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Factsheet | May 2012
The aim of the Equity Select Income Fund (SGD) (the “Fund”) is to provide a return linked to a basket of 25 stocks from the infrastructure, utilities and real estate sectors, and a quarterly The strategy involves: (i) notional y holding stocks that may distribute dividends in the next quarter and also benefit from potential capital appreciation, (i ) sel ing cal options on each stock to receive premium income and enforce disciplined profit taking1, and (i i) buying put options on each stock as The volatility of the Fund’s NAV may be medium to high. State Street Fund Services (Ireland) Limited Not expected to exceed 0.20% p.a. of NAV * Returns in SGD, single pricing basis - taking into account net dividends reinvested. # Returns further taking into account maximum applicable Preliminary Charge. SGD 5,000.00 Minimum Additional Investment Note: Past performance of the Fund is not necessarily indicative of its future or likely performance. SGD 1,000.00 Minimum Repurchase Amount None EQUITY SELECT INCOME FUND (SGD) – SHARE CLASS A Fund Performance Chart - NAV Adjusted for Net Dividends Reinvested Dealing Deadline One Business Day prior to Dealing Basket Reconstitution Date Second to last Business Day of Note: Past performance of the Fund is not necessarily indicative of its future or likely potential dividend up to the higher of (i) 3 month SGD SIBOR + 3% ^ NAV taking into account dividends declared. The Fund paid a total dividend of 10.99% of the Initial Issue Price in its first year of launch. Note: The dividends paid are not in any way a forecast or projection of the future or likely performance of the Fund. The making of such payment should not be taken to imply that future dividend payments wil be made. EQUITY SELECT INCOME FUND (SGD) – SHARE CLASS A Basket Constituents** Relevant Period: 30 Mar 12 to 28 Jun 12 ** Basket Constituents are selected quarterly. EQUITY SELECT INCOME FUND (SGD) – SHARE CLASS A Investment Manager’s Commentary As the crisis in Europe broadened from Greece into Spain and fear of the implications should the Euro disintegrate rose, stock and commodity markets worldwide col apsed. In equities, the Eurostoxx 50 Index declined over 8%, with Spain’s IBEX Index dropping 13% on confusion over the rescue of Bankia, Spain’s third largest bank. In the US, the S&P 500 Index was down 6.3% while Japan’s Topix Index fel 10.5%. Few emerging markets fared better as worries rose about slowing global growth, although China’s domestic indices found some support with a renewed commitment to growth policies from the Chinese authorities. Bond markets in safe haven countries, such as the US, Germany and UK rose to new highs. The Fund returned positively in May 2012 due to the poor performance of the Basket Constituents which was partial y offset by the appreciation of the US Dol ar against the Singapore Dol ar. Participation in the equity market in the month was limited. Statistical data pertaining to the market suggests that in order to achieve the objectives of high income and downside limitation, the Fund’s strategy would not track the equity markets closely, resulting in low to moderate upside potential in the event of a ral y. Source: Bloomberg Footnotes: (1) Subject to the impact of the option strategy used in the trading strategy of the Fund. Capital gains might be capped (For details of the trading strategy, please refer to the Fund’s Prospectus and Supplement). (2) The use of put options on each stock in every 3 months wil limit the potential downside of each stock to 10% each quarter. Recent Awards • Winner of the “Asset Manager of the Year 2011” by Asia Risk in October 2011. Note: Past performance of the Investment Manager is not necessarily indicative of its future performance. EQUITY SELECT INCOME FUND (SGD) – SHARE CLASS A This document has been prepared by Barclays Capital Fund Solutions, the asset management business within Barclays Capital. Barclays Capital is the investment banking division of Barclays Bank PLC (“Barclays”), unique entity number in Singapore: S73FC2302A. This document contains limited information on the Fund. A complete description of the Fund is set out in the Fund’s Prospectus and Supplement issued by the responsible person for the Fund, Celsius Funds plc, an Irish-based investment company with variable capital and umbrel a fund with segregated liability between sub-funds. The Prospectus and Supplement of the Fund are available at the offices of the Singapore Representative or the appointed distributors. Potential investors should read the Prospectus and Supplement of the Fund before deciding to invest in the Fund and may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before investing and in any event should consider whether the Fund is suitable for them. This document is for information purposes only and does not have any regard to the specific investment objective, financial situation or the particular needs of any person. This document and the information contained herein shal not constitute investment advice or an offer, an offer to sel , or the solicitation of an offer to buy any Shares of the Fund. No liability whatsoever wil be accepted for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from the use of this document or reliance on the information contained herein. No representation is hereby made as to the accuracy or completeness of information which is contained in this document and which is stated to have been obtained from or is based upon trade and statistical services or other third party sources. Past performance contained herein is no indication as to future performance. The value of any investment may fluctuate as a result of market changes. The information in this document is not intended to predict actual results and no assurances are given with respect thereto. The value of the Shares of the Fund and income (if any) may fal or rise. Investments are not deposits or other obligation of, or guaranteed or insured by Barclays or any of its subsidiaries, associated companies or affiliates, or by any local government or insurance agency, and are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Investors should note that their investment may be exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates if the Base Currency of the Fund and/or the underlying investments is different from the currency of your investment. Barclays, its subsidiaries, associated companies or affiliates and the individuals associated therewith may (in various capacities) have positions or deal in the Shares in the Fund or transactions or securities (or related derivatives) identical or similar to those described herein. Readers should not consider the commentary in this document to be objective or independent of the interests of Barclays and should assume that Barclays is an active participant in the markets, securities (or related derivatives), investments or strategies contained herein. The commentary in this document does not constitute research. Barclays Bank PLC is registered in England No. 1026167. Registered office: 1 Churchil Place, London E14 5HP. Copyright Barclays Bank PLC, 2012 (Al Rights Reserved). No part of this document may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted without the prior written permission of Barclays. Barclays Bank PLC is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and a member of the London Stock Exchange.


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