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9th CTWF International Workshop
Climate and Environmental Change:
Challenges for Developing Countries
Wednesday, 17 November 2010
Prof. Chunli Bai
Prof. Virulh Sayakanit
Opening Ceremony
Prof. Guoguang Zheng
Prof. Huijun Wang
Group Photo and Tea
Global Environmental Change Studies: Past, Present and 10:00-10:40
Deliang Chen
Keynote Speech 1

Integrating Climate Change into Sustainable Development 10:40-11:20
Strategy: Applying the Sustainomics Framework Mohan Munasinghe
Prof. Virulh Sayakanit, Prof. Yihui Ding Green Development Strategy - Green Development with 11:20-12:00
Yanhua Liu
Future changes in the Asian summer monsoon in warmer 14:00-14:20
Abdalla Khyar Abdalla El Shobali
Session 1A:
Climate Change:
Temporal Characteristics and Spatial Variations of Observation and
Precipitation in Arid Central Asia over the Past Century Fahu

Impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on Asian 15:00-15:15
Prof. Zhaohui Lin,
Shuanglin Li
Latitudinal Re-distribution of Precipitation in Pakistan 15:15-15:30
Muhammad Hanif
The IAP Microwave Land Data Assimilation System 15:30-15:45
Xiangjun Tian
Tea Break and Poster
Coupled assimilation of both atmospheric and oceanic observations for ENSO prediction using an intermediate 16:30-16:50
Jiang Zhu
Abdoulaye Sarr
Climate Scenarios in Malaysia – Past and Future 17:10-17:25
Session 1B:
Ling Leong Kwok
Climate Change:
Climate Change and Its Projection over Mongolia Observation and
Purevjav Gomboluudev

A High Resolution Regional Climate Change Simulation of 17:40-17:55
Prof. Fahu Chen,
Extreme Climate Event: Snowfall in China 17:55-18:10
Jianqi Sun
Development of Barotropic Limited Area Weather Prediction 18:10-18:25
Cheneka Bedassa Regassa
Thursday, 18 November 2010
On the Role of the Oceans in Climate Changes 8:30-9:10
Keynote Speech 2
Norden E. Huang
Carbon Sequestration in Chinese Terrestrial Ecosystems: 9:10-9:50
Jingyun Fang
Tea Break
Dynamics of Nonlinear Error Growth and “Spring 10:10-10:30
Predictability Barrier” for El Nino Predictions Mu Mu
Climate Change Experiences in the GHA Sub-region and 10:30-10:50
Christopher Oludhe
Third Pole Environment Programme: A New Base for the Study of Atmosphere-Land Interaction over Heterogeneous Session 1C:
Landscape of the Tibetan Plateau and Surrounding Areas Climate Change:
Yaoming Ma
Observation and
Dynamical Downscaling of Seasonal Climate Hindcast and Modeling
Validation Experiments using Regional Spectral Model (RSM) 11:10-11:25
Muhammad Amjad
Recent 10a Observation and Research Progress in a 11:25-11:40
Glacier-covered Area, Mt. Yulong, Southwestern China Yuanqing
Response of Glacier Melting to Climate Change 11:40-11:55
Impact of Climate Change on Cryosphere in the Nepalese 11:55-12:10
Rijan Bhakta Kayastha
Simulation and Projection of Hydrological Response to Session 2A:
Climate Changes over Huaihe River Basin Impact of Climate
Zhaohui Lin
Change on Water
Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in Headwater Resources
Zongxue Xu
India’s Vulnerability to Climate Change –Impact on Water 14:40-14:55
Resources –Some Adoptive Measures to Mitigate Darmapuri Hanumantha Chary
Changing Climate and Extreme Flooding Event over Pakistan 14:55-15:10
Sajjad Haider
Recent Unprecedented Flood in Pakistan and Its Linkage with 15:10-15:25
Muhammad Munir Sheikh
Historical and Future Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow 15:25-15:40
Cuo Lan
Can Water Resources Guarantee the Sustainable Development 15:40-15:55 of China?
Shaofeng Jia
Tea Break and Poster
Evaluating The Sensitivity of Water Systems to Climate 16:20-16:40
Change Using Isotope Hydrograph Separation Zhonghe Pang
Response of Hydrological Cycle to Recent Climate Changes in 16:40-17:00
Kun Yang
Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources: The Session 2B:
Imelda Tulaytay Magsuci
Impact of Climate
Change on Water

Changing Climate and Extreme Flooding Event over Pakistan Resources
Muhammad Afzal
Hydrologic simulations of the Upstream of Major Rivers in the 17:30-17:45
Assessment of the Pra River Basin of Ghana to Water Stress 17:45-18:00
Emmanuel Obuobie
Land Use and Climate Change Impacts on the Regional 18:00-18:15
Anticipated Impact of Global Warming on Swaziland’s Water 18:15-18:30
Sikelela Simile Fakudze
Friday, 19 November 2010
Session 3A:
Brazilian Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Importance of Impact of Climate
Change on Agriculture
Carlos Clemente Cerri
and Ecosystem

Changes in Extreme Temperature Stress in Irrigated Rice 8:50-9:10
across Mainland China over the Period of 1961–2008 Yao Huang
Prof. Guangsheng Zhou, Prof. Zhenghui Xie Nonlinear Responses of Ecosystem C Exchange to Changing 9:10-9:30
Precipitation in the Temperate Steppe in Northern China Shiqiang Wan
Tree Ring Based Streamflow Reconstruction for the Upper 9:30-9:45
Effect of Climate Change on Crop Water Requirement under 9:45-10:00
Mansour Mohsen
Carbon Stocks in Shorea Robusta and Schima –Castanopsis Dominated Forests (A comparative Study from Inner Terai and 10:00-10:15 Mid-Hills Community Forests of Nepal)
Krishna Prasad Devkota
Tea Break
Impacts of Climatic Change on Temperate Grassland 10:45-11:05
Carbon, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Exploring 11:05-11:25
Session 3B:
Barney Dickson
Impact of Climate
Effects of Crop Growth and Development on Regional Change on Agriculture
Climate: A case study over East Asian monsoon area and Ecosystem
Zhenghui Xie
Nitrous Oxide Emission from Alpine Meadow on the Tibetan 11:45-12:00
How has Climate Change Affected Rice Yields in China? In an 12:00-12:15 Empirical Perspective
Thermal Changes in Iran-Touranian Region; The Effects on 12:15-12:30 Pastrolism
Amir Saadatfar
Hans van Ginkel
Research on the Choice of Water Resources Adaptive Policy 14:20-14:35 (C-WRAP) to Deal with the Climate Change
Huimin Wang
Climate Change Impact and Green Technology Adaption for 14:35-14:55 Water Conservation
Mahmoud Molanejad
Session 4A:
Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in China 55-15:15
Adaptation to Climate
Yinlong Xu
Change for Sustainable

Impacts of Climate Change on China’s Agriculture 15:15-15:30
Jinxia Wang
Assessing Vulnerability of Vegetation Types to Human Dimensions Vis-À-Vis Climate Change in Northeastern 15:30-15:45 Himalaya – A Precursor to Adaptation Strategies and
Joshi Pawan Kumar
An Assessment of Annual Drought Intensity in the Sudano-Sahelian Region of Nigeria: Implications for 15:45-16:00 Adaptation to Climate Change
Muhammed Sanni Morufu
Tea Break
The Role of Higher Education Institutions in the Development 16:30-16:50 of Climatic Understanding
Iftikhar Ahmed Raja
Wind Energy: Is There a German Model and What Can Be 16:50-17:10 Learned?
Yaping Shao
Flood Monitoring and Damage Assessment through Satellite Session 4B:
Adaptation to Climate
17:10-17:25 Remote Sensing – A Case Study of District Nowshera and
Change for Sustainable
Muhammad Farooq
Impact Climate Change in Flow Regime and Water Resources 17:25-17:40 and Some Aspects Adaptation Issues in Mongolia
Dambaravjaa Oyunbaatar
Flood Disaster in Pakistan: Post Disaster Relief and 17:40-17:55 Management
Arshid Pervez
Climatic Change, Economic Review and Coping Strategies of Fisher-Folks in Ilaje/Ese-Odological Governments of Ondo 17:55-18:10 State
Omoniyi, Adesoji Olubunmi
Closing Ceremony
Poster Session
(Chair: Dr. Xiangjun Tian, Dr. Jianqi Sun, Dr. Hong Chen) Mohammad Kordjazi
Climate Change Study over Golestan Province During 2010-2039 Statistical Downscaling Model as a Tool for Climate Change Sina Samadi Naghab
A Soil Moisture Assimilation Scheme Based on the Ensemble Kalman Binghao Jia
Filter Using Microwave Brightness Temperature A Quasi Three-Dimensional Variably Saturated Groundwater Flow Zhenhua Di
Effects of Groundwater Dynamics and Runoff Mechanism on Peihua Qin
Regional Climate over East Asian Monsoon Area Said Rahman
Pakistan - Floods 2010 Monitoring Using MODIS Data The Impacts of Snow Conditions over Tibetan Plateau on China Hong Chen
Rainfall Predictability in a Global Climate Model Isikwue, Bernadette
The Contributions of the Solar Activity Indices on the Stratospheric Chidomnso
Climate Change Impact Assessment on Soil Water availability and Yakob Mohammed
Crop Yield in Blue Nile Basin (Case study Anjeni Watershed), Umer
Mean Water Resources Potential over Awash Catchments Based on Anwar Assefa Adem
Md Khurshid Alam
Radioisotopes Concentration in Offshore Sediment and Water of the Bhuiyan
Variations of Terrestrial Water Storage in Yangtze River Basin under Qian Ma
Lichens as Bioindicators of Pollution, in Relation to Effect of Heavy Anne Achieng Osio
Metals on the Health of ‘Jua Kali’ Artisans. Case Study of Burma Nakuru Effect of the Anti-epileptic Drug Carbamazepine (CBZ) on the Siddhi Amey Naik
Survival of Larvae of the Gilthead Seabream, Sparus Aurata Spatiotemporal Relationship of Leaf Area Index Simulated by Pu Shao
Uncertainties in the Potential Vegetation Distribution under the Dongling Zhang
Analysis of the Situation and Countermeasures for Agriculture and Yuzhen Lu
Forestry College Graduates Employment--Based on the Construction of New Socialist Countryside Community Forestry as a Vehicle for Poverty Reduction, Good Dhruba Bijaya
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in Rupa Lake Bhandari Jyoti
Ekwue Adaobi
Concentrations of Cu, Zn and Ni Found in Sediments From Two Yvonne


Microsoft word - ajsc, 2_1_ march 2013

ISSN: 2186-8476, ISSN: 2186-8468 Print Vol. 2. No. 1. March 2013 A REVIEW OF PARASITIC INFESTATION IN PREGNANCY I. A. Yakasai1, U. A. Umar2 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Bayero University, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, 1 [email protected], 2 [email protected] ABSTRACT Infection with pathogenic protozoa exerts an enormous toll on human suffering


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