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Laura is a 64 year old woman from Las Cruces referred to me last January by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, my former partner at the Treehouse Center of Integrative Medicine, here in Albuquerque. She was suffering from a six year history of gastrointestinal bleeding accompanied by shaking chills and severe abdominal cramps despite taking Protonix; a powerful acid blocker (Proton Phys (?) Inhibitor) for a large hiatal hernia, and for mild gastritis. “The tissue in my gut feels like it’s torn”, she explained. These nasty bleeding episodes were preceded by anxiety, breathlessness and tearfulness. After numerous endoscopies and colonoscopies (approximately 18-20 to date) in New Mexico, she traveled to the Mayo Clinic in 2003 to try to get a definite diagnosis and to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, they were unable to pinpoint the source of her bleeding, or adequately treat the problem. Laura’s gastroenterologist in Las Cruces, after performing his umpteenth inconclusive endoscopy, looked at her, let out a nervous laugh, and blurted, “Just get out of here”. As a result of the blood loss, she developed chronic iron deficiency, anemia and had undergone blood transfusions as well as intravenous iron infusions to periodically raise her blood count. The anemia left her in a state of chronic exhaustion which severely limited her activities and quality of life. The initial lab work I ordered revealed a hemoglobin of 9.9 (normal range is 12-16), and feritin (which tests for iron stores in the body) which was 4 (normal is 17-335). “These last six weeks I’ve really been going downhill-my energy is dropping even lower, and I’m more pale,” she informed me. Laura had also been unsuccessfully trying to get off Paxil, (an anti- depressant) because it was causing headaches and an unpleasant whooshing sound when she bent over. As a young child, Laura suffered severe emotional trauma, and since then, has been struggling with lifelong bouts of anxiety and depression. Paxil can be an extremely difficult drug to withdraw from. Whenever she would drop the dose below a certain level, all hell broke loose-- she developed anxiety, shortness of breath, palpitations, crying spells, lightheadedness, stumbling from feeling off balance, slurred speech, shaking chills and extreme exhaustion. At times she felt like she was going crazy. Back in January, Dr.Kevorkian was not an option, so she thought to give Classical Homeopathy a try. Classical Homeopathy is perhaps the most individualized medicine on the planet. By that, I mean the homeopath strives to tailor the prescription to fit the exact nuances of as many of a patient’s symptoms as possible. The more unusual or uncommon the symptom, the better, in the sense that these symptoms help us choose the one remedy that most closely fits the patient’s case. We even have a name for these symptoms-- SRP’s or Strange, Rare and Peculiars (I’m not joking!). Because of their severity and because the constellation of symptoms was so unique, I decided to focus on treating Laura’s symptoms of Paxil withdrawal initially. I entered the following symptoms into my homeopathic computer program; (LEAH’S HUMBLE RECOMMENDATION; CONSIDER I DECIDED TO FOCUS ON HER SYMPTOMS OF FEAR INSANITY ETC. EXCLUDE COMPUTER PROGRAM) fear, insanity, tottering gait, speech difficulties; anxiety in chest (Laura’s anxiety was focused there) and anxiety with impeded respiration. 261 remedies appeared, but only five remedies were capable of treating all five symptoms. Phosphorus lead the pack, and since it is one of homeopathy’s premier remedies for treating bleeding disorders, I gave it to her on 1-18-07 as a daily dose, but instructed her to take additional doses as needed for breakthrough anxiety. I also gave her prescription strength iron to treat her anemia. She returned one week later, and what Laura told me was music to my ears; “I’m feeling a lot better. Chills are a lot less, gripping intestinal pain is 75% less. Whooshing sound 60% less. Energy has doubled, I’m now able to take five minute walks. I’m no longer anxious or breathless 48 hours after my last Paxil dose, like I used to be.” On 2-12-07, “Memory improving. Energy continues to improve, back doing my art for the first time in six weeks. Hair loss is improving, swelling in left ankle, present for years, has almost completely resolved. Remedy works within one to two minutes!! Taking Paxil every third day- if I try to take it every fourth day I become agitated, anxious and develop chills.” A repeat CBC on 2-28-07 was normal-her anemia had resolved! On 3-5-07 I was gifted with the following message on our fax machine, (unfortunately I’m unable to reprint the picture of the E.T. in her spaceship whizzing past the stars) Can feel the breeze, appreciate the trees In my ad on the adjacent page, I describe Classical Homeopathy as a powerful Holistic Medicine at the soul level. This is exactly true. As the presenting symptoms are successfully treated deeper, core issues surface, so that they too can be addressed safely and holistically with the appropriate homeopathic remedy. I last saw Laura on 6-4-07. She had been off Paxil since her poem arrived from outer space. She has not had a single episode of GI bleeding since the very first dose of Phosphorus on 1-19-07. Before coming to see me, she was experiencing painful bleeding episodes on average, every ten days. Energy was dramatically improved- she was able to work some full days from 8-4:30, although she’d feel very tired by the end of the day. Chills were occurring four to five times a month, down from every day, yet her hands continued to be icy cold when she’d get them. Now she was experiencing periods of hopelessness, despair and terror. Thankfully they were intermittent; “something moving through me”. She very precisely described a sensation of “nothingness in my chest”, the same feeling she’s had for years in her gut. It was clear to me that these emotions and sensations related to her trauma of five to six decades ago. I remembered the remedy Camphor Jeremy Sherr taught us in class, a remedy that covers a sense of annihilation or extinction as well as icy coldness; an extreme form of hell. Jeremy had helped another world renowned homeopath successfully treat her patient with Camphor when she read one of his writings, she knew it was significant; “The pale cold moon is dead forever.” I gave Laura one dose of Camphor 200C. She quickly developed an overwhelming sense of sleepiness, slept hours, and woke up the next day feeling refreshed and in very good spirits. In a few months time, when all Laura’s God-awful symptoms are behind her, she’s going to drop me off on Mars for a few days, on her way back to Venus. I’m ready to meet my own inner alien. 110 Word When you read the article I wrote in this issue “Enjoying the Alien Within”, you will directly experience the unbridled joy and passion I have for my work. You will discover how life-changing it is. You will learn the true meaning of Holistic Healing- what it really means to treat body, mind and spirit as one. You will be deeply moved, as I am when I am privileged to witness countless suffering individuals overcome even serious illnesses and reconnect with their authentic, creative, joyful selves. It’s a rush; and an amazing feeling, day in and day out profoundly contribute to so many people’s lives and truly make a difference.


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