DO NOT take any medications on the
morning of the exam. If you use an inhaler,
Wear comfortable 2 piece outfit (no snap or zipper shirts) and walking shoes. Women need to wear a bra.
If you have breast implants, please inform the doctor
Perfusion Imaging
Do Not eat or drink after midnight before the
and technologist, as these may cause image artifacts.
exam in am. If exam is in the afternoon you No oils, body creams, or lotions on the chest area, may have a light breakfast of toast and juice. Preferably not orange or grapefruit juice.
For this test, certain ingredients that exist in Kane Cardiology, SC
foods and medications (even in tiny amounts) No Smoking for 3 hours prior to the test.
For 24 hours before the test, please do not eat
or drink any of the following foods and do It is OK to brush your teeth or use mouthwash before your exam. not take any of the medications listed below. No coffee or tea, not even decaffeinated. No
colas or soft drinks.
Drink 3 Glasses of water the night before the exam. No chocolates, including candy, cookies, pies,
Diabetic patients may have toast and juice by
5am on morning of exam. Preferably not orange
No over the counter medicines that contain
caffeine such as: Anacin, Excedrin, Vivarin, NoDoz The following prescription medications should Please note………….
not be taken 24 hours before the test: Cafergot, Esgic, Fioricet, Fiorinal, Norgesic, Norgesic The radioactive tracer for this test is
ordered especially for you. This
The medications listed below should not be taken medication is very expensive. If you
are unable to keep your appointment
Medications containing Theophylline such as: for any reason, please notify the
351 Delnor Dr., Suite 100,
Aerolate, Constant-T,Elixophylline, Quibron (all office 24 hours before the test. If you
Geneva, IL 60134
forms), Respbid, Slo-bid, Slo-Phyllin, T-Phyl, do not show up or call, you will be
(630) 232-0280
Tedral SA, Theo-24, Theoclear, Theo-Dur, Theolair, Theo-Organidin, Theo-Sav, Theostat, charged $250.00 for the radioactive
material and $75.00 for the
Medications containing Dipyridamole should not Lexiscan. Insurance will not cover
this for “No Show”.
Your Exam will take place
How is the Test Performed?
Here at the Office:
The test consists of 2 parts, under resting IMAGING STRESS TEST?
conditions and after Lexiscan induced stress. The resting portion is generally done first. An Myocardial refers to the heart muscle. Perfusion I.V. line will be started to allow ease of the is the passage of blood through the circulatory injection. The I.V. will be removed after the system and Imaging refers to computer generated pictures taken with a gamma camera. The test Approximately 20-30 minutes after the first involves an injection of a small amount of injection the resting images will be taken. You Phone:_630-232-0280 with any questions.
radioactive tracer, which circulates in the will lie on a special table and the camera will Ask for Bev
bloodstream and shows if your heart muscle is rotate above and around your chest while the receiving adequate blood supply under stress and pictures are being taken. This will take about 15 resting conditions. The radioactive material has no side effects and is not a “dye”. This test chemically stresses your heart so you will not be The Lexiscan part of the test is done next. While you are sitting up you will be given an infusion lasting 10 seconds of Lexiscan. The Dr. and/or Why Do We Use Myocardial
Nurse Practitioner will be watching your EKG Perfusion Imaging Stress Test?
and monitoring your blood pressure the entire time. You may have some, all, or no side effects to the Lexiscan. Side effects may include headache, warm sensation in the body, tightness 1. Myocardial Perfusion Imaging allows the The cardiologists at Kane Cardiology require that in the throat, shortness of breath, chest doctor to see the function of the heart muscle. anyone over 250 pounds have a 2 Day Procedure discomfort, or nausea. Please let us know if you
2. To determine if your heart is receiving enough are experiencing any or all of these symptoms. Immediately after the Lexiscan is injected the 3. To determine how well your heart is working. Myoview tracer is injected. Your EKG and blood While your heart may function normally at rest, pressure will continue to be monitored until it is your heart muscle may not receive blood when IF YOU ARE HAVING A 2 DAY LEXISCAN
you are under stress (for example, when you are Approximately 30 minutes after the Lexiscan, the MYOVIEW, THE REST PORTION WILL BE ON
2nd set of pictures will be taken. It is very THE FIRST DAY AND THE LEXISCAN STRESS
4. To improve diagnostic accuracy and to important you lie very still while the camera takes PORTION WILL BE ON THE SECOND DAY.
determine if more extensive testing is necessary. the pictures. You may breathe normally during all

Source: http://67-206-84-73.static.cimcoisp.net/workfiles/KaneCardiology/LexiscanMyocardial.pdf

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