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185_2009 full formulary 30 sept 2009.pub

3.3 Prophylaxis of Asthma
5.1.11 Metronidazole
5.1.12 4-Quinolones
3.4 Allergic Disorders
2.4 Beta-adrenoceptor Blocking
5.1.13 Urinary Tract Infections
7.4.5 Drugs for Impotence
5.2 Antifungal Drugs
8. Malignant Disease and Immunosuppression
1. Gastro-Intestinal System
8.1 Cytotoxic Drugs
1.1 Antacids
3.5 Respiratory Stimulants
4.9 Drugs used in Parkinsonism and
5.3 Antiviral Drugs
6.5 Hypothalamic and Pituitary Hormones
2.5 Antihypertensive Drugs
related disorders
3.8 Aromatic Inhalations
3.9 Antitussives
5.4 Antiprotozoal drugs
1.2 Antispasmodics
4. The Central Nervous System
4.1 Hypnotics and Anxiolytics
6.6 Drugs Affecting Bone Metabolism
1.3 Ulcer-Healing Drugs
2.6 Vasodilators
6. Endocrine System
6.1 Drugs used in Diabetes
4.10 Drugs used in substance
Short acting insulins
1.4 Anti-Diarrhoeal Drugs
4.2 Drugs used in Psychoses and
Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Related Disorders
6.7 Other Endocrine Drugs
1.5 Treatment of Chronic Diarrhoeas
2.7 Sympathomimetics
Intermediate and Long acting insulins
5. Infections
5.1.1 Penicillin
7 Obstetrics, Gynaecology and
Urinary Tract Disorders
1.6 Laxatives
7.1 Drugs used in Obstetrics
2.8 Anticoagulants & Protamine
Other antidiabetic drugs
4.3 Antidepressant Drugs
5.1.2 Cephalosporins
7.2 Treatment of Vaginal and Vulval
8.2Drugs affecting the Immune re-
2.9 Antiplatelet Drugs
5.1.3 Tetracyclines
1.7 Rectal and Colonic Drugs
2.10 Fibrinolytic Drugs
5.1.4 Aminoglycosides
8.3 Sex Hormones and Antagonists in
Treatment of hypoglycaemia
4.6 Drugs used in Nausea and Vertigo
Malignant Disease
2.11 Antifibrinolytic Drugs
1.9 Drugs Affecting Intestinal
5.1.5 Erythromycin
6.2 Thyroid and Antithyroid Drugs
2.12 Drugs Used to Treat
5.1.7 Other Antibiotics
7.3 Contraceptives
2. Cardiovascular System
6.3 Corticosteroids
4.7 Analgesics
2.1 Positive Inotropic Drugs
2.13 Local Sclerosants
2.2 Diuretics
5.1.8 Sulphonamides and
3. Respiratory System
9. Nutrition and Blood
3.1 Bronchodilators
5.1.9 Antituberculous Drugs
9.1 Anaemias and some other Blood
6.4 Sex Hormones and Antagonists
3.2 Corticosteroids
4.8 Antiepileptics
7.4 Drugs used in Urinary Tract
2.3 Anti-arrhythmic Drugs
5.1.10 Antileprotics
9.2 Electrolyte and water
13.5 Preparations for Psoriasis and
11.9 Contact lenses
10.3 Drugs for the relief of soft-tissue
12 Ear, Nose and Oropharynx
12.1. Drugs acting on the ear
11.3 Anti-infective preparations
9.3 Intravenous Nutrition
14.5 Immunoglobulins
9.5 Minerals
15 Anaesthesia
15.1 General Anaesthesia
11.4 Corticosteroids and other anti-
13.6 Preparations for Acne
inflammatory preparations
12.2 Drugs acting on the nose
9.6 Vitamins
13.7 Preparations for Warts and
13.8 Sunscreens and Camouflaging
11.5 Mydriatics and Cycloplegics
12.3 Drugs acting on oropharynx
13.9 Shampoos/Scalp Preparations
9.8 Metobilic Disorders
11.6 Treatment of Glaucoma
15.2 Local Anaesthesia
10. Musculoskeletal and Joint
13.10 Anti-infective Skin Preparations
13.2 Emollients and Barrier
10.1 Drugs used in Rheumatic
Diseases and Gout
Emergency Treatment of Poisoning
11.7 Local Anaesthetics
13.3 Local Anaesthetic and
Antipruritic Preparations
13.11 Skin Cleansers and Antiseptics
11.8 Miscellaneous Ophthalmic
13.4 Topical Corticosteroids
13.12 Antiperspirants
14. Immunological Products and
13.4a Topical Corticosteroids with
Diphtheria (low dose), tetanus, pertussis, 10.2 Drugs used in Neuromuscular

Source: http://www.bradfordhospitals.nhs.uk/about-us/corporate-policies/freedom-of-information/20_2010%20Full%20Formulary.pdf

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