Kyorin Eye Center, Kyorin University School of Medicine 3XUSRVH Multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) have been shown to give good distance and near uncorrected vision.
However, intraoperative retina view may hamper by implanting multifocal IOLs. The aim of this study to evaluate retinal view during vitreous surgery intraoperatively and experimentally.
0HWKRGVCase reports and laboratory investigation. Vitreous surgery was performed in 4 eyes of 4 cases implanted
diffractive multifocal IOLs (ZM900, SA60D3) for retinal detachment or epiretinal membrane. Intraoperative view RIIXQGXVDQGLQWUDYLWUHDOO\LQMHFWHGWULDPFLQRORQHFU\VWDOVWRYLVXDOL]HWKHUHVLGXDOYLWUHRXVFRUWH[ZHUHHYDOXDWHG Refractive multifocal (NXG1, PY60MV), diffractive multifocal (ZM900, SA60D3), and monofocal IOLs were implanted in the capsular bag of isolated pig eyes. A grating target was placed in the vitreous and the contrast of the grating targets of different spatial frequencies was measured.
5HVXOWV To focus on the retinal vessels and macula in the eye with ZM900 during vitreous surgery, the surgeon
needed to adjust the focus several times comparing to that of monofocal IOL, especially when observing the epiretinal membrane. The retinal image through the SA60D3 was clearly seen as well as that through monofocal SA60AT. When triamcinolone crystals were injected into the vitreous cavity in the eyes transplanted with ZM900, multiple or double crystals were observed. However, the crystals in the eyes implanted with SA60D3 were not duplicated and slightly EOXUUHGRQO\LQWKHFHQWUDOÀHOGRIWKHÁDWFRQWDFWOHQV:LWKWKHÁDWFRUQHDOFRQWDFWOHQVWKHJUDWLQJVDSSHDUHGFOHDUDQG not distorted in pig eyes when viewed through the optics of the NXG1 and PY60MV for far vision but were distorted ZLWKUHGXFHGFRQWUDVWZKHQYLHZHGWKURXJKWKHRSWLFDO]RQHIRUQHDUYLVLRQ7KHLPDJHVWKURXJKWKHGLIIUDFWLYH]RQHRI WKH=0DQG6$'ZHUHPRUHGHIRFXVHGWKDQZLWKWKHPRQRIRFDO,2/V:LWKWKHZLGHÀHOGYLHZLQJFRQWDFWOHQV the images were less defocused and the contrast was comparable to both refractive and diffractive multifocal IOLs.
to that through ZM900 with the whole diffractive optics for funduscopic viewing during vitreous surgery. Both refractive and diffractive multifocal IOLs implanted in pig eyes reduced the contrast of the retinal image when viewed WKURXJKDÁDWFRUQHDOFRQWDFWOHQVEXWOHVVGHIRFXVHGZKHQYLHZHGWKURXJKDZLGHÀHOGYLHZLQJFRQWDFWOHQV 6\PSRVLXPɋ 2SKWKDOPRORJ\8URORJ\ /DUJHGLDPHWHU,QWUDRFXODU/HQVIRU9LWUHFWRP\
As many patients suffering from vitreoretinal diseases are middle-aged or old aged, they are often affected with cataract. Combined surgery with vitrectomy and cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation is frequently undergone. By the characteristics of the intraocular lens, the visibility of ocular fundus during vitrectomy is different. Large-diameter intraocular lens is very useful for vitrectomy because the visibility through this lens is good when observed ocular fundus in vitrectomy. Compared with other intraocular lenses, the advantages and disadvantages of large-diameter intraocular lens for vitrectomy will be addressed in this presentation.

developed for the detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). The assay uses a series of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) WRUHFRJQL]HFHOOVSHFLÀFPROHFXOHV7KHHYHQWVDUHFODVVLÀHGDVWXPRUFHOOFDQGLGDWHVLIWKHFHOOVH[SUHVVF\WRNHUDWLQ lack CD45, and stain with the nucleic acid dye DAPI(diamino-2-phenylindole, dihydrochroride). However, detected &7&ZLWKWKLVFRQYHQWLRQDO´&HOO6HDUFK$VVD\µLVQRWVSHFLÀFFDQFHUFHOOV7KHUHIRUHLPSURYHPHQWRI´&HOO6HDUFK $VVD\µ IRU WKH GHWHFWLRQ RI VSHILFLF &7& LV GHVLUDEOH 6+2:$; LV DQ DQWLJHQ SUHIHUHQWLDOO\ H[SUHVVHG RQ FHOO PHPEUDQHVRI5&&)RUWKHUHDVRQVZHK\SRWKHVL]HGWKDWLIF\WRNHUDWLQDQWLERG\LVUHSODFHGWR6+2:$;DQWLERG\ LWLVSRVVLEOHWRGHWHFWFLUFXODWLQJ5&&FHOOVVSHFLÀFDOO\,QWKLVVWXG\ZHLQYHVWLJDWHG´0RGLÀHG&HOO6HDUFK$VVD\µ (cytokeratin antibody was replaced to SHOWA-X antibody.) for the detection of RCC cells. 0HWKRGVFirstly, expression of both cytokeratin and SHOWA-X on renal cancer cell line and other types of cancer
cell lines were measured by flow cytometric analysis. Secondaly, after mixed with peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of healthy volunteers, each cancer cell lines were stained with antibodies (EpCAM, CD45, together ZLWKF\WRNHUDWLQRU6+2:$; WKHQPXOWLSDUDPHWHUÁRZF\WRPHWULFDQDO\VLVZDVSHUIRUPHGIRUWKHLGHQWLÀFDWLRQRI VMRC-RCW cells (RCC cell line) in the PBMCs. Thirdly, recovery of known numbers of spiked VMRC-RCW cells IURPZKROHEORRGZDVH[DPLQHGXVLQJ´0RGLÀHG&HOO6HDUFK$VVD\µ XWLOL]LQJ(S&$0&'6+2:$;DQWLERGLHV  5HVXOWV Compare to cytokeratin antibody, RCC cell line showed stronger reactivity for SHOWA-X antibody. With
disease status and immediate assessment of response to the therapies. 6\PSRVLXPɋ 2SKWKDOPRORJ\8URORJ\ 7RSLFVLQ8URORJ\7KH1HZ&RQFHSWRI)RFDO7KHUDS\LQ8URORJ\
Satoru Muto
Teikyo University School of Medicine, Department of Urology 'XULQJWKLVGHFDGHVHYHUDOEUHDNWKURXJKVEURXJKWLQQRYDWLYHFKDQJHVWRXURORJLFDOÀHOG,QSDUWLFXODUPDQ\RSHUDWLYH progressive concepts and technology were contributed to the advancement of outcome. 7KHSURJUHVVRIVFLHQFHKDVPDGHWKHWUHDWPHQWVRIWKHORFDOL]HGFDQFHUVLQPRUHDQGPRUHIRFXVHGDUHDVE\WKH GHYHORSPHQWRIPRGDOLWLHVWRLQGLFDWHFDQFHULVVXUHO\ORFDOL]HG7KLVIHDWXUHRIFDQFHUWKHUDS\LVQRZDSSUHFLDWHGLQ the treatment of prostate cancer. Since the clinical outcome of prostate cancer is dependent on the pathological feature of index cancer, the concept of targeted focal therapy (FT) has now emerged in low risk prostate cancer. FT treats prostate cancer by non-invasive modalities, which is different from the treatments of whole organ. We have applied MR VSHFWURVFRS\LQFOLQLFDOGLDJQRVLVWRLGHQWLI\LIWKHFDQFHULVORFDOL]HG%DVHGRQWKHLQIRUPDWLRQRI05VSHFWURVFRS\ we conduct focal therapy of prostate cancer in T1C and T2a disease by HIFU. The effect of cancer control by HIFU is almost identical between conventional (whole) HIFU and focal one. However, whole therapy decreased testosterone level after HIFU, while focal therapy did maintain testosterone level. Furthermore, MR spectroscopy is useful to detect the recurrence in the follow-ups after HIFU. FT can maintain the men’s dignity. In this lecture, I will review the concept and modalities of FT, focusing on the HIFU and MR spectroscopy.


Common complaints and remedies of pregnancy

COMMON COMPLAINTS AND REMEDIES OF PREGNANCY ACHES/PAINS You may take regular or extra strength Tylenol as directed on the package instructions. For backaches you may also apply heat on a low setting or apply ice to the painful area. For abdominal pain we recommend rest, Tylenol and a warm tub soak. If you are more than 24 weeks and less than 35 weeks pregnant and are having more than


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