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EXPANSION JOINTS AND FLEXIBLE METAL HOSE This section specifies piping expansion joints and flexible metal hose. This section contains references to the following documents. They are a part of this section as specified and modified. Where a referenced document contains references to other standards, those documents are included as references under this section as if referenced directly. In the event of conflict between the requirements of this section and those of the listed documents, the requirements of this section shall prevail. Unless otherwise specified, references to documents shall mean the documents in effect at the time of Advertisement for Bids or Invitation to Bid (or on the effective date of the Agreement if there were no Bids). If referenced documents have been discontinued by the issuing organization, references to those documents shall mean the replacement documents issued or otherwise identified by that organization or, if there are no replacement documents, the last version of the document before it was discontinued. Where document dates are given in the following listing, references to those documents shall mean the specific document version associated with that date, regardless of whether the document has been superseded by a version with a later date, discontinued or replaced. Stainless and Heat-Resisting Steel Bars and Shapes Standards of Expansion Joint Manufacturers' Association, Edition No. 5 The selection and installation of expansion joints and flexible metal hose shall be in conformance with the expansion control system designed by the Design Professional, retained under the requirements of paragraph 15050-1.01 A, and the criteria specified herein. This requirement, however, shall not be construed as relieving the Contractor of responsibility for this portion of the work. 7/9/2012 p:\Kitsap County\140912\Specifications GENERAL: Expansion joints shall be designed in accordance with EJMA Standards for pressure, temperature and service as specified in the Piping System Specification Sheets (PIPESPEC) without crimping of corrugations. FLEXIBLE METAL HOSE: Flexible metal hose shall be suitable for a line pressure equal to the test pressure listed in the PIPESPEC. Live lengths for flexible metal hose shall be based upon the service conditions specified and a design life of 1,000,000 full displacement cycles. EXPANSION JOINTS: Corrugated type expansion joints shall be suitable for a minimum of 10,000 pressure, temperature and deflection cycles (non-concurrent). The following submittals shall be provided in accordance with Section 01300: A copy of this specification section, with addendum updates included, and all referenced and applicable sections, with addendum updates included, with each paragraph check-marked to indicate specification compliance or marked to indicate requested deviations from specification requirements. A check mark shall denote full compliance with a paragraph as a whole. If deviations from the specifications are indicated, and therefore requested by the Contractor, each deviation shall be underlined and denoted by a number in the margin to the right of the identified paragraph, referenced to a detailed written explanation of the reasons for requesting the deviation. The Construction Manager shall be the final authority for determining acceptability of requested deviations. The remaining portions of the paragraph not underlined will signify compliance on the part of the Contractor with the specifications. Failure to include a copy of the marked-up specification sections, along with justification(s) for any requested deviations to the specification requirements, with the submittal shall be sufficient cause for rejection of the entire submittal with no further consideration. Design and construction details of formed metal bellows type expansion joints. Pressure thrust force and spring rate data for formed metal bellows expansion joints. Details for installation of all expansion joints. 7/9/2012 p:\Kitsap County\140912\Specifications Listing of all flexible metal hose applications. MEDIUM TEMPERATURE: Formed bellows type expansion joints for temperatures up to 800 degrees F shall have 300 series stainless steel multi-ply bellows rated for the specified design temperature and pressure. Test pressures are specified in Section 15050. Each expansion joint shall be factory tested at the test pressure. Ductwork expansion joints may be rated at less than 50 psig but must be rated equal to the design pressure and, in no case, less than 2 psig. Expansion joint design shall be determined by the amount and kind of movement specified (axial, lateral, angular). Unless otherwise specified, end connections shall be flanged. Formed bellows type expansion joints shall be as manufactured by Flexonics, Inc., Hyspan Precision Products, Inc., American BOA Inc. or equal. HIGH TEMPERATURE: Engine and gas turbine exhaust expansion joints for temperatures up to 1300 degrees F shall be the multi-ply bellows type designed for 15 psig. Bellows shall be constructed of 300 series stainless steel. Unless otherwise specified, end connections shall be either the fixed flange or Vanstone flange configuration. Flange material shall be carbon steel for temperatures up to 1000 degrees F and stainless steel for temperatures 1000-1300 degrees F. Vanstone materials and flow liners, where specified, shall be the same as bellows material. Exhaust expansion joints shall be Flexonics DEX Series, Hyspan Series 2500, American BOA Series 025E, or equal. STEEL EXPANSION COMPENSATOR TYPE: Steel expansion compensator type expansion joints shall be Flexonics Model H Expansion Compensator, Hyspan Series 8500, Keflex 7Q, or equal. Compensators shall have 2-ply stainless steel bellows and carbon steel shroud and end fittings. Compensators shall be rated for 175 psi maximum working pressure and 750 degrees F. BRONZE EXPANSION COMPENSATOR TYPE: Bronze expansion compensator type expansion joints shall be Flexonics Model HB Expansion Compensator, Hyspan Series 8500, Keflex 7Q, American BOA Inc., or equal. Compensators shall have multi-ply phosphor bronze or stainless steel bellows and copper tube end fittings. Compensators shall be rated for 150 psi maximum working pressure and 400 degrees F. 7/9/2012 p:\Kitsap County\140912\Specifications GENERAL: Elastomer and fabric expansion joints shall be the standard spool arch type or the precision molded spherical design type as indicated or specified. Expansion joint connectors shall have control units (restraints) to prevent excessive axial elongation and to accept the static pressure thrust in the piping system. Number and sizes of control rods or restraints shall be as determined by the manufacturer. Unless otherwise specified, single arch and sphere type expansion joints shall have 6-inch face-to-face dimension for pipe up to 8 inches and 8-inch face-to-face dimension for pipe 10 and 12 inches. The cover elastomer shall be chlorobutyl, neoprene or EPDM. For temperatures between 180 and 240 degrees F, the tube elastomer shall be chlorobutyl or EPDM. Neoprene or Buna N liners are acceptable for temperatures to 180 degrees F. Elastomer and fabric type expansion joints used for exterior service shall have ultra-violet Elastomer and fabric type expansion joints shall not be used for pump discharge piping SPOOL TYPE: Spool type expansion joints shall be of the resilient arch type and shall be standard or tapered as specified. Unless otherwise specified, all tapered connectors shall be eccentric. Spool type expansion joints shall be constructed of multiple plies of woven fabric impregnated with elastomer and reinforced with steel rings or wire embedded in the body. Standard arch type expansion joints suitable for the specified temperature and pressure shall be provided with retaining rings or backup rings. Retaining rings shall be 3/8-inch thick steel, split, either galvanized or zinc shield coated. Expansion joints, single, multiple, or filled arch, shall be Mason Style EJBN, Garlock Style 204, Mercer Style 500, Goodall Style E-1462, General Style 1025, or equal. Filled arch type shall be used on all piping systems carrying fluids containing solids. High pressure couplings suitable for 240 degree F operating temperatures shall be Mason Style EJBN-HD, Mercer Style 510, Garlock Style 204-HP, Goodall Style E-1489, General Style 1015, or equal. SPHERICAL MOLDED TYPE: Spherical molded type expansion joints shall be precision molded of multiple plys of nylon tire cord fabric and elastomer suitable for specified temperature and pressure. Spherical molded type expansion joints shall have steel or ductile iron floating flanges, and no metal parts shall come in contact with the fluid. Single sphere molded connectors shall be Mason Type MFNC, Mercer Type 5500, Goodall Type E-611, General Type 1010, Garlock Style 8100, or equal. Double sphere or triple sphere connectors shall be provided where required to provide for the specified movement. 7/9/2012 p:\Kitsap County\140912\Specifications Polyvinylchloride expansion joints shall be Celanese "Chemtrol" CPVC slip type with Teflon impregnated seal rings, Certain-teed Fluid Tite PVC, Johns-Manville PVC double bell expansion joint, or equal. Teflon expansion joints shall be molded TFE bellows and shall be Metraflex T-2, Garlock Style 215, Resistoflex R-6905, EGC Style M-150, or equal. 2.02 Flexible metal hose shall be corrugated type 321 stainless steel with stainless steel fittings and shall be provided with stainless steel single braid, unless otherwise specified. End connections shall be attached by the heliarc welding process using stainless steel welding rod. Bronze flexible metal hose shall be provided for copper and brass systems. TYPE A: Type A (stainless steel) braided flexible metal hose shall be Flexonics Series 401M/402M, Flexweld USFWSS-31/32, American BOA Series B, or equal. TYPE B: Type B (bronze) braided flexible metal hose shall be Flexonics Series 301, Flexweld USFWB-31, American BOA Series B, or equal. Teflon flexible connectors shall consist of molded teflon bellows and 150-pound ductile iron flanges. The flanges shall be completely isolated from the chemical by the molded teflon bellows. Integral steel limit bolts and Monel reinforcing rings shall be provided on the connectors. The connectors shall be provided with nonasbestos gaskets. The connectors shall allow for an axial transverse movement of at least 1/2-inch, and an offset of at least 3/8-inch. The connectors shall be rated for a pressure of 130 psi, at a temperature of 70 degrees F. The connectors shall be Metraflex Teflon Expansion Joint, Garlock, modified as necessary to provide the specified features, or equal. 7/9/2012 p:\Kitsap County\140912\Specifications Expansion joints and anchors shall be located as specified. Location and number of guides shall be determined from EJMA Standards. Expansion joints shall not be installed during times of temperature extreme or in a fully Unless otherwise specified, expansion joints 4 inches and larger shall be furnished with Piping systems shall be aligned prior to installation of expansion joints. Expansion joints shall not be used to correct piping misalignment during installations. Expansion joints normally preset at the factory for rated axial compression and expansion shall be installed in this preset condition. Expansion joints and/or flexible metal hose connectors provided for specific equipment items or piping systems are specified on the following schedule. The location of piping system expansion joints and design criteria, including temperature, pressure and movement for each joint, are specified and/or shown on the drawings. 7/9/2012 p:\Kitsap County\140912\Specifications Steam, hot and chilled water, jacket water, high pressure air, aeration and agitation air and gas and steel lines subjected to ambient temperature differentials sufficient to require expansion joints. Same type service/use as for "formed metal bellows type expansion joint" except size of piping is limited to 3 inch diameter or less. Exhaust metal bellows (2.01 A.1.b.) Engine and gas turbine exhaust piping. Blower connectors 14 inch diameter and larger. Blower connectors 12 inch diameter and less a. Air and gas compressor discharge connections. Air compressor discharge and pump connectors for copper lines. Pumps, all sizes, both suction and discharge, and For stainless steel pipes, use same material for expansion joints 7/9/2012 p:\Kitsap County\140912\Specifications

Source: ftp://ftp.co.kitsap.wa.us/outbox/DAS/2012-145%20Bid%20Documents/CKTP%20Volume%203%20Contract%20Specifications/15090.pdf


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