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Carers’ Group Health Information Literature Review Book List
Sample of resources available from North Ayrshire Libraries


Bayley, John
Iris and the friends : a year of memories
The Iris trilogy
Block, Stefan Merrill.
The story of forgetting : a nove
Coste, Joanne Koenig
Learning to speak Alzheimer's : the new approach to living positively with Alzheimer's
Fish, Sharon
Alzheimer's : caring for your loved one, caring for yourself / Sharon Fish with Susan Cuthbert
Fulton, Kate
Rikki & me
Hodgkinson, Liz
Alzheimer's disease : yours (sic) questions answered
Jennings, Kate
Moral hazard : a novel
Middleton, Stanley
Mother's boy
Miller, Sue
The story of my father
Molloy, William
Alzheimer's disease
Moore, Jeffrey
The memory artists
Smith, Ray
Amazing grace : enjoying Alzheimer's
Zeisel, John
I'm still here : a breakthrough approach to understanding someone living with Alzheimer's


Horwood, Janet
Caring: how to cope: a practical guide
Howard, Helen
Caring for someone in their own home: a handbook for family and friends
Marriott, Hugh
The selfish pig's guide to caring
Matthes Jane
The carer’s handbook: essential information and support for all those in a caring role.
Whitfield, Ann
Make the most of being a carer : a practical guide to lightening
the load.

Brotchie, Jane.
Caring for someone who has dementia
Bryden, Christine,
Dancing with dementia : my story of living positively with
Cayton, Harry
Dementia : Alzheimer's and other dementias : the 'at your
fingertips' guide : the fully updated and comprehensive
reference book for Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia
James, Oliver
Contented dementia : 24-hour wraparound care for lifelong
Mace, Nancy L
The 36 hour day


Marshall, Fiona.
Coping with epilepsy

Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jane
The good granny guide
Stoppard, Miriam
The grandparents' book : making the most of a very special relationship
Carey, Peter
His illegal self
Harding, Jim
The Parentalk guide to being a grandparent
Argent, Hedi.
Related by adoption : a handbook for grandparents and other relatives
To grandma with love
Mental Health

Appignanesi, Lisa
Mad, bad and sad : a history of women and the mind doctors from 1800 to
the present
Baker, Barbara.
When someone you love has depression
Bogarde, Rupert
Daybreak into darkness : a true story of happiness and heartbreak
Bottoms, Greg
Angelhead : my brother's descent into madness
Brampton, Sally
Shoot the damn dog : a memoir of depression
Depression / NetDoctor.
Merritt, Stephanie
The devil within
The mind : a user's guide
Persaud, Raj
Staying sane : how to make your mind work for you
Petterson, Per
Out stealing horses
Wurtzel, Elizabeth
Prozac nation : young & depressed in America : a memoir
Persaud, Raj
Staying sane : how to make your mind work for you

Source: http://www.ers.north-ayrshire.gov.uk/documents/refandinfo/carersbooklist.pdf


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