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/kb/pub/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/web-bg-small.gif Sometimes I meet old friends - and marvel: Well, just like a girl, looks 15 years younger! Then something insidious - and understand: No, not a girl, it’s a vision. In the frenzied anti-aging treatment, we often fail to notice that not only do they give out our years. You can make a ton of plastic surgery, and some knee shamelessly tell others about your physical age. Indeed, beautiful skin in adulthood godsend for many! All women dream of an elastic
smooth skin without any unwanted
hair in adulthood

DOMPDF_ENABLE_REMOTE is set to FALSE It gives us in the first place. There is practically no fat from neck skin becomes dry and quickly fades. In addition, over time, the muscles weaken and cease to maintain the skin taut. He droops and rapid and significant loss of weight.
How to deal: If the person at sea, we are protecting cream with SPF factor of 30 - 50, the neck often gets only 8 12.
But in fact it is much smaller margin of safety due to the nature of the structure, so the action of ultraviolet rays, it quickly becomes thinner, loses its elasticity, age spots and covered with a grid of fine lines and from all that beautiful skin in adulthood, too much gets. In the media for home care to be present extracts from plants (soy extract, hops, ginseng, horsetail, aloe vera, jojoba oil), as well as collagen, marine elastin, vitamins A and E from 30 - 35 years old arsenal necessarily Reinforce salon treatment : peeling, lifting, laser hair removal and biorevitalization. And keep an eye on the state of the neck when dieting. Lose weight gradually so that tissue had to be tightened.
No extra will be charged daily for the neck, which will strengthen the muscles.
2. Decollete
In this area, the skin is very thin and has few oil glands, so the first signs of aging appear sooner than on the face.
Sunburn appear dark spots and freckles. Besides hyperpigmentation sometimes occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Normally, the skin has to recover on their own within six months after birth, but because of the disruption of the endocrine system spots may remain permanently.
How to fight.
For décolleté and beautiful skin in middle age to start to look 25 years from 20. Apply the product to be accurate movements from the bottom up, and in any case not to rub cream intensively. Here, the skin is too tender, so it is limited to pat fingertips. Choose cosmetics, which includes retinol, seaweed, vegetable and essential oils (shea butter, macadamia, jojoba, wheat germ).
From topless sunbathing should be avoided. Sunburn is one of the main contraindications for laser hair removal. So if you have planned to tan it stands abandoned. And the sun even in protected with a special cream (as well it will save you from the "workers 'and peasants' tan, when it gets dark only area in the cut blouses). 3. Unwanted hair
Says that a woman's age is easy determine by the skin on the feet and unwanted hair. The most common trouble hardened skin, dry, knotty veins, age spots, keratomas, ingrown hair follicles.
How to fight. In the preservation of the beauty legs especially important prevention. Ideally, they should be lubricated cream after each wash. They also suffer from too cold and hot water, dry air. Undesirable vegetation copes laser hair removal. Laser heating of the hair follicle is good for the general tone of the skin.
Get rid of most problem hair by using laser hair removal, followed by applying a cream or oil-based and paraffin bath for 30 minutes. This complex procedure will make a perfectly smooth skin, get rid of dead skin cells and moisturize the surface layers of the skin, "Move" moisture from deeper.
It can also be carried out at home, after buying for home use a special system of Tria laser. Buy such a device may be on sale or through the Internet. The advantage of this device is that you can choose the right time for your feet. You also save money on a good beauty salons, as these funds are at times cheaper. Most cheap device is a nono sytem. With dryness and loss of tone is perfect mesotherapy. Brown spots eliminate middle peeling. They should do 2 - 3 times a year.
Another problem that often afflicts older women circular folds (circular lines on legs). In this case, we can recommend an injection in a few days, "bracelets" completely disappear. But to achieve the long-term effect will need a course of procedures once every two weeks for 4 - 6 months. These procedures may be combined with laser hair removal. This minimizes the risk of side effects.
DOMPDF_ENABLE_REMOTE is set to FALSE 4. Saggy inside forearm (triceps)
Because these muscles in everyday life, we rarely use, over time they lose their tone and ugly sag.
With age or due to hormonal changes, it becomes more dry and flabby.
Quickly restore skin elasticity will laser hair removal in combination with oxygen (pearl), baths, and a variety of massages and body wraps salon (especially with the use of algae that stimulate blood circulation and cell regeneration, removal of residues). You should do courses twice a year.
Extending youthful skin and improve its condition by regular sauna. And, of course, be sure to use scrubs, peels, creams and lotions specifically designed for the body (cosmetics for the face does not fit), and balance your diet.
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