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form of estrogen, primarily avail-able during pregnancy when it is Hormone Therapy Options: produced by the placenta. Each form works differently in differentparts of your body.
Fact 2.“Natural” is a mar-
ustom-made “bioidentical” hor-
keting term, not a
mone therapy is being promoted
medical term. Just because a medica-
Cfar and wide as the natural turkey—no matter what form they tion or supplement is labeled “natu-
anti-aging antidote and the
ral” doesn’t mean it’s any safer than menopausal woman’s best friend.
symptoms they’d thought long gone.
the first results of the Women’s Health type of therapy best meets her individual to follow any of these requirements.
increased risk of breast cancer, heartdisease, stroke and blood clots. The Fact 1.Your body produces Fact 3.Women today can
choose from many
three different kinds of
options to treat their menopausal
estrogen. These are: estradiol, or E2,
symptoms. It is important to under-
Bioidentical Hormones
is not reliable; nor is it used to deter-mine dosage or to monitor therapy.
Fact 5.If hormone therapy is
indicated, the FDA
Safety and Regulation of
recommends that it should be pre-
Bioidentical Hormones
scribed at the lowest effective dose
for the shortest time needed. Using
If you choose to have your bioiden-
Fact 4. As with any med- varying doses and hormone therapy ducted or published. While these
ication, all forms of
hormone therapy have the potential
for side effects. Whether it was made
Defining Bioidentical
When something is “bioidenti-
estradiol and estrone—have a high-er risk of breast cancer than women Your Hormone Options
bioidentical hormones: those thatare FDA-approved and commercially Women have numerous FDA-
National Women’s Health Resource Center
Bioidentical Hormones
Vaginal tablet. Less messy than a
Oral. Most hormone therapy formu-
Vaginal ring. There are two rings cur-
Injection. Before there were creams
Transdermal gels and spray.
months, at which point it is replaced.
Progesterone. There are two forms of
Transdermal patches. Ranging from
drug, but in different doses. Prochieve is typically prescribed for infertility.
the forearm starting near the elbow.
Lotion. Estrasorb (estradiol topical
emulsion) is a bioidentical estrogen.
Vaginal cream. Estrogen creams
National Women’s Health Resource Center
Bioidentical Hormones
Start with Your Symptoms
Questions to Ask
Your Health Care

The new approach to hormone ther- American Menopause Foundation
Association of Reproductive Health
If you are considering using
hormone therapy to treat
menopausal symptoms, ask
your health care professional
National Institutes of Health
these questions:
Menopausal Hormone Therapy
1. Why should I take hormone
2. Which hormone therapy delivery
method is right for me?
3. Could you please review the
term “bioidentical” with me?
National Women’s Health
Resource Center, Inc.
4. What is the lowest dose of
hormone therapy that I can
take to relieve my symptoms?
The North American Menopause
5. How long should I take hormone
6. What side effects are possible
increasing it until you’re comfortable, with this medication?
The Hormone Foundation
7. What are the risks associated
with this medication?
Bioidentical Hormones
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Treatment of head louse infestation with 4% dimeticone lotion: randomised controlled equivalence trial Ian F Burgess, Christine M Brown and Peter N Lee 2005;330;1423-; originally published online 10 Jun 2005; BMJ doi:10.1136/bmj.38497.506481.8F Updated information and services can be found at: References This article cites 10 articles, 1 of which can be accessed free at: 5 onl

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