24th Symposium of the Veterinary Comparative Respiratory Society
in cooperation with the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (Germany) and the
Study Group ‘Comparative Pathology and Pathophysiology of the Respiratory System’
of the German Veterinary Medical Society
Respiratory Infections and Zoonoses
Jena (Hotel Steigenberger Esplanade), Germany
Saturday, 07 October 2006
10.00 – 16.00 VCRS Board (closed) meeting Welcome Reception
Sunday, 08 October 2006
8.30 - 9.00
Opening / Introductory Remarks
Symposium I: Respiratory Zoonoses
Mettenleiter T (Germany) Zoonotic respiratory diseases caused by viruses Sachse K (Germany) Chlamydiae as agents of respiratory infections 10.00 – 10.30 Coffee Break
Query Fever
10.50 – 11.20 Runge M*, Schröder C, Binder A, Schotte U, Ganter M, (Germany) Epidemiological investigation of Coxiella burnetii in sheep in Lower Saxony, Germany Miscellaneous
Glanders - a reemerging disease in horses 11.40 – 12.00 Theegarten D*, Albrecht S, Teschler H, Neubauer H, Al Dahouk S (Germany) 12.00 – 13.00 Lunch & Poster Viewing
Symposium II: Respiratory Infections
13.00 – 13.30 Key note presentation: Risby TH (USA)
Non-invasive detection of pulmonary infections: The current status Mycobacteria
Mycobacterial Pulmonary Infections in Humans Tuberculosis in veterinary medicine – in an officially tuberculosis-free member state of the European Union 14.20 – 14.40 Chambers MA*, Fend R, Knobloch H, Turner C, Marlin DJ, Mottram T, Hewinson RG, Woodman AC (UK) The potential of volatile organic compound analysis to diagnose Mycobacterium bovis infection in badgers and cattle 14.40 – 15.15 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing
Research communications I: Large animals
15.15 – 15.30 Mazan MR*, Svatek J, Maranda L, Hoffman A, Nadeau J, Christiani D, Ghio A (USA) Airway disease symptoms in people associated with equine barns: A cross sectional questionnaire study 15.30 – 15.45 Larkins NJ*, Deaton CM , Jones K (UK) Efficacy of a plant based formulation in the treatment of recurrent airway obstruction in horses 15.45 – 16.00 Spendlove PJ*, Hodgson JL, Hodgson DR (Australia) Randomised clinical trial evidence of aerosol administration efficacy for the resolution of pulmonary neutrophilia in young performance horses in Sydney, Australia 16.00 – 16.15 Neef A*, Hodgson JL (Australia) Comparison of differential cell counts in equine tracheal aspirates using immunocytochemistry as a staining technique 16.15 – 16.30 Christmann U*, Buechner-Maxwell V, Witonsky S, Dryman B, Grier B, Hite D (USA) Lung surfactant and severity of disease in horses with recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) 16.30 – 16.45 Couëtil LL*, Art T, de Moffarts B, Becker M, Mélotte D, Jaspar F, Bureau F, Lekeux P (USA, Belgium) DNA binding activity of transcription factors in bronchial cells of horses with recurrent airway obstruction 16.45 – 17.00 Venner M*, Heyers P, Strutzberg-Minder K, Verspohl J (Germany) Detection of Rhodococcus equi in samples of tracheobronchial secretions of foals by microbiological culture and by polymerase chain reaction Social Event
Monday, 09 October 2006
Symposium III:
How to evaluate the outcome in different animal models

Introduction: Hoffman A (USA)
Demystifying your expectations of respiratory physiologic measurement
outcome in various animal models
Braun A (Germany) Murine models of asthma and lung infection: Determination of physiological, immunological and histological parameters Kirschvink N (Belgium) In vivo assessment of airway remodelling Fehrenbach, H (Germany) Animal models of emphysema Hamacher J (Germany) Various animal models of acute lung injury Schulz H (Germany) Particulate matter-induced lung injury – animal models 10.10 – 10.40 Coffee Break
10.40 – 11.00 Desmecht D*, Faisca P, Bui Tran Anh D (Belgium) The mouse model at the interface between pathology and genetics: From theory to practice using pneumotropic paramyxoviridae. Models of pulmonary infection - morphology and evaluation Exhaled markers of airway inflammation in animals and animal models 12.00 - 12.20 Siegling-Vlitakis C*, Reinhold P, Martens, H, Hartmann, H (Germany) Influence of respiratory infections on active ion transport in calves 12.30 – 13.30 Lunch & Poster Viewing
13.30 - 15.00 Poster Discussion
15.00 - 15.30 Coffee Break
Research communications II:
Pathophysiology, diagnostics, and samplings conditions in animal
models and clinics

15.30 - 15.45 Meyerholz DK, Gallup JM, Lazic T, de Macedo MMA, Lehmkuhl HD, Ackermann MR* (USA) Recombinant human vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) pretreatment reduces replication of bovine respiratory syncytial virus (bRSV) and neutrophilic airway exudate in neonatal lambs 15.45 - 16.00 Dye JA*, Slade R, Richards JH, Jaskot RH, Manzo N, Taylor GM (USA) Optimization of repeated bronchoalveolar lavage in rabbits 16.00 - 16.15 Hirt RA*, Denner E, Wiederstein I, Mosing M, de Arespacochaga AG, van den Hoven R (Austria) Effects of sampling method on bacterial growth in BALF samples from healthy dogs 16.15 - 16.30 Schulz B*, Hähner M, Werckenthin C, Hartmann K (Germany) Bacterial species in the respiratory tract of dogs with respiratory disease – 800 cases 16.30 - 16.45 Peeters D*, Peters IR, Dehard S, Helps CR, Day MJ, Clercx C (Belgium; UK) Diagnosis of sino-nasal aspergillosis: Is quantification of Aspergillus DNA a useful technique? 16.45 - 17.00 Bernaerts F*, Merveille AC, Bolognin M, Leemans J, Gustin P, Kirschvink N, Clercx C (Belgium) Investigation of airway reactivity by barometric whole body plethysmography in cats with spontaneous bronchial disease 17.00 - 17.15 Leemans J*, Kirschvink N, Bernaerts F, Clercx C, Gustin P (Belgium) Bronchoprotective effect of inhaled salmeterol, salbutamol and ipratropium bromide using different devices on muscarinic bronchoconstriction in healthy cats 17.15 - 17.30 Kirschvink N*, Kersnak E, Leemans J, Delvaux F, Snaps F, Clercx C, Gustin P (Belgium) Diagnostic impact of thoracic radiography in an experimental model of feline asthma Tuesday, 10 October 2006
Symposium IV:
Pathogenesis of different respiratory infections

Role of ‘atypicals’ (Chlamydia spp., Mycoplasma spp.)
Welte T (Germany) Role of Chlamydiae and Mycoplasma spp. in chronic airway diseases in humans Rödel J (Germany)
Host cell responses to Chlamydia pneumoniae and our understanding of the
pathogenesis of respiratory infections
Goellner S*, Schubert ., Saluz HP, Sachse K (Germany) Molecular mechanisms involved in persistent chlamydial infection Anhenn O*, Hotzel H, Mogilevski G, Mertens JM, Mentrup B, Sachse K, Theegarten D (Germany) Detection of Chlamydophila psittaci and abortus in humans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and horses with recurrent airway obstruction Jäger J*, Sachse K, Schubert E, Liebler-Tenorio E, Schröder C, Kirschvink N, Reinhold P (Germany, Belgium) Airway obstruction and pulmonary inflammation in clinically latent respiratory infection with Chlamydiae in calves Kaltenboeck B (USA) The intriguing question of clinically silent Chlamydia infections in farm animals 10.15 – 10.45 Coffee Break
Pathogenesis of pulmonary infections with Pasteurellaceae 11.15 – 11.45 Hewicker-Trautwein M (Germany) Lung injury caused by Mycoplasma bovis in cattle: Current knowledge on pathogenesis Does breathing cold air give you the flu? Effects of cold air on airway function 12.15 – 13.30 Lunch
Research communications III : Small animals
13.30 – 13.45 Caccamo R*, Twedt DC, Buracco P, McKiernan BC (USA) 13.45 – 14.00 Oechtering GU*, Kiefer I, Ludewig E (Germany) Virtual CT-Endoscopy of the upper and central airways of small animals and an introduction to virtual CT-Ectoscopy 14.00 – 14.15 Le Garrérès A*, Clercx C, Mignon B, Peeters D (Belgium) Effect of sampling method and culture conditions on the result of fungal culture in the diagnosis of canine sino-nasal aspergillosis 14.15 – 14.30 Bolognin M*, Bernaerts F, Herpigny F, Kirschvink N, Diez M; Clercx C (Belgium) Effect of obesity on doxapram hydrochlorid-induced effects on whole body barometric plethysmography measurements in healthy Beagle dogs 14.30 – 14.45 Guenther-Yenke CL, McKiernan BC*, Papich MG, Powell E. (USA) Evaluation of the bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of an extended release theophylline product in cats 14.45 – 15.00 Nöller C*, Oechtering GU, Budras KD (Germany) Anatomical aspects of the brachycephalic airway syndrome in cats and dogs 15.00 – 15.15 Ginn JA, Kumar MSA, McKiernan BC*, Powers BE (USA) Nasopharyngeal Turbinates in Brachycephalic Dogs and Cats 15.15 – 15.30 Oechtering GU*, Nöller C, Alef M,; Reinhold P, Hueber J, Kiefer I., Ludewig E, Budras KD (Germany) A new approach to brachycephalic airway syndrome: Videoscopic endonasal laser therapy 15.30 – 16.00 Awards & VCRS Business Report End of the Symposium
Poster Discussion (Monday, 09 October 2006)
P01 Kawashima K, Meyerholz DK, Gallup JM, Grubor B, Lazic T, Lehmkuhl HD, Ackermann MR* (USA, Japan) Differential expression of ovine innate immune genes by preterm and neonatal lung epithelia infected with respiratory syncytial virus N*, Wiggers L, Sachse K, Berndt A, Reinhold P (Belgium, Germany) MMP-2 and MMP-9 activity in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of Chlamydia suis infected pigs Effects of bromhexine on the immune response in calves with experimentally induced bronchopneumonia P04 Kucheryavenko R, Stegniy B, Stetsenko V, Kucheryavenko V (Ukraine) About the situation of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis in Ukraine P05 Spendlove PJ*, Basgallop N, Hodgson JL, Hodgson DR (Australia) Detection of aerosolised ipratropium bromide (ATROVENT®) in equine urine post administration using liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy (LCMS) P06 Spendlove PJ*, Hodgson JL, Hodgson DR (Australia) Comparative efficacy of aerosol therapies for the reduction of airway neutrophilia in horses P07 Klein CC*, Smith HJ, Mieskes N (Germany) Use of the capno volumetry system for testing pulmonary function during bronchoprovocation in horses P08 Reißig S*, Smith HJ, Langenberg A, Jäger J, Reinhold P (Germany) Non-invasive detection of clinically inapparent peripheral airway obstruction using capnovolumetry in conscious calves P09 Bolle I*, Eder G, Zeller C, Ganguly K, Takenaka S, Geiser M, Schulz H (Germany, Switzerland) Lung function measurements in uninfected Cftr-mice: Does lack of the Cftr gene predispose to a lung function phenotype? N*, Leemans J, Delvaux F, de Moffarts B, Clercx C, Gustin P (Belgium) Omega3 fatty acid complementation (fish oil) in an experimental model of feline asthma: Effect on bronchial reactivity, airway inflammation and oxidative stress markers P11 Range F*, Leverkoehne I, Mundhenk L, Thoreson WB, Gruber A (Germany, USA) Cloning and molecular characterisation of eCLCA1, a putative calcium-activated chloride channel in the equine lung and its significance in equine chronic bronchiolitis P12 Furness C, Viel L*, Caswell J, DeLay J, Bienzle D (Canada) Immunohistochemical identification of collagen in the equine lung: A methodology P13 Kirschvink N*, Fievez L, Provins L, Marlin D, Gustin P (Belgium, UK) Modulation of airway inflammation and pulmonary oxidative markers in cadmium-exposed rats by theophylline and compound ucb-101333-3 P14 Palmm M, Leroy M, Thomas A, Desmecht D (Belgium) Differential anti-influenza activity among allelic variants at the Sus scrofa Mx1 locus


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