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1) Originalpublikationen ab 2005

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Der Pathologe: in Druck
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2. Patente

Process for purifying, stabilising or isolating nucleic acids from biological materials
Patent PCT / EP 96 / 03595 (1998)
A method for purification of DNA from biological materials
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The interaction of the APC wild-type tumor suppressor protein with DNA and its high nuclear
level in proliferating cells as new tools in research and diagnostics – a new method for the
detection of fast proliferating cells
Patent PCT / EP 00 / 06656 (2000)
An assay for the detection of primary DNA lesions based on the interaction of the DNA with
DNA repair proteins
Patent PCT / EP 01 / 06591 (2001)
A new method for detecting DNA mutations
Anmeldung 01 07 317 beim Deutschen Patentamt (2001)
Novel Indenyl derivatives with therapeutic implications
Anmeldung 01 19 483 beim Deutschen Patentamt (2001)
Novel compounds, derived from Sulindac as a lead compound, with anti-proliferative,
apoptosis inducing or cell transformation reverting effects, and cell biological assays for
measuring these effects
Anmeldung 01 63 426 beim Deutschen Patentamt (2001)
Method for the analysis of nucleic acid methylation
Patent PCT / EP 06 / 009233 (2006)
A child-safe device for reversible fixation of standard blisters
Utility Patent (Gebrauchsmuster) 06 003 379 beim Deutschen Patentamt (2006)
3. Übersichtsartikel (Reviews), Lehrbuch und Internetseite (ab 2006)

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Traditional chinese herbal medicine in the supportive management of patients with chronic cytopaenic marrow diseases - a phase i/ii clinical study

Complementary Therapies in Clinical PracticeTraditional Chinese herbal medicine in the supportive management of patientswith chronic cytopaenic marrow diseases e A phase I/II clinical studyYeh-ching Linn ,Jiahui Lu Lay-cheng Lim , Huili Sun , Jue Sun , Yongming Zhou a Department of Haematology, Blk 6 Level 5, Singapore General Hospital, Outram Road, Singapore 169608, Singaporeb Department o

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