engineering
(CNPEC) for design, supply and erection of two natural draft cooling towers for the Hubei
Xianning Inland Nuclear Power Plant.
Hamon will be responsible for the civil, thermal and mechanical design that will proceed in
partnership with China Nuclear Power Design (CNPDC).
Conference on Haiyan China Nuclear City held in Beijing
Friday, 07 January 2011 00:00
January 7, a conference on the project of the Haiyan Nuclear City was hold in Beijing in which
approval was given to the project by nuclear experts. In March 2010, China National Nuclear
Corporation (CNNC) launched its nuclear power base - 'China Nuclear Power City' - in Haiyan. In
April, the Zhejiang provincial government signed a "strategic energy cooperation agreement" with
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC). The conceptual design of the Haiyan
Nuclear City has been completed in Beijing. In July, local and provincial officials met to formally
approve the project and to finalize the location, scope and industries involved.
Till now, companies signed agreement with Haiyan nuclear city included Hamon Group, Wuzhou
Valve company, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI) andHangzhou Huaxin Machanial & Electrical Engineering Company. There were 13 companies inHaiyan being selected by China National Nuclear Corporation as qualified supplier last year.
Source:news.163.com Chinese government approves reactor projects
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 00:00
China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) has received governmental approval to begin preliminary
work on four new nuclear power reactors: two at the existing Tianwan site in Jiangsu province and
two at the new Xudabao plant in Liaoning province.
The approval came from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and should
lead to the construction of Tianwan 3 and 4 (Phase II of the plant) and the first two units at Phase I
of Xudabao.
Meanwhile, CNNC will begin work on Phase I (units 1 and 2) of the new Xudabao plant on Hulu
Island in Xicheng City in coastal Liaoning province. Construction of the first unit at Xudabao is
expected to start in September this year. The plant will eventually comprise six AP1000 reactors.
In a statement, CNNC said that approval for preliminary work on the four new reactors 'indicates
that the two nuclear power projects have entered a crucial stage for the substantive fast, secure and
efficient development of the nuclear group and to its contribution to the development of China's
nuclear power.
Source: world-nuclear-news.org
Cable supply contract signed for AP1000 reactors
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 09:31
Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group and State Nuclear Power Engineering Company signed power
and control cable contract worth 200 million Yuan on the New Years Eve. Under the contract
Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group will supply cables to four AP1000 nuclear reactors, making it
the supplier of of State Nuclear Power Engineering Company constructing the third generation
nuclear power plant.
Source: www.heneng.net.cn
Construction on Fuqing unit three started
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 09:27
December 31, construction on unit three of Fuqing nuclear power plant started. At present there
are three units under construction in Fuqing nuclear power plant in Fujian province.
Excavation work for units 3 and 4 started in June 5th 2009 and they are expected to be on line in
July 2015 and May 2016. The application work for units 5 and 6 is being carried out smoothly.
Source: www.cnnc.com.cn
ASME and INET Tsinghua cooperate in standard training
25 January 2011
INET Tsinghua was authorized by ASME U.S.A as first institute in China with training certificate
for standards and norms of nuclear power
Source: www.xinhua.com.cn

Source: http://kantconsulting.com.cn/yw_up_files/newsletter%20on%20nuclear%20power%20market.pdf


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