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analytikLtd News Release #68 – 21 December 2010
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ParticlesCIC at the University of Leeds choose CPS Disc Centrifuge to enhance particle
characterisation capability

Cambridge, UK – Analytik are pleased to announce that ParticlesCIC at the University of Leeds, have
expanded their range of particle and material characterisation instrumentation to include the CPS DC24000 Disc Centrifuge. The ParticlesCIC is an established centre with an enviable track record of providing routine and problem solving services to industry; it is one of 12 accredited "Centres of Industrial Collaboration" in Europe. Escubed Ltd, a spin out company from the ParticlesCIC that specialise in providing research services, will also have access to the instrument as they look to strengthen their analytical capability. The CPS Disc Centrifuge is able to resolve multi-modal particle distributions with clean separation of narrow peaks that differ in size by as little as 2%. This ultra high resolution performance is completely unique and offers the possibility to detect and measure extremely small changes and differences in particle size, especially in the sub-micron particle size range. Depending on particle density the CPS Disc Centrifuge can accurately and reproducibly measure particles between 2nm and around 75 micron. The CPS instrument also has high sensitivity, with a minimum detection limit below 10-8 gram active sample for narrow peaks, and analysis of samples of a few micrograms active weight With this level of high resolution, sensitivity and reproducibility, the range of applications is broad: Powdered (water soluble) drugs and medications Protein molecule clusters and virus-like particles (to below 20 nm) Polymer latexes (aqueous) with ANY particle density Ground and precipitated calcium carbonate Dr Simon Lawson, Director of ParticlesCIC and Escubed Ltd said: "Our customers are demanding high resolution sub-micron particle sizing, and so the addition of the CPS Disc Centrifuge to our extensive range of particle sizing instruments greatly enhances our ability to detect and measure small differences and changes in particle size distribution." Click on the following links for more information onan Attachment: ParticlesCIC laboratory manager Susanne Patel in front of the new CPS Disc Centrifuge
For more information on the DC24000 from CPS Instruments Europe go t analytikLtd News Release #68 – 21 December 2010

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