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System Freelance 800F
AC 700F: CPU Accessories
Data Sheet
AC 700F: CPU Accessories
1. Lithium Battery TA521
2. Dummy Coupler Module TA 724F
3. Programming Cable TK501
AC 700F: I/O Modules Accessories
1. Pluggable Marking Holder TA523
AC 700F: Common Accessories
1. Set of 10 white Plastic Markers TA525
2. Wall Mounting Accessory TA526
AC 700F : CPU Accessories
1. Lithium Battery TA521
Manganese Dioxide Lithium Button Cell, Non-Rechargeable The CPU monitors the battery level and sends a warning message about 2 weeks before the battery charge becomes critical.
2 % per year at 25 °C/ 77 °F5 % per year at 40 °C/ 104 °F20 % per year at 60 °C/ 140 °F The battery is completely insulated.
red = plus pole = above at plug, black = minus pole, for assembling see AC 700F Mounting and Installation Manual Diameter of the button cell: 24.5 mm / 0.96 Inch. Thickness of the button cell: 5 mm / 0.2 Inch AC 700F : CPU Accessories
2. Dummy Coupler Module TA 724F
to protect the unused coupler slot from dust and touch 35 mm x 28 mm x 62 mm / 5.31 inch x 1.10 inch x 2.44 inch 3. Programming Cable TK501
To connect a 9-pole serial COMinterface of a PC with the serial “DIAG” for programming and diagnosticspurposes.
9-pole, female,
1 9-pole, male,
AC 700F : I/O Modules Accessories
1. Pluggable Marking Holder TA523
82 mm x 67 mm x 13 mm / 3.27 inch x 2.64 inch x 0.51 inch 1 The marking slips can be printed by users separately using a MS-Word based template (1) Pluggable Marking Holder TA523(2) Marking stripes to be inserted AC 700F : Common Accessories
1. Set of 10 white Plastic Markers TA525
for labelling CPU and I/O modules in AC 700F 8 mm x 20 mm x 5 mm / 0.31 inch x 0.79 inch x 0.2 inch 2. Wall Mounting Accessory TA526
with wall mounting of Terminal Bases and Terminal Units see Mounting and Installation Manual for AC 700F 67 mm x 35 mm x 5.5 mm / 2.64 inch x 1.38 inch x 0.22 inch For the latest information on ABB visit us on the
World Wide Web at http://www.abb.com

Process Automation Division
Process Automation Division
e-mail: Marketing.Control-Products@de.abb.com Process Automation Division
Process Automation Division
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