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Practice Quiz 3
Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1. Some medicines are _____. In other words, they are very safe.
2. Some medicines affect only one _____ part of the body.
3. People normally expect the police to _____ them.
4. Many people think we can stop cancer by changing our _____.
5. There's no time left. You must finish the test _____! 6. Don’t tell it to anybody. it’s a ________.
7. This medicine does not really cure cancer. It is a _____ product.
8. If you want to succeed, you must do your work _____.
9. She hadn't _____ the situation until I told her about it.
10. Surgical operation is a normal cancer_______ being used today.
11. The university is in Khaldiya. I _____ there many times.
13. Have they eaten at this restaurant? No, they _____.
14. How long ___ here? I have lived here _____ 3 years.
17. I _____ never _____ Bob before I met him last week.
18. Sally _____ her friend ____ two years.
Sally will go probably to the store.
Sally will probably go to the store.
Sally probably will go to the store.
Sally will go to probably the store.
I have already finished my work last week.
I have finished already my work last week.
21. John _____ in the library for the last 3 hours.
22. Joe _____ already _____ English 090. He can now take English 101.
23. They _____ in that house _____ he was a child.
26. I _____ tired at the party because I _____ for 3 hours before it started.
27. Mary _____ yet _____ English 090. She must take English 090 this semester.
28. Tom _____ Jabriya many times since he came to Kuwait.
1. Acne Rosacea can be healed! Today 1 out of 20 American adults may suffer from it, but help is
available. The Miracle Healing Center is the world's leader in natural medicine therapy of
Acne Rosacea.
2. Acne Rosacea can badly affect with your life, your job, and your self-confidence. Acne Rosacea is
an adult skin disorder which usually gets worse over time if it is untreated. The first sign of Acne Rosacea
may be as simple as a redness of the face that looks like a blush or sunburn. Without early treatment, the
condition may develop into acne-like pimples and thin red lines as a result of blood vessels growing
larger. As Acne Rosacea worsens, the nose may become swollen (larger), red, and disfigured.
3. Do you suffer from Acne Rosacea, Red Face or Red Nose? Then we have Good News! It doesn’t
matter how long you have had Acne or Acne Rosacea, don't lose hope! Wouldn't you like to have a clean,
smooth and beautiful face in about 90 days?
4. Before you take any prescription drugs from a doctor, its time to try the most powerful, effective
Chinese Herbal Doctor's Remedies! You don’t need a doctor’s prescription; there are no side effects, and
soon you’ll see the wonderful, remarkable results! We can provide you with different remedies based
on our research and according to your individual needs.
5. We can help you to achieve a 100% clear face in a short time. Chinese herbal remedies have a
history of 5000 years of safety and effectiveness. We have treated over 6000 cases of Acne Rosacea
patients, from mild and medium to severe cases. The total success rate is over 90 %. Success depends on
how serious your condition is, and treatment time, and individual responses. Don’t take prescription drugs
such as Tetracycline and Minocin for treatment of Acne Rosacea. You may have to continue to take them
all your life without true healing. And the drug side effects might damage your delicate body system.
6. Compare the cost of treatment of Acne Rosacea: Monthly Cost on Herbal Doctor Remedies with
Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 --- $ 100.00 Monthly cost on Accutane or Minocin treatment,
including dermatologist visit --- $ 300.00.
7. Here is what some happy patients said: "My Acne Rosacea was gone after I took Herbal Doctor
Remedies for 1 month. Now my skin looks as good as when I was 10 years old. " - Ms. J. Mozacca,
Pennsylvania, USA
8. "After using Acne Off # 83 and Detoxin-S # 74 for about 2 weeks, I noticed a dramatic improvement
in the color and texture of my skin. I wish to continue with the use of your
products; they are the best!" - Mr. C. Johnson, New Zealand
2, the word, "blush" means a _____.
3, "It" refers to _____.
having a clean, smooth and beautiful face how long you have had Acne or Acne Rosacea 33. The best title for the passage is _____.
Chinese Herbal Remedies: a History of 5000 Years 7 and 8, we might conclude that Herbal Doctor Remedies _____.
3 they say that _____ give you a beautiful face in about 90 days.
4, the word, "remarkable" means _____.
2, "it" refers to _____.
5, we learn that _____.
Tetracycline and Minocin are prescription drugs Chinese herbal remedies are 100% successful Tetracycline and Minocin are completely safe Chinese herbal remedies are only for mild cases 39. The main idea of the passage is _____.
Today 1 out of 20 American adults may suffer from Acne Rosacea Acne Rosacea can affect your life and self-confidence Tetracycline and Minocin are dangerous drugs 6, we learn that _____ cost the least money.
WRITING -- Choose only ONE of the two topics below and write adescriptive paragraph about that topic. Your paragraph must have 1 topic sentence, 3 main statements with 3 support sentences and proper connectors.
Practice Quiz 3
Answer Section

There are many ways to find a good doctor. First, you can look in the phone book. There are several doctors listed there. Second, you can ask at the hospital. They will know a good doctor. Finally, you can ask your family. They will give you the name of their doctor. These are just some of the ways to find a good doctor.
There are many ways to stay healthy. First, you shouldn't smoke. Smoking causes cancer. Second, you should eat healthy food. You should avoid fattening foods. Finally, you should exercise. This keeps you strong. As you can see, there are several ways to stay healthy.

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