Why Should YOU Help?
If you own, ride or admire horses for your own pleasure OR you earn money from work with horses, you can easily give something back to these wonderful animals that enrich your life. We are the stewards of their care and fate and they are helpless to change how they are treated. Though you may handle your horses/ponies with great care and thought--sadly many do
not. Through AHDF you can make a difference in the lives of
thousands. Join TODAY!
American Horse Defense Fund, Inc.
Mission Statement: The American Horse Defense Fund's mission is to
facilitate the protection, preservation, and humane treatment of members of the Equine species.
The AHDF works to address inhumane treatment of horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and burros, both domesticated & wild, through education, advocacy, American Horse Defense Fund
and litigation if necessary, in the state, federal and international arenas.
IRS: 52-2226590
1718 M St NW
Background: AHDF was founded in 2000 to fill the void of a national
horses-only organization that is not afraid to tackle the tough issues Washington, DC 20036
surrounding the inhumane and unwarranted treatment that many horses are Visit our web site to learn about the humane issues involving
We use a system of State Directors and volunteers across the country
to help be our “eyes and ears” and to do outreach. We are the nation’s
premier horse protection, education & advocacy nonprofit.

We have noted authorities and practitioners on our advisory board,
including: veterinarians; doctors; noted trainers; an Emmy Award

Thanks For Caring!
winning film maker; and people with expertise on al of the
issues:Current Issues & Goals:
Join AHDF (a nonprofit, tax exempt organization)
Horses to Slaughter: Monitoring the enforcement of the Federal
Donate money or an item on our Wish List (truly needed)!! All
Regulations governing the treatment of horses sent to slaughter; supporting donations are tax deductible !!
Federal legislation, state laws and bal ot initiatives to ban horse slaughter AHDF is actively working on passage of the American Horse Slaughter
Volunteer your time to AHDF (we need grant writers, fundraisers; State
Prevention Act now being considered by Congress. There are many
Coordinators) Visit the AHDF website for a listing of volunteer alternatives to selling horses at auctions and to slaughter. We are working with the horse community and Congress to see this bil pass–and the day when no American horse wil die in fear and violence to be made into dinner •Tell others (riders, owners, admirers, trainers and vets) about
for foreigners. Join us - urge your two US Senators and one US
AHDF, the issues, and where they may find information on helping
Representative to cosponsor this bill now.
horses--send us their addresses so we can send them no-obligation Creating and updating Alternatives to Auctions & Slaughter A
Guide For Equine Owners (A Better Way)
Write to members of Congress, the Agencies and your state
legislators (ask for details), see action alerts on the web site PMU Farms / Premarin® (for pregnant mare urine): Educating women
and doctors on the plentiful hormone replacement therapy (HRT) •Host an “Open House”/ AHDF fundraiser at your home or barn!
alternatives to Premarin®. Currently the most widely prescribed drug in America, now implicated in a number of diseases, its production causes
Ask us for brochures and distribute them at shows, clinics, festivals,
mares to suffer and thousands of foals to die needlessly. Co-founder:
summer camps, and meetings of clubs, trail rides, etc.
Women’s Health & Ethics Coalition organized t o e n d P M U
Shop online! Go toand select AHDF to be your charity of
America’s Wild Horses & Burros: Increasing free roaming preservation
Post an AHDF flyer at your tack or feed store, vet clinic, or boarding barn
for the declining numbers of “America’s Heritage Species” on public lands, where they belong; protecting those in private homes. Founding
member: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.
Ask clinicians, horse shows organizers, tack stores if they would
Soring /Tennessee Walkers: Ending soring, once and for all, by
donate a portion of their proceeds (from one event or a week of sales) amending the 1971 Horse Protection Act; working with the USDA/Sound
Horse proponents to enforce existing regulations; increase funding (Friends
of the Sound Horse-FOSH is a member of the AHDF).
Give information on Premarin alternatives to OB/ GYNs and
Facilitating rescue and adoption of abused horses of all breeds:
Including the 36 equine in AHDF custody awaiting adoption after a daring •Request AHDF’s special Bill of Sale & Alternatives to
rescue from a slaughter feedlot. These pregnant mares and mares with Auctions/Slaughter designed to keep your horse out of trouble; see
young foals were on their way to a sure death if AHDF had not stepped in. our theft prevention info on the web site.
These healthy, young animals are available for adoption on the AHDF

Source: http://www.ahdf.org/pdf/ahdfbroch.pdf

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