Fluoride and AggressionMary's compressive paper is incredibly information dense and is perfect to circulate andeducate our politicians and the regulatory bodies on the serious health dangers fromfluorides. Hidden Sources of Fluoride - Pesticides Following is a copy of my latest paper on fluoride. I wrote it in the wake of the latest schoolshooting. It is very short, but to the point. Please feel free to use it and distribute it widely. The United States is in the wake of yet another horrific school shooting - another shooting
carried out by another boy reportedly taking a fluorinated pharmaceutical, Prozac. Another
fluorinated drug, Luvox, was reportedly taken by one of the shooters in the Columbine
tragedy. Similarly, there have been reports from US troops that bizarre, psychotic, aggressive
behavior has been observed in individuals after taking Lariam, which is a fluorinated
antimalarial. According to a January 2004 article in the Archives of Internal Medicine,
cholesterol-lowering statins have now also been linked to aggressive, violent behavior.
Lescol, Lipitor, Baycol and Crestor are all fluorinated.
Baycol was removed from the
market, following at least 31 known deaths from adverse symptoms.
Quite the opposite from America’s ongoing lack of awareness pertaining to fluorides,fluoride toxicity has been well-known, studied and well-documented in other countries foralmost a century.
Andreas Schuld, who is the founder of Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children headquartered in Canada (, is considered by many at this time to be among theworld’s leading experts on fluorides. He states, “IG Farben chemists discovered that fluorideswere potent anti-thyroid substances back in the 1930s.” Following this discovery in Germany, thousands of patients in one clinic alone had theirthyroid activity decreased through the administration of minute doses of fluoride compounds.
One proven, effective method of administering this anti-thyroid medical treatment was byhaving the patients bathe in water dosed with minute amounts of fluoride compounds.
While weight gain and obesity are perhaps among the more well-known and visible signs ofthyroid dysfunction, there are other signs of thyroid crisis that are not as visible, and may notbecome apparent until the affected person reaches a “breaking point.” The “silent” signs of thyroid crisis can include profound behavioral changes, neurologicalproblems, sleep and memory disturbances, dementia, psychoses, depression, lethargy or lossof initiative, increased cholesterol levels, and according to the Thyroid Foundation ofCanada, “general intellectual deterioration.” In addition, violent and uncharacteristic episodes of rage are reported with enough frequencythat those suffering from one thyroid disorder, “Grave’s disease,” refer to this disturbingsymptom as “Grave’s rage.” Sometimes accompanying the depression are feelings of emotional detachment andemotional numbness, both of which have been repeatedly described by, or attributed to theboys involved in the school shootings.
The number of citizens now suffering from thyroid problems in the US is unknown becausemany are thought to be undiagnosed at this time. In addition, most people do not realize thatthe above emotional and psychological symptoms might actually be signaling a thyroidmalfunction.
According to information found on the website of the National Institutes of Health, two-
thirds of US adults are now struggling with their weight. On the website of the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a report stating that approximately two-thirds of
the people in the US are being fluorinated via their drinking water.
Also indicative of a
national thyroid epidemic is the fact that Synthroid, a drug used to treat thyroid malfunction,
is one of the most-prescribed drugs in the US.
While many try to avoid drinking fluoridated water by purchasing bottled water, two-thirdsof the population have no choice but to bathe in “water dosed with minute amounts offluoride compounds” - the same method of delivery once used in Germany to decreasethyroid functioning.
The full effects of fluoride’s dark side are not yet known in the United States, nor is it known
yet if fluoride affects people differently according to their race and, therefore, skin color.
Schuld states that research indicates tooth mottling or “ dental fluorosis” is actually a
sign of thyroid disorder, and that in at least one test conducted by the Bureau of Dental
Health in New York, it was noted that the risk for fluorosis was greater in African-American
children than in whites.
Perhaps the ongoing occurrences of rage and other unexplained, bizarre behaviors in the US,as well as the numerous epidemics now plaguing us, are, in fact, all related to the fact thattwo-thirds of our population is being dosed on a daily basis with a known thyroid toxin, at anunknown dose. Poison the thyroid, and the entire body as well as the mind will be affected.
The continued dosing of US waters as well as pharmaceutical products with fluoridecompounds without full inquiry into fluoride’s effects on mental capacity - especially inchildren - amounts to reckless endangerment.
Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of The Love Song of the Universe. She lives inTallahassee, Florida. ARCHIVES: List information is at: To subscribe / unsubscribe:



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