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Tom Dazing & Gols – Hotchi Potchi Ep Label : Fantastic Friends Recordings Format : Digital Release Date : 15.08.2011

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
Fav mix : Otchi Potchi

Alex Flatner (Circle Music)
Liking this Release a lot.wil def. play and support this a lot !!
Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla Records)
I love it! Thanx
Mark Henning (soma Rec.)
Fav mix : 1st track love the bounce of the 1st track
Gurtz (Einmaleins)
Fav mix : crianza good stuff. al like the whole release. play for sure, thanks
Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
Fav mix : Otchi Potchi

Sneak (Nrk)
cool traxx wil test them out
Matt Star (Fantastic Friends)
nice ep - holy feet is my favourite here
Gel Abril (Be As One Rec)
cool tracks tnx!
Someone Else (Foundsound)

Mikael Stavostrand (Sunset Diskos)
Fav mix : Holy Feet Nice groove mixes . thanks
Bryan Zentz (Plus8)
Fav mix : crianza

Yapacc (Fantastic Friends)

Audiojack (2020 vision)

Nicolas Duvoisin (Fantastic Friends)
Great release like al track and play !
John Selway (CsM)
Fav mix : Otchi Potchi Otchi Potchi is cool, good energy, wil give it a try
Hermanez (Circle Music)
Fav mix : Otchi Potchi cool release guy's ;)
Andrew S(Melisma)
Fav mix : Holy Feet

Toni Moreno (Ibiza Global Radio)
Nice! Ful support on Ibiza Global Radio.
Lula Circus (Resopal)
Leo - Re-UP (UponYou)
Fav mix : Otchi Potchi nice package from my dudes Kim Kemi (Highgrade Rec.)
Great tune, looking forward to drop these tracks!!
Jacob Phono (Fantastic Friends)
Fav mix : Holy Feet (Original Mix) Great EP
Nico Lahs (Ovum Rec.)
Fav mix : Crianza nice tracks! ful support!
Robert Drewek (Houseworx)
Fav mix : holy feet
holy feet is absolute fantastic!
Nathan Barato (Roots And Wings)
Real y like al 3.wil play for surev
Joachim (Sound Architecture)
Fav mix : Crianza & Holy Feet. i don't know hy bu Crianza instantly made me think of duran duran's - save it til the morning after. Or maybe i am just awake to long ;) supporting my Belgium col ege's here ! Nice stuff.
LuLúxpo (Let's Dance)
Fav mix : Tom Dazing & Gols - Crianza (Original Mix)
Play With Me Crew, (Pearl)
Another bomb track from my fantastic friends
Master Seb (Affolaï)
Fav mix : Crianza / Holy Feet High deep energy . ful support !! Playlisted.
Cyril Léger (Fantastic Friends)
Fav mix : Otchi Potchi Mix


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