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Aia health services panel clinic listing

Clinics listed are for AIA Group Insurance medical cardholders who have GP clinic services benefits. Listing is grouped by State. To search, look under the required Town or Location. Kelinik Por (GP1001)
Klinik Rapha (GP1279)
Klinik Singapore (GG1514)
Klinik Chiang (GP1002)
Klinik Dr Naga (GP1278)
Poliklinik Pan-Medic (GG1502)
Klinik Fernandez Lunas (GP1269)
Klinik Bersatu Lip Sin (16 Jam)
Poliklinik Pertama (GG1251)
Klinik Kuldip Sohan (GP1263)
Poliklinik Pertama (GG1253)
Klinik Public (GG1523)
Klinik 1 Utama (GG1255)
Klinik C T Lee (GP1251)
Sri Pelangi Medical Clinic (GP1546)
Klinik Cinta Sayang (GG1256)
Klinik Soma (GP1252)
Poliklinik Pan-Medic ( Batu Maung)
Klinik Teoh Kim Yong (GP1260)
Neoh Klinik (GP1254)
Klinik Pertama (GP1557)
Klinik Wira (GP1262)
Klinik Liew Yin Fong (GP1255)
Klinik Relau (GP1560)
Klinik Bersatu 24 Jam (GP1264)
Kelinik Selvam (GP1265)
Klinik Bersatu (GG1516)
Klinik Bersatu ( Tikam Batu )
Utama Poliklinik Dan Surgeri
Klinik Joe Fernandez (GG1525)
Klinik Foong (GP1271)
Klinik C.S. Ooi (GP1270)
Klinik 1 Utama (GG1526)
Rama Clinic (GP1273)
Klinik Lathika (GP1272)
Klinik Aman (Dr. Khalid) (GP1249)
Klinik Ch’ng (GP1277)
Poliklinik Pan-Medic (Farlim)
Goay Klinik (GP1507)
Klinik Dr. Yang (GP1280)
Poliklinik Teo (GP1508)
Klinik Baling (GP1256)
Klinik Bersatu 24 Jam (GG1509)
Klinik Lim Eng Cheong (GP1510)
Klinik 1 Utama (GG1254)
Klinik Singapore (GG1513)
Poliklinik Dr Chan (GP1516)
Klinik Wawasan (GP1257)
Kelinik Ratna (GP1502)
Klinik Sanan (GP1282)
Klinik Team Medic (GG1504)
Klinik Dr Chew (GP1517)
Klinik Tan (GP1258)
Klinik Sentosa (GG1507)
Klinik Koeh (GP1520)
Klinik Dr Chong (GP1259)
Klinik Pakar Dr K K Tan (GP1528)
Island Medical Associates (GG1510)
Klinik Fernandez (GP1275)
Klinik Joe Fernandez (GG1512)
620, Bagan Ajam 13000 Butterworth Tel: 04-3322900 Page 1 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Island Medical Associates (GG1519)
Island Clinic (GG1522)
Kelinik Soma (GP2053)
E. S. Teh Sdn Bhd (GP1511)
Island Medical Associates (GG1530)
Klinik Teoh & Chan (GP2019)
Klinik Munnir (GP1515)
Klinik Lim Siew Kim (GP1501)
Klinik Wong (GG2006)
Reddy Klinik (GP1526)
Klinik Wong (GP1504)
Klinik Phuah (GP2017)
Klinik Jen Jen (GP1534)
Poliklinik Mah (GP1505)
Kelinik Victor (GP2039)
Klinik Xavier (GP1545)
Klinik Huang (GP1506)
Klinik K E Chew (HQ) (GG2001)
Island Clinic (GG1521)
Khong Klinik (GP1521)
Klinik K E Chew (Branch) (GG2002)
Klinik Universiti (GP1519)
Poliklinik Teng (GP1523)
Klinik Ow Yeang (GP2001)
Klinik Pertama (GP1547)
Klinik Pantai (GP1527)
Poliklinik Chong (GP2002)
Klinik Aman (GP1548)
Klinik Bersatu Jelutong (GP1533)
Klinik Joe Fernandez (GG1524)
Poliklinik Lim & Leong (GP2003)
Peace Polyclinic (GP1535)
Khoo Clinic (GP1512)
Klinik Lam (GP2004)
Goh Clinic (GP1537)
Klinik Team Medic (GG1508)
Poliklinik Federal (GP2005)
Klinik Batu Lancang (GP1543)
Klinik Bersatu (GG1528)
Poliklinik Tan, Lee & Cheong
Klinik Teong (GP1553)
Klinik P.H.Yew (GP1536)
Burma Klinik (GP1555)
Kelinik T W Lee (GP2007)
Poliklinik Putra (GP2032)
Poliklinik Anda (GP1538)
Klinik Seberang Jaya (GP1513)
Poliklinik Ipoh Jaya (GP2036)
Poliklinik Kuan (GP1550)
Klinik Amar (GP1539)
Kelinik Chan (GP2040)
Klinik Halbans (GP1559)
Poliklinik Chong & Su (GP1540)
Clinic Joseph (GP1524)
Poliklinik Maxwell (GP2043)
Poliklinik Yeap (GP1518)
Poliklinik Pan-Medic (GG1503)
Poliklinik First Garden (GP2046)
Klinik Union SA (GP1558)
Klinik Sentosa (GG1505)
Kelinik Central (GP2047)
Tejani Medical Clinic (GP1544)
Klinik Sentosa (GG1506)
Poliklinik Yik (GP1554)
Klinik Y.L. Khoo (GP2033)
Island Medical Associates (GG1511)
Poliklinik Sharma (GP1562)
Klinik Dr Norzila (GP2014)
Klinik Singapore (HQ) (GG1515)
Page 2 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Uma Klinik (GP2011)
Klinik & Surgeri Lee (GP2044)
Klinik Mediviron (Balakong) (GG0191)
Klinik Ng (GP2026)
Klinik Harmoni (GP2045)
Klinik Anda (GP0061)
Perdana Polyclinics Lumut (GG2007)
Klinik Rawatan Utama (GP0149)
Klinik Ngo (GP2031)
Klinik Mediviron (Aman Suria)
Poliklinik Taman Impiyan (GP0336)
Klinik Poh Soon Sim (GP2012)
Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr Wan Julia
Klinik Vijay (GP2034)
Poliklinik Lourdes (BB Bangi)
Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr Wan Julia
Klinik Dr Tan Thee Tong (GP2037)
Poliklinik Penawar (GP0077)
Klinik Wong (GG2005)
Klinik Tan & Mano (GG0093)
Klinik Syifa (GP0134)
Poliklinik Samudera (GP2030)
Kinik Fauziah Dan Rakan-rakan
Klinik Zalfah (GP0176)
Kelinik Tai (GP2009)
Poliklinik Gomez (GG0140)
Klinik Arun (GP2010)
Klinik Mediviron (Seksyen 7, BB
Bangi) (GP0409)
Kelinik Diong (GP2022)
Klinik & Surgeri Putra (GP0002)
Sham Poliklinik (GP0411)
Klinik Diong Mee Nee (GP2049)
Klinik Kita Ampang (GP0004)
Poliklinik Pertama (GG0033)
Taj Kelinik & Surgeri (GG2003)
Klinik Dr Azizah (GP0111)
Pusat Rawatan Sungai Long
Klinik Malaysia (GG2008)
Klinik Putra (Poliklinik Bistari)
Klinik Medijaya Sunway Mentari
Taiping Family Medicine Sdn Bhd
Klinik Mewah (GP0199)
Larut Medical Centre (GP2025)
Klinik Mediviron (Sunway) (GG0189)
Poliklinik dan Surgeri Wanita
Taiping Specialist Clinic (GP2028)
Poliklinik Bandar (GP0101)
Klinik Raayat (GP2050)
Klinik Union (GP0300)
Klinik Sri Permai (GP0195)
Poliklinik Tambun (GP2035)
Klinik Mesra (GP0404)
Klinik Shanti Rupa (GP0196)
Taj Kelinik & Surgeri (GG2004)
Klinik Mutiara (GP0267)
Poliklinik Shaik (GP0284)
Poliklinik Sumi (GP2015)
Klinik Alam Medic (Ara Damansara)
Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr Wan Julia
Klinik Sentosa (GP2018)
Kelinik Lai & Tan (
Poliklinik Shaiffuddin (GP0013)
Page 3 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Viji Poliklinik dan Surgeri (GP0043)
Poliklinik Gomez (GG0143)
Klinik Medijaya (GG0003)
S P Specialist Clinic (GP0041)
Klinik Ummu 'Ammar (GP0386)
Klinik Segara (GG0120)
Klinik Zalfah (GG0159)
Klinik Ng, Sree & Rakan-rakan
Klinik Mediviron (Giant Kelana Jaya)
Klinik Lingam (GP0413)
Klinik Pakatan Medik (GP0154)
Klinik Amardev & Surgery (GP0039)
Klinik & Surgeri Kuben 24 Jam
Klinik Julia (GP0304)
Poliklinik Bukit Mayang Emas
Klinik & Surgeri Banting 24 Jam
Poliklinik Ludher, Bhullar dan
Rakan-rakan (GG0046)
Klinik Famili (Kelana Jaya) (GP0368)
Klinik Zahara & Rosly (GP0202)
Klinik Petaling Dan Rumah Rawatan
Surgeri (GP0127)
Poliklinik Syifa & Surgeri (GG0148)
Klinik Chan (Kump Per SMP)
Klinik Cheah (GP0016)
Klinik Medicare (GG0184)
Dr Leela Ratos dan Rakan-rakan
Poliklinik Zul dan Rakan-rakan
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GG0108)
Klinik Bandaran (GG0059)
Polykelinik Sri Reko (GP0018)
Klinik Dr. Umi (GP0010)
Klinik Medic Suria (GG0065)
Polyclinic Kajang Baru (GP0108)
Poliklinik Aisyah (GP0097)
Poliklinik Lourdes (GG0071)
Klinik Rao (GP0382)
Kelang Polyclinic (GP0022)
Klinik Famili Dr. Wan Kamariah
Klinik Hong, Lee & Yap (GP0383)
Klinik & Surgeri Southern (GP0025)
Poliklinik Zainee (GP0224)
Klinik Mewah (GG0172)
Klinik Lim (GP0026)
Poliklinik Samudra (24 Jam) (GP0353)
Klinik Muhibah (Klinik Dr Rizal)
Klinik Yuen (GP0027)
Klinik Hayati (GP0354)
Klinik Raj (GP0029)
Klinik Soo (GP0318)
Klinik Sri Gombak (GP0378)
Poliklinik Grace (GP0045)
Klinik Lawrence (GP0342)
Poliklinik Jaya (GP0381)
Poliklinik Ng (GP0046)
Kajang Kelinik (GP0344)
Klinik Lee Dan Surgeri (GP0272)
Klinik Ravi (GP0126)
People's Klinik Kapar (GG0174)
Klinik Cheras Jaya (GP0297)
Klinik Kapar (GP0307)
Stella Maris Clinic Klang (GP0128)
Klinik Siva & Surgeri (GP0331)
Klinik Lucky (GP0347)
Klinik Bayu (GP0153)
Page 4 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Poliklinik Koo & Quay (GP0231)
Kumpulan Perubatan KVS (GP0024)
Klinik Wong (GP0118)
Poliklinik dan Pembedahan Krishna
Klinik Amir (GP0119)
Klinik Rakyat Sdn Bhd (GP0130)
Klinik Ronnie (GP0145)
Kelinik Lim (GP0133)
Klinik Wee (GP0285)
Klinik Deepa (GP0219)
Klinik Q Medic (GP0160)
Poliklinik Rashna (GP0292)
Klinik Stella Maris Sdn Bhd (GP0234)
Klinik Reddy Sea Park (GP0164)
Klinik Mutiara (GP0294)
Klinik S. Sockalingam (GP0319)
Klinik Petaling Jaya (GP0184)
Klinik Azman (GP0299)
Klinik Alam Medic (Pelangi
Kelinik Nasional (GP0213)
Damansara) (GG0205)
Klinik Nanda (GP0327)
Klinik HM Executive (GP0254)
Klinik Anita (GP0328)
Poliklinik Ludher, Bhullar dan
Rakan-rakan (GG0036)
Poliklinik Rakyat (GP0360)
Poliklinik Ooi Chempaka (GP0290)
Poliklinik Lourdes (GG0067)
Lok Dispensary (GP0366)
Klinik Wu & Tanglim (GP0361)
Klinik Catterall, Khoo & Raja Malek
Lim Clinic (GP0377)
Klinik Dr. Shamsuddin (GP0380)
Dr Leela Ratos Dan Rakan-Rakan
Klinik Dan Surgeri Bukit Tinggi
Poliklinik Mona (GP0399)
Kelinik Kok (GG0171)
Poliklinik A.R. Rahman (GP0400)
Klinik Chelliah (GP0414)
Klinik Primecare (GG0176)
Klinik Bandaran (GG0132)
Klinik Bandaran (GG0057)
Klinik Mediviron (SEA Park) (GG0188)
Klinik Raj (GP0340)
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GG0107)
Klinik Medicare (GG0193)
Klinik Medicare (GP0268)
Klinik Alam Medic (Puchong
Perdana) (GG0121)
Klinik Baiduri (GG0194)
Klinik Fuziah (GP0243)
Klinik Mediviron (Puchong Prima)
Dhaliwal Specialist Clinic (GP0033)
Klinik Sri Penawar (GP0030)
Klinik Teoh & Cheah (GP0035)
Klinik Chin (GP0047)
People's Klinik Meru (GG0173)
Klinik Bajan (GP0036)
Klinik Lim & Eng (GP0048)
Kelinik Fitrah (GP0341)
Klinik Lee (GP0044)
Klinik Medivision (GP0049)
Klinik Pertama (Kump Per SMP)
Klinik Seri Setia (GP0112)
Klinik Puchong Jaya (GP0050)
Page 5 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Poliklinik Star Puchong (GP0051)
Sabak Dispensary (GP0054)
Poliklinik Syifa & Surgeri (GG0149)
Klinik Shriji (GG0034)
Poliklinik Vijay (GP0117)
Poliklinik Lourdes (Mines) (GG0208)
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GG0111)
Klinik Medic Plus (GP0258)
Klinik Lee & Low (GP0114)
Klinik Rashid dan Rakan-Rakan
24Hrs (GP0008)
Klinik Baba (GP0269)
Y.F. Chew Klinik (GP0223)
Klinik Zain & Zakaria (GP0009)
Klinik Kim & Nasir (GP0337)
Klinik Fadzliyana (GP0410)
Klinik Bidara (GP0056)
Klinik Metro Medics (GP0343)
Klinik SarriMadh (GG0062)
Klinik Low (GP0057)
Klinik May Fair (GP0350)
Klinik Kembangan Jaya (GP0418)
Klinik Mutiara Bakti (GP0058)
Klinik Sri Kinrara (GP0379)
Klinik Soraya (GG0004)
Kelinik Doshi (GP0142)
Kumpulan Perubatan SMP (GG0005)
Klinik Metro (GP0389)
Klinik Keluarga Dr Roszi (GP0225)
Klinik Dr Noraini (GG0019)
Poliklinik Mediprinz (GP0395)
Klinik Puspanathan (GP0286)
Klinik Nik Isahak (GG0023)
Klinik Putra Perdana (GP0398)
Klinik CyberMedik (GG0024)
Klinik Sidhu (GP0303)
Klinik & Farmasi Dr Puteri (GP0402)
Klinik Metro Medics (GG0027)
Klinik Keluarga Dr. Dahlia (GP0371)
Klinik Lakshmana (GP2507)
Klinik Metro Medics (GG0028)
Klinik Mewah (GG0181)
Klinik Wong Singh (GG0025)
Klinik dan Surgeri Semenyih
Klinik Nik Isahak (GG0030)
Klinik Ng dan Singh (GG0026)
Poliklinik Salehudin (GP0161)
Poliklinik Ludher, Bhullar dan
Klinik Ng dan Singh (GG0035)
Rakan-rakan (GG0047)
Klinik Shrii Sepang (GP0266)
Klinik Wong Singh (GG0050)
Poliklinik Ludher, Bhullar dan
Rakan-rakan (GG0048)
Klinik Nazam & Surgeri (GP0330)
Klinik Medicare (GG0187)
Klinik Bandaran (GG0055)
Klinik Ros Dan Rakan-rakan (GP0274)
Klinik Seri Melawati (GG0196)
Klinik Bandaran (GG0056)
Klinik Dan Surgeri Lee (GP0147)
Klinik Sejahtera (GP0124)
Klinik Bandaran (GG0058)
Klinik R. Daya (GP0163)
Klinik Amar (24 Jam) (GP0325)
Klinik Bandaran (GG0060)
Page 6 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Poliklinik Lourdes (GG0069)
Poliklinik Shaik (GP0391)
Poliklinik Lim (GP0037)
Poliklinik Lourdes (GG0070)
Klinik Dr. Roziah (GP0394)
Kelinik Raayat (GP0374)
Klinik Sentosa (GP0074)
Poliklinik Harmoni (GG0119)
Klinik Subang Perdana (GP0407)
Poliklinik Jaya T.P.G. (GP0158)
Klinik Alam Medic (Tmn Sri Muda)
Klinik Medi-Utama (GP0415)
Klinik Metro (GG0029)
Poliklinik Lourdes (GG0168)
Klinik Menara (Bukit Jelutong)
Klinik Bandaran USJ (GG0054)
Klinik Alam Medic (Kota Kemuning)
Klinik Dr Rosli (GG0064)
Klinik Dr. Rosli (GG0063)
Klinik Alam Medic (USJ) (GG0110)
Klinik Mediviron (TTDI Jaya)
Klinik Segara (GG0117)
Klinik Famili USJ (GG0137)
Klinik Ng & Ng (GP0042)
Klinik Iskandar (GP0060)
Klinik Medijaya (GG0161)
Klinik Keluarga Lee (GP0066)
Klinik Subang & Surgeri PMV
Klinik Kok (GP0067)
Klinik Murni (GP0157)
Klinik Taipan (GP0069)
Klinik Aman (GP0064)
Klinik Choo (GP0306)
Klinik Pakar Sin (GP0072)
Poliklinik Dan Surgeri Subang Jaya
Klinik Nik Suzet (GP0105)
Poliklinik Ananthan (GP0073)
Klinik Leo (GP0397)
Klinik & Surgeri Shah Alam (GP0116)
Sabak Dispensary (GP0218)
Klinik Medifom (GP0364)
Klinik & Surgeri Sidhu (GP0120)
Klinik Mein & Surgeri (GP0140)
Klinik Kok Dan Wendy (GP0367)
Klinik Shah Alam (GP0131)
Klinik Dr Shamsudin (GP0220)
Poliklinik Roshan (GP0412)
Poliklinik Family (GP0132)
Klinik Raj (GP0248)
Klinik Glenmarie (GP0156)
Klinik Mediviron (Menjalara) (GG0207)
Klinik Jaya (GP0372)
Klinik Sri Permai (GP0177)
Klinik Famili Sri Damansara (GG0138)
Klinik Medijay (GP0393)
Klinik Bakti Shah Alam (GP0278)
Klinik & Surgeri Sri Damansara
Klinik Ashfar & Raja Sdn Bhd
Jln Indah, off Jln Majlis 14/10, Seksyen Klinik Berjaya Medic (GP0279)
Dr Leela Ratos dan Rakan-rakan
Klinik Mediviron (Sri Damansara)
Klinik Noridah (GP0283)
Poliklinik Lourdes (Sg Way) (GG0209)
Klinik Medicare (GP0138)
Page 7 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Klinik Kip (GP0252)
Klinik Dan Surgeri Muda Baru
Poliklinik Dan Pembedahan Bandar
Klinik Sri Permaisuri (GP0197)
Klinik Templer (GP0244)
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GG0105)
Klinik Maluri (GP0261)
Klinik Sri Sentosa (GP0031)
Klinik Mano dan Surgeri (GP0071)
Pusat Rawatan Izham (GP0293)
Klinik Setia (GP0094)
Poliklinik Ludher, Bhullar dan
Rakan-rakan (GG0053)
Klinik Bukit Angsana (GP0357)
Poliklinik United (GP0167)
Klinik Segara (GP0165)
Medi-Klinik Wong Zul & Rakan-
Klinik Leong (GP0362)
Poliklinik Famili Medic (GP0305)
Rakan (GP0358)
Klinik Catterall, Khoo & Raja Malek
Klinik Ahmad-Shan (GP0339)
Poliklinik Lai (GP0011)
Klinik Kucai (GP0152)
Poliklinik Brickfields (GP0081)
Klinik Unimed Plaza Damansara
Klinik Utara (GP0363)
Poliklinik Muru (GP0208)
Klinik Drs Abraham, George &
Partners (GP0280)
Klinik Tan & Mano (GG0096)
Poliklinik Aiman (GG0195)
Klinik Desa (GP0093)
Poliklinik Gomez (GG0206)
Kinik Fauziah Dan Rakan-rakan
Klinik Zain & Zakaria (GG0145)
Klinik Mediviron (Cheras) (GG0002)
Pusat Rawatan Desa Pandan
Kelinik Gombak (GP0246)
Poliklinik Dhaliwal (Kump Per SMP)
Klinik Medicentre (GP0150)
Kelinik Setia (GP0263)
Poliklinik Pertama (GG0032)
Poliklinik Dan Surgeri Ren Ai
Klinik Khairat (GP0289)
Poliklinik Taman Cheras (GG0109)
Poliklinik Baljit (GP0227)
Dr Leela Ratos dan Rakan-rakan
Poliklinik Miharja (GP0014)
Klinik Ramabai Dan Surgeri (GP0253)
Klinik V-Cure (GP0106)
Poliklinik Lourdes (GG0131)
Klinik Khoo (GP0324)
Poliklinik & Surgery Ponniah
Poliklinik Connaught dan Surgeri
Klinik Tan See Kin (GP0338)
Kelinik Mitter dan Rakan-rakan
Poliklinik Lee (GP0125)
Klinik Bukit Maluri Dan Surgeri
Klinik Senan (GP0083)
Poliklinik Seri Mas (GP0141)
Klinik Tan (GP0084)
Poliklinik Dr Wong Dan Surgeri
Bukit Sri Bintang 52100 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03-62727263 Page 8 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Poliklinik Surjit (GG0103)
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GG0114)
Klinik Goh & Rakan-Rakan (GP0320)
Kelinik Setia (GG0134)
Klinik Wong & Selva (GP0021)
Klinik Medicate (GP0335)
Kelinik Setia (GG0135)
Dr Oorloff & Partners (GG0009)
Poliklinik Sungai Besi (GP0376)
Dr Oorloff & Partners (GG0011)
Klinik Prime Care (GG0136)
Klinik Healthcare & Surgeri (GP0390)
Chong Dispensary (GG0016)
Klinik Segara (GG0163)
Klinik Dr Rahim Omar & Rakan-
rakan (GP0403)
Chong Dispensary (GG0017)
Klinik Chin (GG0182)
Koh Dispensary (GP0405)
Chong Dispensary (GG0018)
Klinik Mediviron (Wisma UOA)
Klinik Dr Monty (GP0168)
Chong Dispensary (GG0022)
Klinik Heritage (GG0197)
Polyklinik Anand dan Surgeri
Dr Leela Ratos dan Rakan-rakan
Klinik Catterall, Khoo & Raja Malek
Klinik Merdeka (GP0385)
Dr Leela Ratos dan Rakan-rakan
Klinik Pertama (GP0078)
Klinik Mediviron (Pantai Dalam)
Klinik Catterall, Khoo & Raja Malek
Klinik Negara (GP0080)
Poliklinik Medics (GP0096)
Klinik Catterall, Khoo & Raja Malek
Tung's Dispensary (GP0162)
Klinik Bamz Healthcare (GP0408)
Lian Norana Clinic (GP0180)
Klinik Tan & Mano (GG0091)
Klinik Mediviron (Alamanda)
Klinik Tan & Mano (GG0094)
Poliklinik Bandar (Pudu) (GP0193)
Klinik An-Nisa' (GP0401)
Klinik Berjaya (GP0203)
Dr Mohamed Mydin & Rakan-Rakan
Klinik S K Leong (GP0099)
Poliklinik Bandar (GP0205)
Dr Mohamed Mydin & Rakan-Rakan
Poliklinik Loh (GP0356)
Klinik City (GP0229)
Klinik Fateh Mohd & Rakan Rakan
Klinik Chin Wei (GP0169)
Klinik Menara (GP0247)
Klinik dan Surgery Jas (GP0216)
Klinik Fateh Mohd & Rakan Rakan
Klinik Anthony (GP0255)
Klinik Negara (GP0179)
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GG0112)
Poliklinik Dan Surgeri HKM (GP0275)
Klinik Arun (GP0191)
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GG0113)
Poliklinik Kumpulan City (GP0277)
Klinik Dr Zulkifli (GP0214)
Page 9 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Klinik Sentral (GP0146)
Klinik Seremban (GP2502)
Polyklinik Liew (GP2543)
Dr Leela Ratos dan Rakan-rakan
Klinik Dr Kassim (GP2510)
Klinik Sariah (GP2511)
Klinik Tawakal (GP2522)
Klinik Vicky (GP0059)
Klinik Chua (GG2501)
Poliklinik Hidayah (GP2530)
Klinik TVS Medicare (GP0245)
Klinik Hee (GP2517)
Poliklinik Dan Surgeri Rahang
Klinik Baiduri (GG2518)
Klinik Segara (GG0106)
Klinik Randeep (GP2541)
Poliklinik Dan Surgeri Rahang
Klinik & Surgeri Danau Desa
Poliklinik Mantin (GP2524)
Kelinik & Surgeri Templer (GG2508)
Medi-Klinik Wong Zul & Rakan-
Rakan (GP0332)
Klinik Mantin (GP2537)
Poliklinik Vishu (GG2514)
Klinik Ravi & Surgeri (GG0127)
Kelinik Jaya (GP0190)
Soo Klinik (GP0233)
Kelinik & Surgeri Templer (GG2507)
Poliklinik Kotaraya & Klinik Pakar
Wanita (GP0200)
Kelinik Janaki (GP2501)
Kelinik & Surgeri Templer (GG2509)
Klinik Seri Melawati (GP0321)
Yong's Specialist Clinic (GP2503)
Klinik Aisyah Dan Yusof (GP2529)
Kelinik Lung (GP2505)
Klinik Famili Wangsa Melawati
Klinik Ang & Ang (GP2506)
Poliklinik Anjung Karisma (GP2514)
Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr Wan Julia
Klinik Lukut (GP2508)
Klinik Tan (GP2520)
Port Dickson Clinic (GP2509)
Klinik Taman Tun Dr Ismail (GP0053)
Klinik Abdullah (GP2521)
Klinik Pantai (GP2518)
Chong Dispensary (GP2525)
Klinik Husin (GP0291)
Klinik Ramani (GP2519)
Klinik Sidhu (GP2532)
Klinik Keluarga (GP0001)
Klinik Pantai (GP2531)
Klinik Hoh (GP2533)
Poliklinik Permata (GP0171)
Klinik Penawar (NS) Sdn Bhd
Klinik Insan (GP2542)
Klinik Mozarina (GP0273)
Klinik Pantai (GG2516)
Klinik Seremban (GP2539)
Klinik Setia Jaya (GP0087)
Poliklinik Hidayah (GG2517)
Klinik Dr. Kassim (GP2544)
Klinik Chew (GP0155)
Klinik Baiduri (GG2519)
Klinik Ravee (GP2545)
Klinik Wangsa (GP0302)
Bandar Baru Wangsa Maju 53300 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03-41421614 Page 10 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Poliklinik Vishu (GG2513)
Poliklinik Dan Surgeri Cosmopoint
Klinik S T Ng (GP3006)
Klinik Chua (GG2502)
Klinik Amerika Dan Surgeri (GP3017)
Poliklinik Perdana (GG2752)
Klinik Hee & Annandan (GP2512)
Klinik Gill dan Peramuthu (GP3023)
Klinik Amal & Surgeri (GP2754)
Poliklinik Sakti (GP2513)
Klinik Fatimah (GP3028)
Klinik Fauzi (GP2760)
Poliklinik Taj (GP3030)
Ayer Molek Polikelinik & Surgeri
Poliklinik Goh (GP2762)
Poliklinik Anggerik (GP3031)
Klinik Nik Amrah & Zaliha (GP2764)
Klinik Ihsan Dan Siti Sdn Bhd
Klinik Lim & Tan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd
Kelinik Woo & Hong (GP3032)
Klinik Nik Amrah & Zaliha (Ayer
Keroh) (GG2759)
Klinik Dr Jamaluddin Dan Surgeri
Aevitas Medical Centre (GP3034)
Kelinik Ayer Keroh (GP2766)
Klinik Dr Halim (GP2758)
Poliklinik Fernandez (GP3040)
Klinik Mawar & Pembedahan
Polikelinik Semabok (GP2787)
Klinik M.Y. Wong (GP3041)
Klinik Wira Medik (GP2759)
Klinik Mawar & Pembedahan
Poliklinik Fatimah (GP3042)
Klinik Tampin (GP2779)
Klinik Suria (GP3043)
Klinik Manoharan & Eugene (GP2771)
Kelinik Malin Tengkera (GP2769)
Klinik Federal (GP3044)
Poliklinik & Surgeri Batu Berendam
Klinik Muru (GP3050)
Klinik London (GG3001)
Poliklinik Hidayah (GP2773)
Kelinik Malaysia (GP3057)
Kelinik Rakyat Hospital Bersalin
Poliklinik Nazmir (GP2784)
Poliklinik & Surgeri Choong (GP3061)
Klinik Mesra (GG3003)
Klinik Lai (GP2786)
Klinik Ho & Fong (GP3066)
Klinik Medijaya (GG3007)
Klinik Bukit Beruang (GP2761)
Poliklinik Penawar (GG3036)
Klinik Mesra Plaza (GG3016)
Klinik Amal & Surgeri (GG2754)
Klinik Malaysia (GG3004)
Klinik Theesan (GG3020)
Klinik Dr Zulhisham (GP2774)
Poliklinik Seri Mutiara (GG3035)
Klinik Theesan (GG3021)
Klinik Mawar & Pembedahan
Tan Clinic (GP3009)
Clinic Australia (GP3004)
Klinik Rengam (GP3010)
Klinik Raj (Jasin) Sdn Bhd (GP2785)
Page 11 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Klinik Ling & Surgeri (GP3046)
Klinik Mahkota (GP3056)
Klinik Rusli (GP3504)
Poliklinik Penawar (GG3034)
Klinik Fatah & Abdullah (GP3512)
Klinik Sandhu (GP3070)
Ray Clinic (GP3011)
Klinik Puad (GP3513)
Klinik Theesan (GG3011)
Poliklinik Penawar (GG3030)
Klinik Islah (GP3516)
Klinik Harbans dan Surgeri (GP3047)
Kelinik Rajoo (GG3014)
Klinik Dr Ramzi (GP3518)
Klinik Rama & Surgery (GP3049)
Klinik Mesra Larkin (GG3017)
Klinik Haydar & Kamal (GP3520)
TML Polyclinic & Surgery Sdn. Bhd.
Klinik Asia Masai (GG3009)
Klinik Leong & Tan (GP3521)
Poliklinik Penawar (GG3031)
Klinik Khor & Khor (GP3071)
Poliklinik Penawar Kota Bharu
Woo Dispensary (GP3069)
Klinik Praba (GG3008)
Klinik Lua (GP3509)
Federal Clinic (GP3015)
Klinik Mesra Tampoi (GG3019)
Klinik Dorai (GP3507)
Klinik Ng (GP3048)
Klinik Lim (GP3510)
Klinik Dhillon (GG3027)
Elizabeth Medical Centre (GP3054)
Klinik Jo (GP3522)
Poliklinik Penawar (GG3033)
Klinik Dhillon (GG3028)
Klinik Perdana (GG3502)
Klinik Kamal (GP3022)
Poliklinik Penawar (GG3029)
Klinik Keluarga (GP3519)
Klinik Pakar Perubatan Wong
Klinik Parit Raja (GP3063)
Klinik Rahim, Hamzah, Halim &
Klinik Mesra Pasir Gudang (GG3018)
Poliklinik Hijrah (GG3022)
Razali (GG3752)
Klinik Johor (GP3016)
Klinik Chia (GP3068)
Klinik Nabilah (GP3755)
Poliklinik Hijrah Mawar (GP3026)
Kelinik Penggaram (GP3033)
Klinik Zainab (GP3761)
Poliklinik Penawar (GG3032)
Klinik Doshi (GP3765)
Klinik Raju (GP3511)
Klinik Mesra (GG3013)
Klinik Azmi (GP3774)
Klinik Perdana (GG3501)
Klinik Tan & Rakan Rakan (GP3018)
Klinik Hijrah (GP4036)
Hwa Toh Dispensary (GP3019)
Klinik Goh (GP3501)
Klinik Ahmad (GP3760)
Klinik Tee & Tay (GP3035)
Klinik Chong (GP3502)
Klinik Zam (GP3766)
Klinik Razak (GP3055)
Klinik Zaitun (GP3503)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GP3758)
Lot K-8813 C, Tingkat Bawah Komplek Pejabat MPK 24300 Kerteh Tel: 09-8261313 Page 12 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Klinik Iddrus (GP3759)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4015)
Klinik Ramachandran (GP4020)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4016)
Klinik Sentosa (GP4031)
Klinik Rahim, Hamzah, Halim &
Razali (GG3753)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4017)
Klinik Rahim, Hamzah, Halim &
Dr John Yeo's Clinic (GP4538)
Razali (GG3754)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4019)
Klinik Medan Jaya (GP4501)
Kelinik Cheryan (GP3752)
Klinik Perubatan Chong (GP3753)
Klinik Putramedic Kuantan (GG4020)
Klinik Kwok (GG4507)
Kelinik Kho (GP3772)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4021)
Klinik Bong (GP4522)
Pusat Perubatan Intan (GP3773)
Klinik Ananda (GP4001)
Sim Medical Clinic (GP4524)
Klinik Medic Louis (GP3754)
Klinik Yu (GP4012)
Kang's Clinic (GP4528)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GP3757)
Klinik Kuantan (GP4013)
Klinik Voon (GP4531)
Klinik Habibah (GP3764)
Klinik Nasha (GP4014)
Klinik Yii (GP4532)
Klinik Chow (GP4015)
Bentong Dispensary (GG4003)
Healthcare Clinic Tabuan Jaya
Klinik Azzahra Impian (GP4021)
Klinik Wong (GP2024)
Dora Medical Clinic (GP4541)
Klinik Perdana (GP4022)
Klinik Dan Surgery Raj (GG4009)
Klinik Dr Ngui (GP4513)
Klinik Ringlet & Surgeri (GP4027)
Klinik Putramedic (GP4030)
Klinik Yee (GP4509)
Klinik Dan Surgery Raj (GG4011)
Klinik Wong (GP4033)
Lee Fui Jin Clinic (GP4530)
Klinik Ganesh & Surgery (GP4008)
Klinik Sri Masundra (GP4035)
Klinik Chung (GP4005)
Dr Law's Clinic (GP4529)
Klinik Pang (GP4024)
Klinik Dr Wong (GP4540)
Klinik Sulaiman (GG4002)
Poliklinik Ovin (GP4025)
Klinik Chai (GP4521)
Klinik Sulaiman (GG4004)
Bentong Dispensary (GG4001)
B.Kong's Clinic (GP4514)
Klinik Sulaiman (GG4005)
Klinik Jaya (GP4003)
Yek's Clinic (GP4519)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4012)
Klinik Ummu Roihan (GP4018)
Chiew's Clinic (GP4526)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4013)
Klinik Dr Halim & Nor (GP4037)
Dr I.K Ting Medical Clinic (GP4527)
Klinik Syed Badaruddin (GG4014)
Klinik Ban (GP4006)
Ding's Clinic (GP4534)
Page 13 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification Chee's Clinic (GP4535)
Amrik Clinic & Surgery (GP4768)
Klinik Teh (GP4787)
Hu's Specialist Clinic (GP4546)
Klinik Mutiara Inanam (GP4805)
Klinik Mansor (GP4789)
Medisinar Klinik & Surgeri (GP4808)
Klinik Cheang Poh Kau (GP4790)
Klinik Dr Gan & Surgeri (GP4752)
Klinik C F Chong (GP4755)
Klinik K V Tan (GP4791)
Kelinik Maria (GP4753)
Klinik Cheong & Surgery (GP4756)
Klinik Dr T L Chaw (GP4792)
Klinik Kinabalu Baaru (GP4769)
Klinik Ung (GP4778)
Klinik Dr Shirley Lee (GP4794)
Poliklinik TMC (GP4802)
Klinik Dr Mustafa & Surgeri (GP4779)
Klinik Lo (GP4798)
Kelinik Pakar Medical Group
Klinik Kota Belud (GP4754)
Klinik Dan Surgeri Hilltop (GG4771)
Klinik Lu (GP4781)
Poliklinik Rakyat (GG4758)
Klinik Dr Teh & Surgery (Klinik
Klinik Dan Surgeri Hiltop (GG4770)
Tuaran) (GP4801)
Klinik Dan Surgeri Hiltop (GG4769)
Klinik Suria (GP5002)
Poliklinik Rakyat (GG4759)
City Medical Centre (GP4761)
Klinik & Surgeri Bakti (GP5006)
Klinik Dr Mohamad (GP4757)
Klinik Sinsuran (GP4763)
Klinik Liu (GP4783)
Sabah Clinic (GP4765)
Klinik Kwan Asssociates (GP4785)
Klinik Dr Jaina & Surgery (GP4766)
Page 14 of 14 Status of clinics as panel are subject to change without notification

Source: http://www.aia.com.my/documents/en/your-needs/individuals/protection/clinic.pdf

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Deborah J McCoy-Freeman, BS, RN, NREMT-P Objectives • Discuss a variety of commonly prescribed medications • Discover the relationship between certain medications and their indication leading to more information of the past • Describe interviewing techniques for achieving better assessment results 70 yo female, C/O dizziness and light headedness. Poor historian. S: dizziness, confusi

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