Florida Gulf Coast ARMA Chapter
Approved Minutes
Board of Directors Meeting
September 15, 2009
Meeting called to order: by President Earl Rich at 10:10 am at the St. Pete College.
Members Present: Earl Rich, Donna Read, Jill Goldsmith, Michelle M Crews, Chris Parker,
Reginald H Kekuewa, Rosemary Hayes, John Primrose, and David Kinghorn
Minutes: From August 4, 2009 meeting were approved with one correction.
Treasurer¶s Report: Balance as of 9/11/2009 was $10,788.82.

Membership Report:
Jill reported that we currently have 61 members, according to the
latest information from ARMA Headquarters but there should be 4 more that are not on the list.
Earl reported that Alice Young said she can move the members to our chapter that are members
of other chapters if they are geographically located in our area.
September 15: Security of Electronic Records-Part 2 by Donna Read and Earl Rich. And Andy
Crawford speaking on the destruction of media.
October ± No meeting due to the ARMA International Conference in Orlando
November 10 ± Disaster Recovery/Preparedness. A Representative from Munters will be in
attendance today so someone will make contact with him to see if someone is available to speak.
Earl will call Linda at HCC or Stetson University as possible locations.
December 15 ± Holiday Party @ The Columbia in Ybor City. Earl will call to make the
reservations. The Board agreed to limit the attendance to 42 which is the maximum capacity of
the Velvet Room at The Columbia.
January 19 ± E-mail Management Part 1 ± John Primrose or Earl Rich are possible speakers.
The Fruitville Library or the SWFWMD office near there are possible locations.
February 16 ± E-mail Management Part 2 ± John Primrose or Earl Rich are possible speakers.
March ± No meeting due to ARMA Southeast Conference preparation.
April ± No meeting due to ARMA Southeast Conference on April 22-23 at Safety Harbor SPA.
May 18 ± Scanning Overview by John Primrose. The location will be Brooksville at the
SWFWMD office.
June 15 ± Preservation of Digital Records. Rosemary and Donna will research speakers through
the Society of Florida Archivists. Plant City Library will not allow any food brought in so David
Kinghorn will check into the old Plant City High School as a location.

2010 ARMA Southeast Region Educational Conference
April 22 ± 23 at the Safety Harbor Spa & Resort ± Locked in
3 tracks (Electronic Records, Basic Records Management and CRM Training) ± Southeast
Region is scheduling the speakers.
Old Business:
Executive Correspondence Postcard ± The quote from Allegra Print & Imaging is $660.79 for
5000 5.5 x 8.5 UV coated cards. The quote from Postcard Mania is $639.86 for 5000 6 x 8.5 UV
coated cards. The Board agreed to pay the extra $21 to keep the original size of 5.5 x 8.5. Jill
made the motion to purchase the postcards from Allegra. Motion unanimously passed. We still
do not have a mailing list.
CRM Candidate Scholarship ± Earl spoke to Board members from the Atlanta Chapter who will
send us the information on what they are doing so we can mirror their program here.

Website - Donna is working to beef up our website. Cleaning out the old stuff that is no longer
valid. The unique hits count is up to 12,000. The Board agreed to let vendors sign up for ¼ of
the year if they also signed up for the next whole year onto that.
New Business:
The Board agreed to let the first meeting for a new member be free.
Earl suggested that the Board members should wear a ribbon or name tag at the monthly
meetings in order to identify them to the membership. The Board agreed. Earl will check with
ARMA to see if we can get ribbons from them.
HCC Scholarship Foundation breakfast ± Jill Goldsmith will attend to represent FGCARMA. It
will be Sept. 24th at the University Club.
FGCARMA President attendance at 2010 ARMA International Conference in Orlando ± Donna
moved to finance all the expenses for the FGCARMA Chapter President, Earl Rich, to go to the
ARMA Conference in Orlando. Rosemary seconded. The motion was unanimously carried.
Any desire to examine a potential once a year partnership meeting with FRMA to replace the one
with AIIM? The Board agreed not to pursue this at this time.
Phone tree results ± The phone calls have had a positive impact. We had 35-40 attendees signed
up for today¶s meeting. We will make the calls again this month.
Donna Read was voted the Chapter Member of the Year.
Meeting Adjourned at 11:14 am.

Source: http://www.fgcarma.org/minutes/2009/2009_09_15_minutes.pdf

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