California Public Utilities Commission and FERC Cases
A.07-04-013 Sacramento
Sacramento NGS seeks CPCN to construct Final EIR issued June 2010, concludes that "No Natural Gas Storage
and operate natural gas storage facility in Project Alternative" is environmentally superior. application for CPCN
Waiting for proposed decision by ALJ.
A.09-09-020 SoCalGas
Requests approval of work

SoCalGas seeks approval to replace 3 gas at Aliso Canyon Storage
Interim proposed decision issued 11-10-10, allows utilities to track fees, but makes no determination whether expenses may be A.10-08-002: Joint Utility
recovered from ratepayers. Rate recovery will be Application to Recover ARB SoCalGas, SDG&E, SCE PG&E, and SW
determined later in the proceeding. SW Gas joins AB 32 Fees, A.11-03-010:
Gas request rate increase to recover ARB w A.11-03-010. ALJ finds no hearings necessary. Southwest Gas
Investigation into whether PG&E violated CPUC rules on gas safety with regard to the I.10-11-013: Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova gas pipeline explosion
Gas Accident Investigation
Decision issued 11/1/11, adopts $38 million fine.
SoCalGas/SDG&E 2012
Testimony by intervenors submitted. Hearings General Rate Case
being conducted in November/December 2011.
I. 11-02-016: PG&E Gas
Scoping Ruling issued 11/21/11, sets schedule Safety Recordkeeping
Investigation into whether PG&E violated and scope of issues. Legal Division report due Investigation
2/24/12, intervenor testimony due 3/26/12 - Utility gas safety implementation plans submitted 8/26/11. Testimony due from R.11-02-019: Gas Safety
Rulemaking on Plans and
PG&E is requesting authority to restore operating Procedures
A.11-09-004: SoCalGas
non-hydrogen sulfide gas quality specs, and Application filed September 2011. No significant application to retain current making historical California production
opposition to application. ALJ will proceed to gas quality specs
SoCalGas requests approval of allocation of A.11-11-002: SoCalGas
revenue requirement & rate design, submits Triennial Cost Allocation
Investigation by CPUC into whether PG&E I.11-11-009: PG&E Gas
violated CPUC rules pertaining to operation Pipeline Classification
of pipelines in or near locations of higher Investigation
A.11-11-011: SoCalGas
application to establish a
residential customers desiring gas delivery compression services tariff
at higher pressure, e.g. NGV, CHP, peakers Application filed 11/3/11 CP09-432: at FERC: Tricor
Tricor seeks FERC certificate for storage Ten Section Hub
RP10-951: Texas Gas Co
Texas Gas Co asserts that fuel rates on El Complaint vs El Paso at
ALJ issues Initial Decision dismissing complaint, California customers at California expense El Paso seeks significant increase in rates ( (32-38%) from FERC, mainly due to loss of throughput, lower prices received for short- RP10-1398 El Paso 2010
General Rate Case at FERC
CP10-510: El Paso
Abandonment of
Stations, will result in reduction of capacity compressors, at FERC

Source: http://www.gosolarcalifornia.orgwww.gosolarcalifornia.org/naturalgas/documents/2011-12-01_meeting/Regulatory_Table_update_11-29-11.pdf


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