6.7  argue /"A:gju:/ (v) give reasons
6.16  adolescent /&d@"lesnt/ (n) a
6.1 intelligence quotient /In"telIÙ@
true/not true, etc. w The student council argued that an eight-hour day person’s intelligence that is calculated was too long and that they should only 6.17  competent /"kQmpIt@nt/ (adj)
Usually referred to as IQ.
6.2 sentimental /sentI"mentl/ (adj)
6.8  overall /@Uv@r"O:l/ (adj) general
standard w I don’t know anything w Molly is a little weak in her writing about astronomy, so I don’t really feel than reason w This ring isn’t made but overall she’s a very good student. competent to give my opinion. ➤ (in) of silver or gold but my mother gave it to me, so it has sentimental value. 6.9  back up /b&k "Vp/ (phr v)
6.18  self-reliant /self rI"laI@nt/
6.10  graduate /"gr&Ùu@t/ (n) a
6.3 score /skO:(r)/ (v) win points, goals,
etc. in a game or competition w In this card game the winner is the first self-reliant; they can now look after person to score more than 21 points. 6.11  productivity /prQdVk"tIv@ti/ (n)
6.19  dependable /dI"pend@bl/ (adj)
or country produces goods w Last year our productivity fell to two thousand want or need w If Beth said she’d boxes per month, but this year it’s arrange everything then she will – she’s 6.4 upbringing /"VpbrININ/ (n) the way
very dependable you know. ➤ (in) hundred. ➤ product (n), production in which a child is cared for and taught w Nigel lived with his grandparents 6.20  indecisive /IndI"saIsIv/ (adj)
when he was a child, so perhaps that’s 6.12  contribute /k@n"trIbju:t/ (v)
unable to make decisions w Rebecca why he had such a strict upbringing. be one of the causes of sth w He was is so indecisive – she can’t even make an inexperienced driver, but the heavy 6.5  superior (to) /su:"pI@ri@(r)/ (adj)
rain also contributed to the accident. coffee when you ask her! ➤ decision sth else w This new washing powder is definitely superior to the old one. The 6.13  grab /gr&b/ (v) take or hold sb/
6.21  isolated /"aIs@leItId/ (adj)
roughly w As soon as I took the biscuit out of the box, my son grabbed it and 6.6  out of date /aUt @v "deIt/ (phr)
people w The island is really isolated, even the letters only come once a week. ➤ 6.14  follow up /fQl@U "Vp/ (phr v)
longer useful w Recording information 6.22  intellectual /Int@"lekÍu@l/ (adj)
in books is out of date. People keep 6.15  temptation /temp"teISn/ (n)
everything in electronic files now.  The opposite of out of date is up
things ➤ intellect (n), intellectually FCE Masterclass Oxford University Press 1 6.23  recruit /rI"kru:t/ (v) take on sb
6.33 outline /"aUtlaIn/ (v) give a
6.42 in sight /In "saIt/ (phr) in view,
for a job, employ w Our hotel is very busy during the summer months, so we 6.43 chase /ÍeIs/ (v) run after sb/sth in
usually recruit some extra staff then. 6.34 recollection (of) /rek@"lekSn/ (n)
6.44 ring a bell /rIN @ "bel/ (phr) sound
6.24 tutor /"tju:t@(r)/ (n) private
remembering sth w After the accident she had no recollection of what had heard it before w The name ‘Wilson’ does ring a bell. Maybe I have met 6.25 make up one’s mind /meIk Vp
. "maInd/ (idm) decide sth w I can’t 6.45 baboon /b@"bu:n/ (n) a large
6.35 effective /I"fektIv/ (adj) producing
Oliver’s party, can you help me? the result that is wanted or intended w Aspirin is a simple but very effective 6.46 throughout /Tru"aUt/ (adv)
everywhere w The author talks about his childhood throughout the book. Each chapter deals with a different 6.36 relieve /rI"li:v/ (v) remove or
6.26 jog your memory /ÙQg jO: "mem@
w This cream is excellent for burns as it 6.47 survival /s@"vaIvl/ (n) the state of
relieves the pain instantly. ➤ relief (n) 6.37  sweat /swet/ (v) when you sweat
6.27 guarantee /g&r@n"ti:/ (v) make
drops of liquid appear on your skin, for sth certain to happen w A university 6.48 twig /twIg/ (n) a small very thin
degree doesn’t always guarantee a successful career, but it certainly helps! 6.38  besides /bI"saIdz/ (adv) apart
from sth said previously w I don’t fancy 6.49 harmless /"hA:ml@s/ (adj) unable
6.28 capacity (for) /k@"p&s@ti/ (n)
going to the cinema tonight; besides, there’s nothing good on anyway. w Most children’s cartoons are quite My dad’s capacity for work is amazing.  When besides is used as a
harmless, although some can be a bit preposition, it means in addition to. Do frightening. ➤ harm (n, v), harmful not confuse besides with beside, which
6.29 gene /Ùi:n/ (n) a unit inside a cell
is a preposition and means next to.
6.50 imitate /"ImIteIt/ (v) copy sb/sth
6.39  daydream /"deIdri:m/ (v)
w A lot of young singers try to imitate Beyonce’s style but none of them are as 6.51 poisonous /"pOIz@n@s/ (adj)
6.30 duties /"dju:tiz/ (n pl) tasks that
death or illness if the animal or insect 6.31 pretend /prI"tend/ (v) to behave
6.52 deliberate /dI"lIb@r@t/ (adj) done
6.40 cheat /Íi:t/ (n) a person who
true w I had to pretend that I liked his painting but in actual fact I thought w I don’t like playing cards with him 6.53 ape /eIp/ (n) a large animal like a
it was terrible! ➤ pretence (n), because he’s such a cheat. He always 6.54 a matter of chance /@ m&t@r
6.32 prescribe /prI"skraIb/ (v) (of a
6.41 dig /dIg/ (v) make a hole in the
treatment w The doctor prescribed 6.55 into the distance /Int@ D@ "dIst@
antibiotics and cough syrup for Julia’s ns/ (phr) far away w She stood thinking deeply and staring into the distance. 2 FCE Masterclass Oxford University Press 6.56 chimp /ÍImp/ (n) short for
6.67 soundly /"saUndli/ (adv) (for
6.79 to some extent /t@ "sVm Ikstent/
chimpanzee: a small intelligent
sleep) very well and very deeply w The children were sleeping soundly when completely w To some extent you’re 6.57 crept
we arrived, so they didn’t hear us. right, but I don’t agree with you entirely. /krept/ (v) pt of creep move
6.68 race /reIs/ (v) function very
6.80 electrode /I"lektr@Ud/ (n) a small
piece of metal used to carry an electric w The boy crept up behind his sister without her seeing him and gave her a 6.69 pillow
piece of fabric filled with soft material, 6.81 drop off /drQp "Qf/ (phr v)
6.58 on tiptoe /Qn "tIpt@U/ (phr)
6.70 armed robbery /A:md "rQb@ri/ (n)
6.82 shallow /"S&l@U/ (adj) not deep
6.83 twitch /twIÍ/ (v) make sudden
6.71 severe /sI"vI@(r)/ (adj) extremely
quietly w She had to stand on tiptoe to that you cannot control w When my cat twitches in her sleep I like to think she’s dreaming about chasing rabbits! 6.59 take (sth) into account /teIk .
6.72 truancy /"tru:@nsi/ (n) staying
Intu @"kaUnt/ (phr) consider particular facts w If you take into account the fact w Levels of truancy at some schools 6.84 rapid /"r&pId/ (adj) quick, fast
that she was ill for six weeks I think she 6.85 elementary /elI"mentri/ (adj)
6.60 goal
of the most basic kind w To follow expression to play truant.
this course you need at least some 6.73 the rush hour /D@ "rVS aU@(r)/
elementary knowledge of computers. 6.61 measure /"meZ@(r)/ (n) a sign
The unemployment rate is a measure 6.86 peak /pi:k/ (n) the highest level
of how well or badly the country’s of sth w The tourist season in Greece economy is doing. ➤ measure (v), 6.74 passionately /"p&S@n@tli/ (adv) in
6.87 tremble /"trembl/ (v) shake
6.62 tool /tu:l/ (n) an instrument that
making things, repairing things, etc.
6.75 attentively /@"tentIvli/ (adv)
w The boys were trembling with fear as 6.63 instinctive /In"stINktIv/ (adj)
they waited outside the headmistress’s and with interest w All the students office to receive their punishment. training w When I saw the car coming listened attentively while their teacher towards us, I just jumped in front of Mary. It was an instinctive reaction. 6.88 label /"leIbl/ (v) describe sb/sth in
w Just because I’m not interested in art 6.76 maintenance /"meInt@n@ns/
he labelled me as uneducated, which I think is very unfair. ➤ label (n) 6.64 nightmare /"naItme@(r)/ (n) a
beautiful to look at but have very high 6.65 siesta /si"est@/ (n) a rest or
maintenance costs. ➤ maintain (v) 6.89 jumble /"ÙVmbl/ (v) mix things
6.77 put right /pUt "raIt/ (phr) mend,
6.66 insomnia /In"sQmni@/ (n) the
6.78 use up
events in such a way that the plot is impossible to follow! ➤ jumbled (adj) FCE Masterclass Oxford University Press 3 follow up find out more about sth after some time has
passed w The researchers followed up the participants in the experiment ten years later to see if they had changed at all. back up support sb/sth, say that what sb says, etc. is true
w The new information backs up what researchers already
go off start making a sudden loud noise w I had forgotten that
the alarm was set, so it went off as soon as I opened the door. drop off fall into a light sleep w I love watching late night
use up use all of sth so that there is none left w I used up
films, but I’m usually so tired that I drop off as soon as they all the eggs yesterday when I made the cake so you’ll have to 6.90 shrunk /SrVNk/ (v) pp of shrink
6.100 entry /"entri/ (n) sth that you
6.108 consistent /k@n"sIst@nt/ (adj)
part in a competition w If you want continuing for a period of time w The 6.91 slam
to take part in the school painting country’s consistent economic growth shut, with a lot of force, making a loud competition you must bring your entry is helping international trade. ➤ (in) to the art room by Friday afternoon. the windows and doors to slam shut. 6.92 demand
6.101 doormat /"dO:m&t/ (n) a small
6.109 groom /gru:m/ (n) a man on
6.93 briefcase
6.102 tear /te@(r)/ (v) to damage sth by
pulling it apart or into pieces w Annie, 6.110 explosion /Ik"spl@UZn/ (n) the
be careful with that book – don’t tear 6.94 shown /S@Un/ (v) pt of show lead
6.103 postmark
6.111 suspicion /s@"spISn/ (n) a
6.95 my heart sank /maI hA:t "s&Nk/
where it was posted w This letter has a German postmark on it. I wonder who 6.96 dash /d&S/ (v) go somewhere very
proof w I have a suspicion that Alex quickly w I won’t be a minute, I’ve just 6.104 set the scene
is lying about last night, but I can’t got to dash out to the baker’s for some prove it, so I won’t say anything. ➤ suspicious (adj), suspiciously (adv), 6.97 stroll /str@Ul/ (v) walk somewhere
in a slow relaxed way w Since there’s 6.105 background /"b&kgraUnd/ (n)
nothing good on television, why don’t we stroll along the beach? ➤ stroll (n) 6.98 whisper /"wIsp@(r)/ (v) speak very
6.112 sleepwalking /"sli:pwO:kIN/ (n)
The teacher asked the students not to 6.106 anecdotal /&nIk"d@Utl/ (adj)
whisper to each other during the exam. 6.113 excessive /Ik"sesIv/ (adj) more
6.99 yell /jel/ (v) shout loudly w ‘Get
up! It’s time for school!’ Mum yelled 6.107 account /@"kaUnt/ (n) written
happened w Graham gave an account 6.114 uneventful /VnI"ventfl/ (adj) in
of everything that had happened to 4 FCE Masterclass Oxford University Press 6.115 stumble /"stVmbl/ (v) Here: walk
6.127 root cause /"ru:t kO:z/ (n) the
6.138 well /wel/ (adv) to a great extent
or degree w The town is very beautiful and the museum is well worth a visit. w It was so dark that I stumbled over 6.128 straightforward /streIt"fO:w@d/
6.139 harvest /"hA:vIst/ (v) to cut and
a pair of shoes which had been left in complicated w I’m afraid there’ s no 6.116 outstretched /"aUtstreÍt/ (adj)
straightforward solution to our problem 6.140 crop /krQp/ (n) the amount of
– things are much more complicated season w The orange crop is harvested 6.117 disorder /dIs"O:d@(r)/ (n) illness
6.141 fierce /fI@s/ (adj) angry and
functioning correctly w She suffers 6.129 insist /In"sIst/ (v) demand that
w The fierce opposition to the new from an eating disorder which makes measures made the government change her think that she is overweight when sth w He insisted that he paid for the broken vase as it had been his fault. 6.142 violate /"vaI@leIt/ (v) go against
6.118 nocturnal
etc. w Countries which violate human 6.119 blackout
6.130 queue
6.120 amnesia /&m"ni:zi@/ (n) a
6.143 bold /b@Uld/ (adj) brave and
6.121 articulate
confident w I must say, it was a bold 6.131 figure /"fIg@(r)/ (n) number
pronounce sth in a clear way w When decision to move to another country 6.132 postpone /p@"sp@Un/ (v) arrange
someone is drunk they often can’t and leave all their friends and family for an event, etc. to take place at a later articulate properly and it’s difficult to behind. ➤ boldness (n), boldly (adv) time or date w As everyone is ill with the understand what they’re saying. flu, let’s postpone the party until next 6.144 trout /traUt/ (n) a common
➤ articulation (n), (in)articulate (adj) 6.122 treble /"trebl/ (v) become three
6.145 inject /In"Ùekt/ (v) put a drug or
6.123 remark (on)
6.133 forecast /"fO:kA:st/ (n) statement
weather is getting better,’ he remarked. 6.146 venom /"ven@m/ (n) the
6.124 lengthy
6.134 scattered /"sk&t@d/ (adj) spread
w Your introduction is rather lengthy, 6.147 neocortex /"ni:@UkO:t2eks/ (n)
just a couple of lines would be enough. 6.135 shower /"SaU@(r)/ (n) short period
6.125 shiver
6.136 go off /g@U "Qf/ (phr v)
6.148  bloated /"bl@UtId/ (adj) full of
excited, etc. w I had forgotten my jacket, so I spent the whole evening cattle /"k&tl/ (n) cows and
6.137 global warming /gl@Ubl
6.126 lawn /lO:n/ (n) an area of ground
FCE Masterclass Oxford University Press 5 6.150  shy /SaI/ (adj) nervous, easily
6.157  rock /rQk/ (v) move gently
6.163 glare /gle@(r)/ (v) look at sb/sth in
embarrassed or frightened w Don’t be an angry way w When the children say shy Annie – come and say hello to Uncle something rude their parents glare at Harry. ➤ shyness (n), shyly (adv) them until they apologise. ➤ glare (n) 6.158  gravel /"gr&vl/ (n) small
6.151  shoal /S@Ul/ (n) a large number
6.164 peep /pi:p/ (v) look quickly and
a small opening w The girl peeped 6.152  forgetful /f@"getfl/ (adj)
6.159  school of thought /sku:l @v
through the keyhole to see who was often forgetting things w My mother quite forgetful so when something universities have their own school 6.165 peer /pI@(r)/ (v) look closely or
is important I make sure I remind of thought about which educational her. ➤ forget (v), forgetfully (adv), cannot see it clearly w We peered through the fog to see who was coming 6.160  outer /"aUt@(r)/ (adj) on the
6.153  tank /t&Nk/ (n) a large
outside of sth w We have only painted the outer walls of the house – the 6.166 clumsily /"klVmzili/ (adv) doing
6.154  carp /kA:p/ (n) a large
6.161  mammal /"m&ml/ (n) any
6.167 merely /"mI@li/ (adv) only, simply
6.155  perform /p@"fO:m/ (v) do sth,
w He said nothing, merely smiled and w A computer can perform many tasks at once. ➤ performance (n), 6.168 wave sb through /weIv . "Tru:/
6.162 glance /glA:ns/ (v) take a quick
6.156  vibration /vaI"breISn/ (n) a
look at sth w I usually glance at the breakfast and then read the articles at the office. ➤ glance (n) 6 FCE Masterclass Oxford University Press


Do the Prescriptions You Take Deplete Your Nutritional Status? SOURCE: DRUG-INDUCED NUTRIENT DEPLETION HANDBOOK, 2ND EDITION NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY POTENTIAL HEALTH PROBLEMS ANTACIDS/ULCER MEDICATIONS Anemia, depression, tiredness, weakness, increased cardiovascular risk Birth defects, cervical dysplasia, anemia, heart disease, cancer risk Osteoporosis, muscle weakness, hearing lo

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THE HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION SOUTH AFRICA HEART DISEASE IN SOUTH AFRICA MEDIA DATA DOCUMENT Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town & Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Unit, at the Medical Research Council Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Unit, Medical Research Council MORTALITY CAUSED BY HEART DISEASE .2 MORBIDITY CAUSED BY HEART DISEASE .3 LIFE-COURSE PERSPECTIVE

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