Vanity, vitality, and virility: the science behind the products you love to buy, 2006, 259 pages, john emsley, oxford university press, 2006, pdf ebook

Vanity, Vitality, and Virility: The Science Behind the Products You Love to Buy, John Emsley, OxfordUniversity Press, 2006, 0192806734, 9780192806734, 259 pages. What is the secret of shower cleaners? Howdoes the dangerous explosive nitroglycerin ward off heart attacks? And what medicines, usually prescribed forother purposes, are said to produce the ultimate orgasm? InVanity, Vitality, and Virility, award-winningscience writer John Emsley offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of 30 chemicals that we useeveryday to make ourselves more beautiful, to improve our diet and sexual pleasure, to kill germs, and to wardoff depression and other mental illnesses. Emsley looks at common compounds such as alpha-hydroxy acids,vitamin C, chlorine bleach, and Prozac, telling us if they work, how they work, and how they were discovered.
Indeed, the book is packed with useful information and easy-to-digest science, and Emsley relates it all with alight touch that delights in the odd fact or amusing anecdote. Thus we learn of the "vitamin C tights" sold inJapan to make your legs more beautiful (they don't work) and of the whimsical Hungarian scientist who firstisolated vitamin C and wanted to name it "godnose"--because he had no idea what the compound was. Wediscover that Cleopatra was right to bath in milk, which is filled with alpha-hydroxy acids. And we read aboutthe unforgettable British researcher who demonstrated a powerful new drug for male erections at a Las Vegasconvention--injecting himself with the compound and then "displaying the results" to a stunned lecture hall.
As with the much-lovedNature's Building Blocks, in John Emsley's hands, chemistry comes alive. Anyonecurious about the ingredients in the products we use, and everyone fascinated with science, will be enthralledby this book. Chemical Alternatives Assessments , R. E. Hester, R. M. Harrison, 2013, Science, 301 pages. Chemicals arean essential part of everyday life and all too-often taken for granted, yet often portrayed negatively in themedia. Concern over the deleterious effects of .
Vanity , Kt Pinto, Jul 1, 2008, , 176 pages. "All I did was set the Members of the Gathering up so that theywould burn to a crisp when the sun arose. You would think that vampyres as old as they are would be able to.
The Elements of Murder A History of Poison, John Emsley, Jul 13, 2006, Health & Fitness, 418 pages. Howcan a chemical we need to keep us healthy be fatal at a different dose? Why should elements that areintrinsically dangerous be used in medicine? Which chemicals in our .
Treatise on Analytical Chemistry: Theory and practice. 12 v , Izaak Maurits Kolthoff, Philip Juliber Elving,1959, Chemistry, Analytic, 471 pages. .
Molecules at an Exhibition Portraits of Intriguing Materials in Everyday Life, John Emsley, Oct 7, 1999,Science, 250 pages. Discusses interesting chemicals, such as the smelliest, most lethal, and most versatile, in anon-technical style that covers each chemical's importance without using formulas .
Better looking, better living, better loving how chemistry can help you achieve life's goals, John Emsley, Jul 31, 2007, Science, 229 pages. Another fascinating title from best-selling author Emsley on grooming, health,food and sex, while discussing recent advances in chemistry and their impact on our everyday .
The Way Kitchens Work The Science Behind the Microwave, Teflon Pan, Garbage Disposal, and More, EdSobey, Apr 27, 2010, Cooking, 192 pages. "How does a microwave heat food?" "Why is only one side ofaluminum foil shiny""?" and" Is it better to use cold or hot water in a garbage" "disposal?" are among thequestions .
Advances in Automated Analysis: Environmental quality , , 1973, Chemistry, Analytic, . .
The New CIO Leader Setting the Agenda and Delivering Results, Marianne Broadbent, 2005, Business &Economics, 340 pages. As information technology becomes increasingly essential within organizations, thereputation and role of the CIO has been diminishing To regain credibility and avoid obscurity .
Handbook of analytical techniques, Volume 2 , Helmut GГјnzler, Alex Williams, 2001, Science, 1182pages. .
Nutrition, Volume 1 , Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross, 2004, Nutrition, 740 pages. Nutrition isunique in its behavioral approach--challenging students to actively participate, not just memorize the material.
Offering a balanced coverage of behavioral change .
Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Volume 2; Volume 13, Part 2 , G. Svehla, 1981, Hydrocarbons, 459pages. .
A Healthy, Wealthy, Sustainable World , John Emsley, 2010, Education, 221 pages. This lay person's guideexplains the roles of chemistry in areas of life ranging from the entirely personal to the global.
Exploring Chemical Analysis , Daniel C. Harris, 2005, Science, 610 pages. 'Exploring Chemical Analysis'teaches students how to understand analytical results and how to use quantitative manipulations, preparingthem for the problems they will encounter.
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