A small medical kit:
Anti-histamine cream/tablets for insect bites Imodium or similar for mild cases of the runs Clothing:

A soft carry bag is recommended or a backpack. You cannot bring a suitcase, as it will not fit into the lockers on the truck.
Also a small day bag for your camera, water bottle etc.

There are occasions on the trip when there is plenty of dust about. It is a good idea to have a strong plastic bag to put your
camera in when not in use, or even better, a proper camera bag. It is possible to recharge batteries from the truck, but you should also take a spare and a world adaptor for your mains re- charger so that when you stay in accommodation or campsites you can recharge the batteries there.

Vaccination certificate
NB – always take photocopies of important documents and keep them separate

Cash is easier to change than travellers' cheques, and in many places, US dollars can be used to pay for goods and
services. I would recommend bringing cash in US dollars and a credit or debit card. Local currency can be drawn out of ATM machines with your credit or debit card.

The tents on the truck have sewn-in ground sheets and mosquito nets. If you would like to sleep out under the stars on
some occasions, you will have to bring your own mosquito net and a plastic sheet to sleep on. Foam mattresses are provided on the truck for you to sleep on.

Laundry facilities are limited outside the major cities but it will be possible to do some hand washing at the campsites or
have someone do it for you.

You should have a complete medical checkup prior to departure. A medical kit is supplied but only to be used in
emergency. Each person is responsible for their own medical kit. An international vaccination certificate is required. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is officially required for entry into all countries except Tanzania and Kenya. The following vaccinations are recommended but not required in Africa

Expert advice on medication by your Doctor or Vaccination Clinic should be sought. Avoid being bitten, Long sleeved shirts
and long trousers should be worn after sunset. Mosquito repellent containing DEET should be applied on exposed areas.

Everyone must have personal travel insurance. It must include a comprehensive medical policy including medical
repatriation. This can be arranged by your travel agent.


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