List of kosher products - 5769
Original Rusks (P)Reduced Sugar Rusks (P) First Milk Ready to Feed(D)Follow on Milk (D)Premcare (D)Second Milk (D0)Soy Formula (P) Green & Blacks
Banana Porridge (P)Hipp-a-Bisc Cereal (P)Mashed Potato with Rosemary (P)Creamy Porridge (D)Creamy Rice Pudding (D)Peach & Banana Breakfast (D) Gold Powder (D)
Progress (D)
White Powder (D)
Wysoy Powder (P)
All Baking Powders
Liquid Glucose (P)Plain Chocolate Chips (P)Ready Rolled Regalice (P)Ready to Roll Coloured Icing (P)Ready to Roll Regal Ice Ivory (P)Ready to Roll Regal Ice White (P)Milk Cake Covering (D) Marzipan - Gold / Natural / Ready Rolled (P) Real Choc Mini Flakes (P)
Choc. Flav. Strands (D)
Lux. Belgian Milk Choc. (D)
Lux. Belgian Milk White Choc. (D)
Milk Choc. Flav. Cake Covering (D)
Lux. Belgian Plain (P)
Plain Choc. Flav. Cake Covering (P)
Bournvita Lite (D)Cocoa (P LBD)Drinking Chocolate (P LBD)Hot Chocolate Instant (D)Hot Chocolate Instant Mocha (D)Instant Chocolate Break (D)Highlights (D) All Flavours Caprisun
Strawberry. Strawberry & VanillaWild Berries 100% Summer Fruits/Summer Berries Coca Cola
Caffeine free diet Coca Cola (P)Cherry Coca Cola (P)Coca Cola (P)Diet Coca Cola (P)Coca Cola with Lemon (P)Diet Coca Cola with Lemon (P) Horlicks
Malted (D)Light (D)Low Fat Hot Choc. (D)Low Fat Malted Drink (D) Dr. Pepper
Canada Dry
Del Monte
Five Alive
Green & Blacks
Cocoa Fair Trade (P)Hot Chocolate (P)Hot Chocolate Maya Gold (P) Innocent
Fresh Lemon (P)Light Glucose Drink (P)Low Cal. Lemon & Grapefruit (P)Low Cal Orange Crush (P)Low Cal Passion & Mango (P)Orange Barley Crush (P)Sparkling Glucose Drink (P)Tropcal Barley Crush (P)Lucozade Sport (P)Low Cal Lucozade Sport (P)Sparkling Isotonic Lemon (P)Sparkling Isotonic Orange (P)Still Isotonic Lemon (P)Still Isotonic Orange (P) All Flavoured Cappuccino, Latte & Moca (D) Banana Milk Shake Powder (D)Choc. Flav. Milk Drink (D)Choc. Milk Shake Powder (D)Strawberry Milk Shake Powder (D) Ovaltine
Sunny Delight
All (P)
High Fibre (P)Original Wheat (P)Rice (P)Wholemeal (D) Duchy Originals
Club Milk Choc (D)Club Mint (D)Club Orange (D)Cream Crackers (P LBD) Stayfresh Cracker Packs (P LBD)Toffee Trio (D) Frusli Cranberry & Apple (P)Apple & Sultana Break Bar (P)Frusli Blueberry BurstFrusli Raisin & Hazelnut Bar (P)Fruisli Tangi Citrus (P)Fruisli Wild Berries Bar (P)Fruit & Nut Break Bar (P)Honey & Almond Crunchy Bar (P)Honey & Sultana Break Bar (P)Oat Bran & Apple Crunchy Bar (P) Kelloggs
All (D)
Only bread bearing the label of the Chief Rabbi & Kashrut Commission of Ireland
Manufactured by Connolly's Bakery, Walkinsown, is guaranteed Kosher.(CRI)
This Bread is available from Supervalu, Churchtown and KCR Terenure. Bretzels of Lennox St. Dublin 8,
is also under supervision, Breads Only. Please note some products, including Bagels are Dairy

Irish Pride
Day O Fresh
Fruit Bread - Apricot & CranberryWholewheat Original (P)Apricot & Sultana Mighty White
Bread biscuits & cakes bought without a "Hechsher" often contain
Treif ingredients, and or ingredients that are milky, or are baked on trays and in ovens that
are Treif. It is therefore essential to buy bread, biscuits & cakes that are prepared under
Rabbinic Supervision.

All PURE Butter is permitted (D)
Butter (D)So-soft (D)Spreadable Butter (D) Lighter Spreadable (D)
Country Crisp with Luxury Raisins (P)Country Crisp with Raspberry (P)Country Crisp with Strawberry (P)Crispy Muesli (P)Four Nut Country Crisp (P)Luxury Muslei (P)Maple & Pecan Crunchy Cereal (P)Natural Muesli (P)Organic Muesli (P)Raisin & Almond Original Crunchy Cereal (P)Country Crisp Wild About Berries (P)Crisp & Flakes Organic Maple & Pecan (P)Crunchy Cereal Luxury Honey Nut (P)Porridge (P)Tropical Original Crunchy Cereal (P) Kelloggs
All cereals exceptThe following cereals are Milky;- Cruncy Nut Clusters Milk Choc Curls (D)Country Store (D)Special K (D) All Cereals (P) exceptClusters (D)Cookie Crisp (D)Nesquick (D) Weetabix
Seriously Oaty Chocolate (D)Weetos Chocolate (D)Weetos Multigrain Stars (D) Whole Earth
All Cereals (P)
Please note that ALL CHEESES must be produced under Rabbinic Supervision.
Cream Cheese & Cottage Cheese made in IRELAND are permitted

Hard Cheese (D)
Cheese Slices (D)
Blackjack & Fruit Salad Lolly (P)Dib Dabs (P)Refresher Lollies (P)Sherbert Fountain (P) Cherry Drops (P)Fruit Bon Bons(P)Mint Creams (P)Murray Mints (P) Pear Drops (P)Sherbert Lemons (P)Assorted Toffees (D)Everton Mints (D) Bendicks
Bitter Mints (P) LBDPlain Choc Stem Ginger (P) LBDChocolate Mint Crisps (D) Victorian Mints (P) Cadbury's
Mal o's /Highlights Mallows/ Highlights WafersHighlights Cookie CrunchRoses Luxury Asst./Star Bar Chupa Chups
Neon Lollipops (P)Acid Flavours (P)Sugar Free Vitamin C (P)Milk Flavours (D) Elizabeth Shaw
Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp (P)Dark Chocolate Orange Crisp (P)Milk Chocolate Mint Crisp (D) Orange CreamPeppermint CreamChocolate Cream Glacier Fruits (P)Glacier Mints (P)Classic (D)Echo (D)Echo Mint (D)Rocky Caramel (D)Rocky Chocolate (D) Green & Blacks
Dark 70% / 85% (D)Dark Squares / Almonds / Cherries / EspressoGinger / Hazelnut & Currant / Mint (D)Maya Gold Fairtrade & Squares (D)Dark & Milk & White Squares (D)Dark Choc Praline (D)Milk Choc with Praline/ Raisins & Hazelnut(D)with Almonds/Butterscotch/Caramel (D)with Hazels, Almonds & Brazils (D)White (D) Hubba Bubba
Seriously Strawberry (P)Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream (P) Neapolitans (D)Swiss Thins Milk (D)Swiss Thins Dark (D)Crunchie Caramel (D)Excellence Extra Creamy / Intense Coffee/Intense Mint (D)Excellence Cuba/ Dark 70%/85%/99% (P)Excellence Ecuador / Madagascar (P) Kinder Bueno (D)Kinder Chocolate (D)Kinder Maxi (D)Kinder Surprise (D) Mars Masterfoods
Mars Delight (D)Milky Way (D)Milky Way Magic Stars (D)Revels (D)Snickers (D)Topic (D)Twix (D) Animal Bar (D)Big Green Triangle (D)Blue Riband (D) Milky Bar (D)Munchies (D)Milk Munchies (D)Polo Smoothies Blackcurrant (D)Polo Smoothies Strawberry (D)Quality Street Asst. (D)Rolo (D)Rolo Biscuits (D)Rolo Low Carb (D)Toffee Crisp (D)Walnut Whip (D)Exploder Wonka Bar (D)Wonka Golden Cruncher Biscuit (D)Yorkie, Biscuit /Honeycomb/Raisin (D) Licorice Bar (P)Licorice Bears(P)Licorice Pieces (P)Licorice Bar Cool n Fresh (P) Poppets Orange (P)Poppets Raisin (D)Poppets Toffee(D) Smith Kendon
Citrous AssortmentMixed Fruit AssortmentWildberry Assortment Choc. Orange Bar - Milk (D)Choc. Orange Bar - Plain (D)Choc Orange Milk (D)Choc. Orange Plain (D) Choc Orange Segments (D)Choc Orange Crunch Ball (D)Chocolate Waifa Milk (D) Chocolate Waifa Plain (D)Chunky Bitz Bar (D)Neapolitans (D)Orange Bar Milk (D)White Chocolate Snowball (D) Thorntons
Toblerone White (D)Filled - Blue Packet (D)One By One (D)Pralines (D)Snowtop (D) Werthers
Airways Blackcurrnt/Cherry Menthol (P)Airways Menthol / Eucalyptus (P)Doublemint (P) Extra Cool Breeze (P)Extra Pepperment (P)Extra Ice (P)Orbit Professional White (P) All plain or Ready Salted Crisps made with pure Vegetable Oil are Kosher. Flavoured crisps
including Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, are not permitted unless under Supervision
Gorgonzola Cheese with Leek & Rosemary Buffallo Mozzarella Tomato & Red Onion Kitchen Parmigiano Regiano & Back Pepper Organic Lightly Salted (P) with KLBD logo Hula Hoops (All flavours)DiscosWorcester Sauce CrispsFrisps Snack-a-jacks
Crispy Savoury salted (D)Jumbo Chocolate (D)Crispy Chocolate (D)Creamy Lemon (P)Jumbo Apple Danish (P)Jumbo Sour Cream & Chives (D)Sour Cream & Chives (D)Tomato & Herb (D)Vanilla (P) Ready salted crisps (P)
Potato Heads Naked (P)
Potato Heads Ready Salted(P)
Salt & Vinegar (P)
Salt N Shake (P)
Lemon Squash (P)Orange Squash (P)'Apple & Blackcurrant (P) Rowntrees
Sweet n Low
Sugar free Chocolate Chip Cookies (P)
Sugar free Lemon Sandwich Cookies (P)
Sugar free Vanilla Cookies (P)
All jams & Marmalade (P)
Spoonful in jars (P) KLBDTablets (D) KLBD Hermesetas
Gold Granulated Sweetener (P)Liquid Sweetener (P)Original Tablets (P)Gold Tablets (D) Sweet N' Low
Granules in Bags (P)Granules in Sachets (D)Grannules with Sunett in Sachets (D) FRUIT & VEGETABLES, CANNED, DRIED & FROZEN
All canned fruit is permitted, provided that it is not canned in grape juice or E120 colouring is used.
All pure dried fruit is permitted. However, oil is sometimes added, and it is therefore necessaryto check the ingredients to ensure that the oil is either vegetable or mineral.
All frozen fruits are permitted. All vegetables, canned in water or brine are permitted ICE CREAM & LOLLIES
Burgandy Cherry Ice CreamPink Bubble Gum Ice CreamCotton CandyRum RaisinWinter White ChocolateRocky Road Ice Cream Ben & Jerries
Carte D'Or
Green & Blacks
Chocolate & Ginger (D)Vanilla (D)Chocolate (D) Chocolate Mint (D)Chocolate Covered Stick (D)Vanilla Caramel n Nut (D) Haagen Daz
Fab Lolly (D)Matchmaker (D)Mint Crisp Lolly (D)Monsters Inc Lolly (D)Mister Men Strawberry Milk Lolly (D)Mr. Men Vanilla Milk Lolly (D)Nobbly Bobbly Lolly (D)Rolo Ice cream (D)Rolo Lolly (D)Strawberry & Cream Mivvi Ice Cream (D)Strawberry & Cream Mivvi Lolly (D)Toffee Crumble Ice Cream Lolly (D)Wonka Super Sour Lolly (D)Zoom Lolly (D)Fruit Pastille Lolly(P)Mr. Men Blackcurrant Lolly (P)Mr. Men Orange Lolly (P)Orange Maid (P) Skinny Cow
Stickmint Double Choc (D)Sticki Toffee Honeycombe (D)Tub Cheeky Choc Brownie (D)Tub Dream Creamy Cookie (D)Tub Truly Lovin Toffee (D) Walls / HB (Heart LogoFive's Chocolate (D)
Vienetta Double Crisp (D) Viennetta Vanilla (D)Viennetta Strawberry (D)Chocolate Mini Milk (D)Chunky Choc Bar (D) Cornetto Clasico (D)Cornetto Mint (D)Cornetto Strawberry (D)Cornetto Whippy (D)Cornetto Miniature Hazelnut (D)Cornetto Miniature Strawberry (D)Magnum Classic (D) Multipacks ONLYMagnum White (D) Multipacks ONLYCallippo Orange (P)Callippo Strawberry (P)Callippo Strawberry & Tropical (P) Mini Calippo Lemon & Lime (P)Vienetta Cappucino (D)Vienetta Mint (D)Vienetta Strawberry (D) All Ice Lollies (P)
Only Kosher Jellies containg Agar-Agar instead of Gelatine may be used
Creamed Rice Sultanas & Nutmeg (D)Creamed Sago (D)Creamed Semolina (D)Creamed Tapioca (D)Custard Chocolate (D)Custard Devon (D)Custard Devon Low Fat (D)Custard Vanilla (D)Low fat Rice Pudding (D)Organic Creamed Rice Pudding (D)Rice Pudding (D) Whisk & Serve Semolina Mix (D)Rum Flavour Sauce (D) Quick Jel All Colours (P)No Bake Egg Custard Mix (P) Rowntrees
Ready to eat Jellies in Pots:-Blackcurrant(P)Fruit Pastille(P)Lemon & Lime (P)Orange(P)Raspberry (P)Strawberry (P) MARGARINE
Only Kosher when made under Rabbinical Supervision brands claiming to be made from"pure vegetable oil" may often contain fats of animal origin MILK, CANNED & POWDERED
Marvel, Dried Skimmed Milk (D)Coffee Compliment (D) Carnation
Evaporated Milk (D)Sweetened Condensed Milk (D)Condensed Milk Light (D) Provamel
Skimmed Milk Powder (P) KLBD
Soya Milk -(P) KLBD
Choco milk (P) KLBD
Pure Vegetable Oils, labelled as such are permitted. All solid vegetable fats require Rabbinical Supervision PASTA & BAKED BEANS
All dried pasta, including pasta containing egg is permitted.
Crosse & Blackwell
Whole & Ground Spices, Herbs & Sea Salt are permitted. Other Salts e.g. Celery Salt, Garlic Salt,
Onion Salt & Seasonings, exmple Chicken Seasoning, Casserole Seasoning etc. may well contain
non-Kosher Stearic Acid Salts which are not necessarily listed on the label.
Bramley Apple Sauce (P)Classic Mint Sauce (P)Dijon Mustard (P) English Mustard (P)Fresh Garden Mint (P)Horseraddish Sauce (P)Mustard Mild (P)Mustard Powder (P)Sauce Tartare (P) Crosse & Blackwell
Branston Wholegrain & Dijon Mustard Picallili Branston Fruity Sauce (P)Branston Original Pickle (P)Branston Smooth Pickle (P) Cranberry Sauce (P)Worcestershire Sauce No Anchovies (P) Branston Silverskin Onions in White Wine Vin Branston Baby Beetroot in Malt Vinegar (P)Branston Pickled Onions in Brans. Malt Vin.
Branston Pickled Onions in Malt Vinegar (P)Sal;ad Cream (P) Hartleys
Bramley Apple Sauce (P)Cranberry Sauce (P)Redcurrant Jelly (P) Haywards
Mexican Salsa (P)Mint Sauce (P)Organic Tomato Ketchup (P)Pizza Sauce (P)Pizza Sauce with Herbs (P)Taratare Sauce (P)Tomato Frito (P)Tomato Ketchup (P)Coronation Sauce (D)Horseraddish Sauce (D) Hellmans
Luxury Thousand Island (P)Mayonnaise with Olive Oil (P)Mayonaise Extra Light (D)Real Mayonnaise (P) Reduced Calorie Garlic & Herb Dressing Barbecue Sauce Classic (P) LBDBarbecue Sauce Spicy (P) LBDBrown Sauce (P) LBDChilli Sauce (P) LBDCurry Sauce (P) LBDFruity Sauce (P) LBD Classic ItalianClassic Italian Fat FreeHerb & GarlicHerb & Garlic 5% FatCreamy CaeserCreamy Caeser 4% Fat Kikkoman
Lea & Perrins
Whole Earth
Organic Tomato Ketchup (P)
Frusli Apricot & Almond Bar (P)Frusli Raisin & Hazelnut Bar (P)Frusli Wild Berries Bar (P)Ginger & Lime Crunchy Bar (P)Honey & Almond Crunchy Bar (P)Maple & Pecan Crunchy Bar (P)Oat Bran & Apple Crunchy Bar (P) Kelloggs
Quaker Harvest
Dry Roasted Peanuts (P)Cashews Salted (P)Mixed Nuts & Raisins (P)Salted Peanuts (P) Dry Roasted Peanuts (P)Honey Roasted Peanuts (P)Mixed Nuts & Raisins (P)Organic Roasted & Salted Cashews (P)Organic Roasted & Salted Peanuts (P0Roasted & Salted Cashews (P)Roasted & Salted Pistachios (P)Salt & Vinegar Dry Roasted (P)Salted Peanuts (P) Planters
All Kosher (P) except Peanuts, Raisins &Chocolate Chips which are (D) Whole Earth
Salted Peanuts (P)
All Jams, Marmalades and Preservesare permitted unless they contain Grape Juice, E120, Brandy etc.
Lemon curd & Mincemeat may be made with animal fat or suet and so requires certification
Special carevshould be taken when buying reduced sugar jams as some contain grape juice as sweetener. This
should be listed in the ingredients.
Milk Chocolate & Banana Spread (D)Milk Chocolate Hazelnut (D)Smooth Milk Chocolate Spread (D) Alabama Fudge Spread (D)Mississippi Mud Chocolate Spread (D) Olde English DeLuxe Mincemeat with Brandy Breakfast Med. Cut Orange Marmalade (P)Ginger Concerve (P)Olde English 3 Fruits Marmalade (P)Olde English Georgian Marmalade (P)Olde English Thick Cut Marmalade (P)Tangy Lemon Shredless Marmalade (P)Tangy Lemon Shred Thin Cut Marm. (P)Tangy Orange Shredless Marmalade (P)Tangy Orange Shred Thion Cut Marm. (P)Three Lions Shredless Marm. (P)Three Lions Thin Cut Marm. (P) Frank Coopers
3 Fruit Oxford Marmalade (P)Fine Cut Oxford Marmalade (P)Original Oxford Marmalade (P)Peel Free Oxford Marmalade (P)Vintage Oxford Marmalade (P) Hartleys
Heinz Weight WatcherApricot Spread (P)
Blackcurrant Fruit Spread (P)Raspberry Fruit Spread (P) Seville Orange Fruit Spread (P)Strawberry Fruit Spread (P) Itzkovitz
Dundee Orange Marmalade (P)Orange & Lemon Marmalade (P) Robertson
Luxury Mincemeat with Brandy & HazelnutLux. Mincemeat with Port & CranberryLemon Curd Lemon & Lime Marmalade (P)Lime Marmalade (P)Lime with Ginger Marmalade (P)Orange & Lemon Marmalade (P)Tangerine Marmalade (P) Smooth Peanut ButterCrunchy Peanut Butter Whole Earth
Organic Peanut Butter (P)
Organic Smooth Peanut Butter (P)
Three Nut Butter (P)
USA Crunchy Peanut Spread (P)
USA Smooth Peanut Butter (P)
Cambridge Diet
Butterscotch (D)Cappuccino (D)Chocolate Mint (D)Forest Fruit (D)Strawberry (D)Toffee & Walnut (D)Vanilla (D) Slim Fast
Milk Shake Drink Vanilla (D)
Milk Shake Powder Banana (D)
Milk Shake Powder Chocolate (D)
Milk Shake Powder Strwaberry (D)
Milk Shake Powder Vanilla (D)
Smoothie Peach & Mango (D)
Snackbar Apricot, Cashew, Pumkin Seed & Oat (D)
Snackbar Chocolate Caramel (D)
Snackbar Chocolate Peanut(D)
Snackbar Cranberry, Almond & Rairsin(D)
Burgers Spiced (P)Burgers Traditional (P)Chunky Strips (P)Cutlrts (P) Hot Dogs (P)Mince (P)Nuggets (P)Shnitzels (P) Napolina
Beef Flavour Chunks (P)Beef Flavour Minced (P)Burgamix (P)Burgamix with Onion & Chives (P)Natural Chunks Unflavoured (P0Natural Minced Unflavoured (P)Sizzles (P)Smokey Mince Snaps (P)Sosmix (P)Soya Mince & Onion Mix (P)Soya Mince with Vegetables (P) Mince (P)
Chicken Style Pieces (P)
Yoghurts are generally permitted. However, one should read the ingredients carefully to ensure that they do not
contain Gelatine, Carmine (E120), Grape Juice or prohibited emulsifiers or stabilisers.
Yoghurt drink (D)0.1% Fat Original / Pineapple / Strawberry(D)Blueberry / Coconut / Multifruit / Orange (D)Original / Raspberry / Strawberry (D)Orange Drink (D) Omega3 plus, Raspberry / Strawberry (D)Pro.activ, Apricot / Cherry / Raspberry (D)& Strawberry (D) Munch Brunch
Drinky RaspberryDrinky StrawberryMega Drinky Strawberry Petits Filous
Peach Plus (D)Frubes Pouches Raspberry (D)Frubes Pouches Strawberry (D) Non-Kosher Cleaners
E120, E422, E432, E434, E435, E436, E470,
E471(there are Kosher Versions of E471)
E472(a), (b), (c), (e),E473, E474, E475, E476,
E477, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493,
E494,E495, E542, E570, E572


INHALED CONTROLLER MEDICATIONS Medication Name Medication Class Recommendation Doses-Strengths ♦Pricing Comments Aerobid (flunisolide) CFC $88.38/ 250mcg No shaking required; 3 primes to start and reprime after Alvesco (ciclesonide) HFA Inhaled Corticosteroid (ICS) 12 and older $155.98/ 160 mcg 10 days without use. Dose indicator in increments of 10 $105.99

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